Monday, June 22, 2015

While Israel is demonized, worldwide violence increases

If you are one of those people who has said terrorism is on the rise, it looks like you’re right. Despite all the work done by the United Nations to bring peace to the world, deaths due to terror attacks in 2014 rose 81 per cent over 2013 (Blake Seitz, “State Department: Terror Attacks Increased 35% Between 2013 and 2014”, Washington Free Beacon, June 19, 2015).   

This news comes from the US State Department’s annual “Country Reports on Terrorism”. The Report is scheduled to be released June 24-26, 2015. The Associated Press took a sneak peek at it and reports these numbers (ibid).

In 2014, terror attacks were reported as “exceptionally lethal” (ibid). There were 20 attacks alone which claimed more than 100 victims (ibid).

The AP says that “increased terror activity has been observed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nigeria,” with the highest number of attacks occurring in Iraq, where the Islamic State has capitalized on the power vacuum created by U.S. withdrawal in 2011 (ibid).

Apparently, the US withdrawal didn’t bring peace. It brought terror.

CNN reports that this State Department Report singles out Islamic State and Boko Haram as terrorist groups that have gained momentum during the period 2013-2014. These two terror groups attract recruits from around the world. They’re also attracting recruits from “traditional terror groups like Al Qaeda” (ibid).

With terror on the rise, the United Nations made a splash on June 22, 2015. That splash wasn’t about world terror. It was a Report about the 2014 Gaza-Israel war. It was about Israel.

It blames Israel for war crimes in that war. It acknowledges that Israel used laws of war in its fight with Hamas. But then says it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t good enough.

Hamas fought as a terror organization. It didn’t implement any laws of war. It repeatedly ignored, flaunted and rejected laws of war.

The UN singled out Israel in that Report. It gave Hamas what amounts to a whitewash job.

In that 2014 Gaza-Israel war, we saw democracy fight terror. This UN report sides with the terror. It accuses the democracy.

The UN obsesses over Israel. Then it sits back and does next to nothing as the four-year-old Syrian civil war continues to burn.

Latest death estimates for the Syrian civil war admit to 200,000. This number hasn’t changed in months. I think no one wants to try to find out the true number, which is probably significantly higher: the real death count would make all those human rights activists who spend so much time demonizing Israel look like fools for attacking Israel while allowing Syria to slaughter its population.

In Syria, at least 40 per cent of the population has been displaced (ibid). Worse, Syria doesn’t kill, maim and displace in a vacuum. The Syrian horror has become “a catalyst for terror and unrest elsewhere in the Middle East” (ibid).

That doesn’t bother anybody. It’s those damn Jews in Israel they’re concerned about.

According to this Terrorism Report, more than 16,000 foreign fighters entered Syria in 2014. They didn’t go there as tourists. They went to fight for IS (ibid). They went there to kill.

16,000 new terrorists “exceeded the rate of foreign fighters who travelled to Afghanistan and Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen or Somalia at any point in the last 20 years” (ibid). That doesn’t seem to matter to anyone. It’s those damn Jews in Israel who cause all the violence in the Middle East, right?

While the UN diddles with Israel, the Islamic State expands its brutality across the Middle East. Some analysts estimate IS now has more than 50,000 fighters (ibid). That’s more than enough to replace battlefield casualties it has sustained from intense fighting in Syria and Iraq (ibid). It’s also a big enough number to allow IS to export seasoned terrorists to other states.

Perhaps someone should produce a chart to compare the amount of time the UN, EU and US spend condemning Israel versus the growth of international terror. Perhaps such a chart will show that the more the West and the UN vilify Israel, the faster worldwide terror spreads.

The UN doesn’t seek world peace. It demonizes a democracy and empowers terror groups. It facilitates terror.

Where do you think that’s going to lead?

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