Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Israel news: the world’s most anti-Jewish country

Here are some recent headlines you might have missed. These stories come from December 27 – 29, 2013.

The war against Israel

-Court Won't Intervene, Release to Proceed on Schedule (12/30/13, Arutz Sheva)

-Murderer of 16 Israelis Among Terrorists to be Freed (12/29/13, Arutz Sheva)

- Dozens of right-wing activists protesting prisoner release block J'lem streets, burn tires (12/29/13, Haaretz)

-IDF fighting new brand of Palestinian terror (12/28/13, Ynet)

- PA Report Predicts: 3rd Intifada in 2014 (12/29/13, Arutz Sheva)

-As 2014 dawns, Israel keeps a nervous eye on regional jihadist groups (12/27/13, Haaretz)
When the current round of Arab-Israel peace talks began in August, 2013, the United States (the brokers of the talks) felt that Israel should free 104 Arab prisoners. Most of these prisoners were in Israeli prisons because they had murdered, helped to murder—or plotted to murder—Jews in Israel. The US premise was, Israel should do this as a gesture for peace.

It was a curious concept because no such ‘gesture’ was required of the Palestinian Authority (PA). No one required the PA to condemn the killing of Jews. No one demanded that the PA condemn all attacks against Jews. Even as the number of attacks against Jews jumped from 87 in July to 167 in November, no one demanded that the PA condemn such attacks.

But everyone—the US, the EU and the PA—demanded that Israel stick to its release schedule--26 prisoners every couple of months until all 104 would go free. Jewish bloodshed meant nothing. The ‘gesture’ was a ‘requirement’.

Jewish blood is that cheap: the Jews must free killers even as Jews are attacked. But the Arabs must not be pressured, reprimanded or warned, even as they incite against Jews.

Before each of the previous two releases, Jews in Israel went to the streets to protest the releases. Jews also went to Israel’s Leftist High Court to seek an injunction against each release.

No one stopped the releases—not the Court, not the Prime Minister, not the Justice Ministry. 

Everyone agreed: Israel was required to release Jew-killers.

Israel’s leaders favoured their ‘peace gesture’ over the well-being of their own people. Israel’s leaders neglected their own people in order to bow to nations which do not cry over Jewish blood.

Clearly, Israel fears the powerful. Clearly, Israel fears the Arab. Clearly, cowardice trumps Jewish safety.

 Israel continues to release murderers even as Jews are stabbed.

Israel seems to be the only country in the West to release unrepentant killers. The US, by contrast, holds 158 ‘detainees’ in Guantanamo Bay who have not killed Americans on US soil. These detainees have never received the benefit of trial in a US court.  Some have been tortured.

The US has not closed this prison. It won’t close it even as the United Nations wants it closed. The current 158 detainees do not appear to be ‘release-able’ any time soon.

The prisoners in Israeli jails are different. They are not battlefield combatants fighting in armed conflict. They are civilians who kill Jews—including women and children-- in cold blood for political reasons. They vow to kill again. 

The US will not release its detainees, most of whom have never set foot in America. But Israel must release Jew-killers who will walk again in Israel.

Israel is indeed different. Jewish blood is cheap.

Israel may be the only nation in the UN with a distinctive, identifiable national homeland that dates back more than 3,000 years. Israel may be the only nation in the UN with archaeological evidence to support its homeland claims.

Nevertheless, Israel is different.

Israel is the only nation is the UN whose identifiable ancestral homeland is denied to them by international acclaim.  Israel is the only country in the UN whose leaders deny their own heritage and homeland because enemies make their own—unprovable--claim to that same land.

Israel is different.

Israel is the only country in the world where leaders chose to believe the claims of enemies over their own heritage. Israel is the only country in the world where leaders choose cowardice over heritage. Israel is the only country in the world that tolerates the demonization of close to 500,000 Jews--simply because of where those Jews live. Israel is also the only country in the world actively considering the ethnic cleansing of half-a-million Jews.

Israel is very different.

Israel is the only country in the world actively waiting for a pogrom. It is the only country in the world expecting a pogrom. It’s also the only country in the world not doing a damn thing about that pogrom, except waiting for it.

Read the news. Terror is in the air. Attacks against Jews are up. The IDF has announced that it is facing a new kind of terror against Jews (“IDF fighting new brand of Palestinian terror”). PA Arabs predict more terror (“PA Report Predicts: 3rd Intifada in 2014”). Israel expects more terror (“As 2014 dawns, Israel keeps a nervous eye on regional jihadist groups”).

‘Terror’ is the 21st Century’s ‘pogrom’.

Israel is different. It is the only country in the world that actively advertises it sets the stage for the spilling of Jewish blood. Jewish blood will spill because that’s how these peace talks will end, with attacks to kill Jews.  

Read the news. It’s all there.

Funny thing about Israel today: it may be the most anti-Jewish country in the world.

We’ve got work to do. We are Jews. Israel is our homeland. Israel is the homeland G-d gave to us—and to us alone. It is our only homeland.  We have no place else to go.

If we don’t protect Israel, no one else will protect it for us. If we want Israel, we will have to fight for it.

Funny thing about fighting over Israel: this is how our Final Destiny begins.

Are you ready?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Signs that the Redemption is near?

It’s the end of the month again. That means it’s time to take another look at Redemption.

For years, the American magazine, Sports Illustrated, has run a weekly mini-report entitled, “Signs of the Apocalypse” (or something like that). It contains a one-or-two sentence announcement that features some weekly occurrence in the Sports world. Typically, it focuses on someone doing something really stupid. It highlights how incredibly awful highly-paid sports figures can be. Such behaviour by those we honour, the piece suggests, is surely a sign that our world must soon end.

Mostly, these incidents entertain.

That magazine comes from America. We live in Israel, which follows a different religious and spiritual orientation. So if someone in America thinks about Christian-inspired world Destruction, perhaps we can think about something different--a Jewish-inspired New-world Redemption.

Consider now some recent examples from the news that, in some way—humorous and not so humorous—suggest that the world might be preparing for something New. If you don’t see how these headlines might pre-sage a Jewish Redemption, that’s okay. That just means that your ‘Redemption training’ isn’t up-to-date.


For December 2013:

-Australia is right to challenge the UN’s anti-Israel bias (The Guardian)

-Obama health care promise named 'Lie of the Year' (NBCNEWS.com)

-More radioactive pigs nabbed in Italian countryside (New York Daily news)   

-Watchdog: Cook County fails to track hundreds of convicts (Chicago Tribune)

-Kid punches grandma after she won't buy toy(Dayton Daily News)

-Could you do your child's homework? (The Guardian)

-Labour: We must 'do God’ to fight anti-Christian persecution (The Telegraph)

-Adam Sandler’s new film might be worse than diaper rash (The Times of Israel)

-Pitt defense aims for a slice of redemption (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

-Voting – what's the point? (The Guardian)

-Liberty loses her exceptional grip (The Sunday Times ) 

-Man fistfights crocodile to save child (Phoenix Arizona News)

-This unlucky year's days are numbered - and it's about time (San Francisco Chronicle)

-Tired of Eli [Manning]? Want [Tom] Coughlin to retire? Play [New York] Giants Keep 'Em/Dump 'Em now! (New York Daily News)


December started out on the right Redemption-foot, then seemed to fall over its own feet. First, the good news: Australia became one of the first nations (in years) to stand up for Israel.
Australia spoke up. It refused to remain silent. It challenged the UN’s unrelenting anti-Israel bias.
We don’t know where this challenge will lead. But it reminds us that the world is indeed filled with lies—and as those lies are confronted, the world of Truth gets its chance to become visible.
That’s a good thing. Thanks, Australia.
Even better for us today, the world of lies became a little clearer this month, thanks to US President Barack Obama.   President Obama helps to reveal the world of lies because he won a Redemption-introducing award: someone has judged his ObamaCare to be the year’s biggest lie.
ObamaCare may be the year's biggest lie, but it may not be the year’s most famous lie. That honour might go to any number of National Football League teams (the New York Giants?), each of whom promised a winning season--but then couldn’t keep up with the winners.
Now, the regular football season has ended. These poor football fans have become ‘the lost’. They can see no Good. They can see no Promising Future. For them, all is Dark. All they can think about is a world of, ‘keep ‘em/dump ‘em’.
Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
It’s true. By the time December limps to its end, there doesn’t seem to be much to look forward to--not when so many football teams are losers, or when a grandchild punches out his grandma because she won’t buy him a toy, or when the British wonder if the voting booth means anything anymore.
That doesn’t sound so good. Do the Brits see something we’ve all missed?  By December, 2013, they seem to have concluded that the American dream—to build a Republic based upon democracy—has lost its grip on mankind’s imagination.
December seems like a very bad month: we can’t do our children’s homework. Chicago’s Cook County can’t keep track of its released convicts. Radioactive pigs roam the Italian countryside.
Radioactive pigs?
What’s the world coming to? It used to be we thought about the world going to the dogs. Now, its radioactive pigs we’ve got to worry about?

Look around. Our future beckons. The world reveals hints. It is up to us to understand what we see.

For example, what do those radioactive pigs really mean—a punishment for European anti-Semitism, a harbinger of Change, a New dawn for Vegetarianism?

Naturally, it’s possible that all these headlines are meaningless. Radioactive pigs could be nothing more than, well, bad ham looking for a market. These news stories may have nothing to do with the Jewish Redemption. Perhaps they simply prove that nothing changes—except our perception of Redemption.

But then we see odd headlines. We read about British politicians calling for us to ‘do G-d’. We hear about a man out-punching a crocodile. We discover that, as bad as this year might have been (listen up, Giants’ fans), this year’s unlucky days are numbered—and it’s about time.

It’s true. It’s about time the bad stuff ends. It’s about time someone calls Hollywood movies, ‘worse than diaper rash’.

Maybe it’s about time we join with Pitt (the University of Pittsburgh) and dream of a slice of Redemption. That sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? Maybe it’s about time we start to dream about something New.

Our world of foolishness envelopes us—just as the month ends. Does December’s end mean that something New is before us?

Keep your eyes open. You might see something interesting!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Pharaoh, Abbas and the G-d of Israel

At this point in the Jewish calendar—starting approximately fifteen days after Chanukah--Jews around the world spend four consecutive weeks reading weekly Torah portions that tell the story of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. It is a story of suffering, affliction and release. It is a tale of slavery and cruelty capped by a rush to freedom from oppression.

It is a story that begins and ends with water.

As a new Pharaoh rose over Egypt, he sought to deal cunningly with the Jewish nation. He did not feel secure turning directly against these Jews. Our Heritage (Talmud Tractate Sotah, 11a) teaches that Pharaoh understood the power of HaShem, the G-d of Israel. He worried about being punished measure-for-measure if he should act against the Jews.

He knew that if he chose the wrong anti-Jew strategy, the G-d of Israel would become angry. But he also believed that if he chose cunningly, he would never be punished.

He was arrogant. He was cunning. He had an idea: water.

He ordered all new-born Jewish boys be thrown into the Nile River. He believed that, through water, he could begin to control and then enslave the Jews without fear of punishment.

So it was that the story of the Exodus began. So it was also that, in the end, the army of Pharaoh perished in the waters of the Sea of Reeds.

The cunning Pharaoh had miscalculated. The G-d of Israel did indeed punish Egypt measure-for-measure—with water.

So it is today that the G-d of Israel makes a distinction between the water of the Jew and the water of the Arab.

The Middle East broils under a desert sun. It has a chronic water shortage. It suffers from a process called, desertification.  

But the Middle East is also Home to the G-d of Israel. That G-d protects His beloved.

In Israel, farmland expands. Hardly a farm in Israel lacks water for crops.  

But farmland in the Arab world shrinks. Arable Arab land turns to dry, brown soot. In Syria alone, more than 700,000 farmers have seen their farmland return to desert.

In Israel, meanwhile, water availability grows.

Crops in Israel sprout. Crops in the Arab world wither and die. 

In Israel, the desert becomes farmland, thick with growing food. In the Arab world, farmland evaporates.

As Israel becomes increasingly self-sufficient, it becomes a shining light in the world of agriculture. It brings to the world new technology for irrigation. It sets the world record for recycling water. It sets the world record for milk-production.

The Arab world rots.

Under the same Middle East sun, in the same ecology, Israel farms flourish and Arab farms become desert.

The Arab looks at the Jew. He does not see a source3 of knowledge. Like the Pharaoh of old, this new Arab hardens his heart. He seeks not assistance from the Jew, but a cunning way to destroy the Jew.

So it is that the new Arab suffers like the old Pharaoh, with the punishment of water. So it is that we remember how the G-d of Israel protects His beloved, through water.

The new water-punishment is not like the old. It is not true measure-for-measure, at least not yet. It is, however, a hint of the way the G-d of Israel protects His beloved—measure-for-measure. Mahmoud Abbas should remember that the next time he goes to the United Nations to delegitimize Israel. He should remember—and fear the G-d of Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas does not fear the G-d of Israel. He celebrates the killing of Jews.

He glorifies the murder of Jews. Then he watches Arabs blow each other up by the hundreds every week in Libya, Iraq and Syria.

Mahmoud Abbas has had the opportunity to join with Jews to build water and sewage strategies. But he refuses. Like  Pharaoh of old, he hardens his heart.

Arab water disappears.

Abbas has had the opportunity to establish business partnerships with Israelis--to help build a better world for Arabs under his rule. But he refuses. He hardens his heart.

Arab employment stagnates.

Like Pharaoh of old, Abbas the new brings plague and pestilence to his people. Disease, poverty, child mortality and chronic malnutrition all fester like plagues within the Palestinian Authority population.

Abbas hardens his heart. He says it is not his doing that these plagues exist. It’s not his fault. It’s Israel’s fault. He—and his enablers—hold Israel responsible for Arab health in Arab-controlled territories.

From the Jew in Israel, science, technology and faith bring hope and accomplishment to the world. From the Arab, hate and terror bring murder to the world.

The Arab embraces hate. He has lost his soul. His leaders bring him only death and woe.

The G-d of Israel lives in His Israel. He watches us make our choices. Then He judges.

He rules the world with measure-for-measure.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Israel news: the sniper, the UN and Jonathan Pollard

Here are some recent news stories you might have missed. The headlines—and the comments—are from December 23-26, 2013:

 The war against Israel

- After Palestinian pressure --NBC denies plans to shoot TV series in [Israel’s] East Jerusalem (12/23/13, Haaretz)

- Statistics: Terror Attacks Increase As Talks Progress (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)

- Bennett blames PA incitement for recent wave of terrorism (12/25/13, Jerusalem Post) 

- IDF soldiers fire at, hit Palestinian placing bomb on Gaza-Israel border (12/23/13, Jerusalem Post)

- As tensions mount in Gaza, UN's Ban warns against further retaliatory strikes from Israel (12/24/13, Jerusalem Post)

-Hundreds protest against Egypt's jailing of activists (12/23/13, Jerusalem Post)

- ‘IDF killed 2 terrorists, thwarted bombing on Gaza border’ (12/25/13, Times of Israel) 

- Liberman: Rearrest Palestinian who called for soldier kidnappings (12/25/13, Times of Israel) 

- Defense Minister Ya'alon blames PA for escalation (12/25/13, Ynet) 

-Defense minister: Israel is prepared for further escalation in violence (12/25/13, Haaretz)

-Russian Experts Confirm: Arafat Died of Natural Causes (12/26/13, Arutz Sheva)

-PA Arab Attempts to Run Over Policeman (12/26/13, Arutz Sheva)

-Shin Bet arrests Gazan suspected of planning [another] sniper attack on IDF (12/26/13, Haaretz)

-Report: Hamas Gathering Long-Range Rockets (12/26/13, Arutz Sheva)

-Iron Dome Units Deployed in Southern Israel (12/26/13, Arutz Sheva)
-Netanyahu's office blasts Abbas for not condemn terror attacks (12/25/13, Haaretz)
-PA Arabs Riot Near Tulkarm (12/25/13, Arutz Sheva)
- UN chief warns of a ‘new round of bloodshed’ (12/24/13, Times of Israel)
While the Palestinian Authority tried to score anti-Israel points over an Israeli retaliatory air strike against Gaza (“UN chief warns of a new round of bloodshed”), reports during this news cycle began to circulate that the incident which provoked the air strike was more complex than first reported. The initial report had said that an Arab sniper had killed a Israeli worker. The worker was part of a crew repairing storm-damage to the Gaza fence that separates Gaza from Israel. When the worker died, Israeli jets bombed a terror site, killing a man and a child (first reported to a boy, then a girl—or vice versa).
But it now turns out that the murdered Israeli was an Arab civilian employee of the Israel Defense Force (IDF). The Arabs killed an Arab—and offered no public apology to the deceased’s family.
We have also learned that that sniper wasn’t alone that day (“IDF killed 2 terrorists, thwarted bombing on Gaza border”). The sniper appears to have been part of a team of Arabs attempting to plant a bomb alongside the fence--to be exploded remotely when IDF personnel came close to it.
We don’t have all the details yet. But one thing is for certain: that fence is a flash-point. We are sure to hear more about it.
Meanwhile, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon felt motivated to speak about the incident. But he didn’t condemn the sniper attack. He didn’t condemn what was clearly aggression against a sovereign Israel. Instead, he warned Israel against further retaliation against Arab attacks (“As tensions mount in Gaza, UN's Ban warns against further retaliatory strikes from Israel”).
 That’s not moral leadership—not when Israel was attacked, and not when Israel has the legal right to defend itself.
Ban Ki-Moon’s statement sounded like a moral collapse. He warns the one attacked, and gives the attackers what amounts to a ‘pass’?
That’s not morality.
It looks like the UN Secretary-General might be afraid of Muslim UN Members. After all, Muslim countries represent almost twenty-eight per cent of UN Membership. More important, Muslim countries represent approximately eighty-five per cent of a quorum.
With those kinds of numbers, it’s easy to have the General Assembly pass what you want passed. Perhaps that’s why it has been so easy to condemn Israel—and so difficult to condemn Arab countries.
That’s called power. Apparently, it’s also enough power to motivate the UN Secretary-General to behave in a manner that is satisfactory to those behind that power.
These Muslim countries—and their overarching control-group, the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC)--know how to use its power. As it demonstrates here, power has its privileges: when one of its own (who isn’t even a full UN Member) attacks Israel, the Secretary-General knows whom to scold—Israel.
We will see more such cowardice from the UN. We may even become witness to the collapse of UN as a moral voice (if it hasn’t already happened). We may become the first generation to see the UN repudiate the ideals of its own founding Charter.
When that happens, Muslim power will be ascendant. The West will be eclipsed.
The you-know-what will hit the fan.
This might be a good time for you to start reading your Tanach—and Midrashic commentary. You might think it’s too little early for talk of Redemption, but these UN shenanigans are not random events. They are part of a larger picture. They are the real-life details that put flesh onto the prophetic visions in your Tanach.
Don’t scoff. History unfolds according to the broad strokes of your Tanach.
Read the Book. Don’t wait for the movie.
The Muslim Middle East
-Turkish economy minister resigns over graft probe, denies wrongdoing (12/25/13, Jerusalem Post)

- Egypt army says car bomb used in Nile Delta blast [at least 11 killed, 100+ wounded] (12/24/13, Jerusalem Post)

- Activists say 2013 a dark year for Saudi rights (12/25/13, Times of Israel) 

The Leftist war against Israel

- Peri: Increase in West Bank violence doesn't equate 3rd intifada (12/23/13, Jerusalem Post)

Israel business

- Israeli Hi-tech Boomed in 2013 (12/25/13, Arutz Sheva)

Business Week magazine came to the Middle East this news cycle. It came to report on Israel. The magazine didn’t come with moral hypocrisy on its lips. It came with truth.

It gave its 2013 reading of Israel’s high-tech and biotech sectors: in almost every respect, business increased in these sectors. The increases took place in investments, salaries and a series of impressive ‘exits’.

Business Week described just one aspect of how Israel becomes a Light unto the nations. In Israel’s mobile and web sectors, Israeli companies saw a 52 per cent rise in demand during the first half of 2013—a trend that continued (for the most part) through November. Start-ups founded in 2013 raised over $380 million. Israel’s Internet start-ups attracted almost 97 million dollars in ‘angel’ money. 

Business Week says it doesn’t see any changes in these trends for 2014—and beyond.

Israel is hot.

It’s no coincidence that Israel business is hot just as demonization, delegitimization and terror-talk grow more intense each week. It’s not coincidence at all. Instead, it’s the G-d of Israel talking to you. He’s reminding you not to believe everything you read about Israel-the-evil.

Jonathan Pollard

-White House: No Current Plans to Release Pollard (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)

- Report: Prime Minister to Demand Pollard's Release (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)

- 106 Israeli MKs appeal to Obama to release Pollard (12/25/13, Times of Israel)

-Gilad Shalit calls for release of Jonathan Pollard (12/26/13, Times of Israel)  
-PM to Demand Release of Pollard for Progress with PA (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)
- Israel redoubling bid for Pollard’s release, but US firm on refusal (12/23/13, Times of Israel)
- Leaving Pollard in jail is now officially absurd (12/24/13, Times of Israel)
-PM: Spying on Israel 'Unacceptable' (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)
Jonathan Pollard is not going to go away. He’s still in prison—and after 29 years, that continuing imprisonment doesn’t sit well any more with Israelis (“PM: Spying on Israel Unacceptable”). For the second consecutive news cycle, calls go out for his release. This time, 106 Members of Israel’s 120-seat Knesset—including, it is said, two Arab MKs—have issued a call for release.

In addition, Israel’s most famous former prisoner of war, Gilad Shalit, has issued his own statement about Pollard.  The statement was simple but, in its own way, elegant:  “After Israel has released terrorists with blood on their hands as a gesture to the Palestinians,” he wrote, “a return gesture is all that is being requested.”

Both of these requests have come just days after information about US spying on Israel hit Israel’s news sites. These reports make President Obama’s refusal to release Pollard look less morally acceptable each day: the US appears to have been just as much a spy as Pollard—if not worse (“Leaving Pollard in jail is now officially absurd”). Therefore, how can Obama claim its spying on Israel is a justifiable action and, in the same breath, claim that keeping Pollard locked up is proper?

We shall see where all of this leads. The spy reports keep Pollard in the news. Will he become part of a ‘peace’ deal to be brokered by US Secretary of State John Kerry?

There’s speculation that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu could emand a Pollard release in order to continue peace negotiations (“PM to Demand Release of Pollard for Progress with PA”). How will the US handle such a demand?

More important for Israel, what will Netanyahu do if the US balks at such a demand?

Don’t go away. The Big Show may begin sooner than you think.


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Arab news: The PA and the peace talks

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is at war with Israel. We can see one part of its war through the way it talks about Israel.

It demonizes the Jewish state.

That’s how it works in war: you demonize your enemy.

Demonization is a sure sign that war is a communal goal. Demonization is not used to entertain or to inform. It has a more particular focus.

Specifically, the aim of demonization is to make it easier to remove cultural and religious inhibitions against murder. Demonization is how leaders prepare followers to want to kill an enemy.

The PA can’t stop demonizing Israel. It won’t stop.

Here are some headlines for—and personal comments about—stories from the Palestinian Authority. The headlines come from December 18-25, 2013.

 -Poll: Most Palestinians believe Israel poisoned Arafat

-Report: Israel to release more veteran Palestinian prisoners next week

 -Israel strikes Gaza after border shootings, 2 dead in violence

 -Hamas, PA condemn Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

-UNRWA condemns Israel's 'Christmas Eve demolitions' in the West Bank

 -Erekat: Israeli airstrikes a 'criminal Christmas gift' to Gaza

 -Israel denies killing second Palestinian during Gaza upheaval

-Israeli forces detain seven Palestinians across the West Bank

-Palestinians celebrate release of Issawi despite Israeli threats

 -Prisoner Samir Issawi released from Israeli jail

-Israeli bulldozers destroy 15 Palestinian homes near Ramallah

-Israeli troops erect tents near Yabad

 -Israeli forces raid Nablus, detain five young men

-Israeli forces demolish Palestinian properties in Jordan Valley

- Group: Israel must release all Palestinian prisoners
The demonization drumbeat against Israel is relentless. During this news cycle, we were reminded that fifty-nine per cent of Palestinians say Israel poisoned former PLO leader Yasser Arafat. Never mind that twenty-one per cent of these Arab respondents say the Palestinians did it themselves. The PA considered it unimportant that fully a fifth of respondents think their own leadership killed Arafat. The PA focus was exclusively on Israel: Israelis killed our beloved leader!

The message is, Israel kills. Indeed, during this news cycle, the PA accused Israel of killing a three-year old ‘Palestinian’ boy in Gaza—as a result of an Israeli air strike against terrorists embedded inside a residential area. No one noticed that embedding combatants inside a civilian population is a war crime.  They demonized the Israelis.

No one noticed that the incident reported here had occurred because an Arab sniper had killed an Israeli. It didn’t matter. They demonized the Israelis.

As if on cue, one reader commenting on the article reporting this story said that Palestinians ‘have the right to defend themselves against these monsters’ (Israel, not the terrorists who used human shields). Another reader trotted out the canard of ‘disproportionate response’, to say that while Palestinians take pot-shots, the Israelis drop bombs—as if the Arab-Israel war was some kind of game that is measured by a ‘tit-for-tat rule--and anyone who violates that rule must be condemned for unfair play. Another reader said, just remember who killed the kid, and who’s dropping the bombs here—as if the relevant facts were ‘kid’ versus ‘bombs’ and not ‘human shield’ and ‘sniper killing’ versus Israeli civilian.

That’s how it is in war. You ignore the truth. You demonize the enemy.

The Arab continues to live by the sword—and use human shields. The Israelis are the ‘monsters’.

That’s how it is in war. You demonize the enemy.

 Of course, Hamas and the PA were angry about this incident. But they condemned Israel, not the terrorists who started the shooting.

Hamas condemned the air strike, saying that such ‘cowardly crimes would not deter Palestinian resistance fighters from doing their duty’. The PA, meanwhile, announced that it had contacted the ‘international sides’ to intervene against the Israelis.

The PA forgot to mention that this latest escalation was begun by its own ‘resistance fighters’—a group called, ‘the Popular Resistance Committee’. This so-called ‘Committee’ claimed responsibility for shooting the Arab civilian contract-employee of the Israel Defense Force who had been working on the Israeli side of the Gaza fence. It was his killing that had provoked the Israeli bombing. 

Both Hamas and the PA condemned Israel. No one on the ‘Palestinian’ side condemned the sniper who had killed the Israeli-employed Arab.

No Arab apologized for killing another Arab. They simply insisted on calling the retaliatory Israeli air strike, ‘cowardly’.

Somehow, one gets the notion that the cowardice here was not Israel’s, but the Arab’s. There seems to be something cowardly about killing an Israeli, then blaming Israel.

When, this week, an Arab terrorist, Samir Issawi, was released from an Israeli prison after he’d engaged in a 266-day hunger strike, he was hailed as a hero of ‘Palestine’. He had been originally arrested by Israeli forces during the Second Intifada (in April, 2002),and was among prisoners released in October, 2011 as part of a deal connected to the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. Issawi’s release at that time was based on an agreement to restrict his travel movements.  But he was re-arrested in July 2012 for violating that agreement. He is now free again—and unrepentant. As soon as he was released, he called upon ‘Palestinians’ to kidnap more Israeli soldiers.

Finally, the PA used this news cycle to remind its readers that Israel can’t stop detaining ‘Palestinians’.  The claim this time was that, after the October, 2011 prisoner swap (above) which saw over 1,000 Palestinians freed in return for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the brutal Israelis immediately arrested over 477 people--between the release (in October) and that December. By 2013, we are told, Israel has been arresting around 400 Arabs per month. This meant, we are informed, that Israel has now arrested and detained twenty per cent of the total Palestinian population.

To understand the intensity of the PA war against Israel, compare the news from the PA with Israel’s news headlines (below). In the PA, you see Israel painted as a brutal (and illegal) ‘occupier’ who detains, dispossesses and kills Arabs at will.

But for Israel, the focus is not the ‘demon’ Arab. Instead, the focus is terror. Look at the language of Israel’s headlines for this news cycle:

-heightened tension (with the Arabs)

-a rise of terror

-a spike in terror [against Jews]

-Gaza terrorists fire rockets at Israel

-Netanyahu mourns Israeli shot dead by terrorist

-Israel still to release another 26 Arab prisoners this week

-Israel redeploys its Iron Dome [anti-missile missiles] to southern Israel

-a normal country wouldn’t release terrorists

These—and related--headlines paint a clear picture: Arabs riot here, throw stones there, attack Jews everywhere. In Israel, the news is about a season of terror, not peace.

These headlines are not from a year’s worth of news—or a month; they are from this one six-day news cycle.

Supposedly, there are peace talks going on. Supposedly, peace is about to break out. Supposedly, Jew and Arab are soon to live side-by-side in peace and security.

But Israelis don’t prepare for peace. They prepare for a wave of terror. The PA, meanwhile, ignores peace. One again, this PA news cycle hardly mentions ‘peace’. Instead, the PA continues to demonize Israel. It continues to slant news. It continues to paint Israel as brutal and illegal ‘occupiers’.  

Can you see where this is going?

It isn’t going towards peace.

What must the G-d of Israel think of all this?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Israel news: fear, perception—and Jonathan Pollard

Here are some headlines you might have missed in the last few days. Let’s take a fresh look at them.

Today’s selection—and comments--comes from December 19-22, 2013.

The war against Israel

-Brandeis, Penn State Quit ASA over Israel Boycott (12/19/13, Arutz Sheva)

-PA Live TV Event Glorifies Terror, Murder, Hatred (12/20/13, Arutz Sheva)

 -PM: What hinders peace talks is PA's refusal to acknowledge Israel as Jewish state (12/19/13, Haaretz)

-Report: Haniyeh invites Abbas for Palestinian unity gov't talks (12/19/13, Ynet

-Bomb Explodes on Bat Yam Bus; One Wounded (12/22/13, Arutz Sheva)

-Hamas praises bus bombing, says 'Israel will know no stability'  (12/22/13, Ynet)

-Police chief: Attack illustrates terrorism is in the background, especially during talks (12/22/13, Haaretz)

-Livni: Ignore the Terrorists and Keep Talking (12/23/13, Arutz Sheva)
The war against Israel heated up during this news cycle—even if the cycle did begin with some good news for Israel. For the good news, Brandeis and Penn State Universities refused to join the boycott of Israel that was passed last week by the American Studies Association. Their decision to boycott the boycott was important news for those who defend Israel. This would be the only good news for Israel in this cycle.

To start the bad news, Hamas and Fatah announced their decision to unite—for the umpteenth time. They spoke of a unified front and unified elections. For ‘Palestinian’ unity, it was good news. For Jew-hate, it was wonderful news. For those who can’t wait to destroy Israel, it was perfect news-- because the war to erase Israel cannot be won if Fatah and Hamas are divided.

It doesn’t matter that chances for real unity between these two foes are dim. What matters is public perception.

The near-term history of the Middle East will now (for the next few months at least) be driven by Arab perception-masters. Everything they—and their enablers (including Israelis)—do will be based upon fear and perception.

The fear will be what the Arabs will do to Israel if Israel doesn’t ‘sign for peace’ (be afraid, you Jews). The perception will be that the creation of ‘Palestine’ is ‘Destiny’.

For Arabs, ‘Destiny’ is in the air. But for Jews, it isn’t ‘Palestinian’ Destiny (which includes Israel’s destruction) that we will see.

Of course, many scoff at Jewish Destiny. They see only ‘Palestinian’ destiny. They believe there is no such thing as Jewish Destiny.

Are they correct?

The road to ‘Palestine’ is marked with fear. The fear is everywhere. You see it in Israel’s Left. You see it among Israel’s right.

You see it wherever there are Jews who do not understand Jewish Destiny.

It’s not a good sign. Fear is never a good sign. Fear doesn’t foreshadow happiness. It foreshadows destruction.

The first fear-bomb to drop during this news cycle was a real bomb—on a bus in Bat Yam, not too far from Haifa. Reports in Israel surfaced that this bomb was evidence that anti-Israel activity is no longer random or individual; the bomb meant, the reports said, organized attacks will now begin.

Nobody detailed or analyzed whose reports these were, or how viable they were. They were just there. They promised harm to Israel.

Where did these reports come from? Are there Jews in Israel who want to frighten us? Do these Jews promote such ‘fear-reports’ as part of a planned run-up to a fake peace we are supposed to buy-before-it’s-too-late?

You tell me.


The war against Israel, con’t.

-EU support up for sanctioning Israel settlement goods (12/19/13, Ynet)

--PA Live TV Event Glorifies Terror, Murder, Hatred (12/20/13, Arutz Sheva)

-As both sides wait for Kerry, the refugee camps boil (12/23/13, Times of Israel)

- Arab League slams US security ideas for Palestine (12/21/13, Ynet)

-IDF: Rocket from Gaza hits Israel (12/23/13, Haaretz)

- Reagan: Palestinians Do Not Want Peace - They Want Israel (12/20/13, Arutz Sheva)
The pre-peace fear campaign leapt forward. Rockets from Gaza hit Israel (no injuries). The Arab league joined with the Palestinian Authority to nix an American security plan suggested for Israel after the creation of ‘Palestine’. Neither Abbas nor the Arab League could stomach the thought of Jewish soldiers creating security for Israel in the Jordan River valley; Jewish blood, apparently, is too vile. If Israel wanted peace, the Arabs seemed to suggest, it would get it only by giving up land without security considerations.

Was this supposed to make us feel afraid to say ‘no’ to ‘peace’?

Israelis learned during this news cycle that the Palestinian Authority (PA) continued to glorify terror, murder and hatred. This might be a season of peace according to the nations. But it wasn’t a season of peace to Mahmoud Abbas.

PA TV announced that Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was endorsing and sponsoring a program called, "5th Festival of the Heritage of the Father". It glorified terror and murder. An ad invited everyone to watch the fun.

Nice guy, Mahmoud Abbas—a real peace partner, eh? He certainly worked hard on TV to show how eagerly he prefers Jewish blood to Jewish friendship. Isn’t he great?

Nobody noticed. Nobody cared.

These days, Jewish blood is that cheap.

As if to underscore how fake the American-sponsored fake peace was, former US President Ronald Reagan’s son Michael, said in an interview, "I don't think the Palestinians really want peace," …"I don't think they've really ever wanted peace; I think they want Israel."

’Palestinian’ destiny is a fake. This so-called peace is a fake.
Why does Jewish leadership tolerate such fakery?

Jonathan Pollard

- Officials demand Pollard release in light of US spying (12/22/13, Times of Israel)

- US spying on Ehud Barak’s home is revealed (12/22/13, Times of Israel)
The pressure builds in Israel to fight for Jonathan Pollard’s release. Now, more than ever, his imprisonment appears unseemly.

US spying has been personal and intrusive . The US didn’t just spy on Israeli officials at their offices. With (former) Defense Minister Ehud Barak, US spies rented an apartment across the street from Barak’s residence--and spied on him at home.

Israel opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog has justifiably taken offended by these revelations. He was quoted this week as saying, “These reports strengthen the argument that it’s simply unjust to continue to punish him [Pollard], since we now know that the United States worked in a variety of ways to surveil and collect intelligence on an ally as close as Israel.”

Nevertheless, US reports confirm that, as President Obama commuted the sentences of several convicted drug offenders, he had no time for Jonathan Pollard. He refused to release Pollard.

He hardened his heart.

Why does Pollard’s name pop up during this news cycle of fear and perception? Is Jonathan Pollard to become part of a smoke-and-mirrors ‘peace’ offer—or is his continued imprisonment supposed to make us afraid?

What must the G-d of Israel think of all this?