Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Signs that the Redemption is near?

It’s the end of the month again. That means it’s time to take another look at Redemption.

 For years, the American magazine, Sports Illustrated, has run a weekly mini-report entitled, “Signs of the Apocalypse” (or something like that). It contains a one-or-two sentence announcement that features some weekly occurrence in the Sports world. Typically, it focuses on someone doing something really stupid. It highlights how incredibly awful highly-paid or famous people can be. Such behaviour by those we honour, the piece suggests, is surely a sign that our world must soon end.

Mostly, these incidents entertain.

That magazine comes from America. We live in Israel, which follows a different religious and spiritual orientation. So if someone in America thinks about Christian-inspired world Destruction, perhaps we can think about something different--a Jewish-inspired Redemption.

Consider now some recent examples from the news that, in some way—humorous and not so humorous-- might suggest that the world might be preparing for something New. If you don’t see how these headlines might pre-sage a Jewish Redemption, that’s okay. That just means that your ‘Redemption training’ isn’t up-to-date.

For July 2013: 

-PM: Palestinian leaders think it’s possible to destroy Israel (Jerusalem Post)

--Abbas: 'Not a single Israeli' in future Palestinian state (Jerusalem Post)

 - Democracy Index 2013: Global Democracy At A Standstill, The Economist Intelligence Unit's Annual Report Shows (Huffington Post)
-Did you know the Postal Service has a NSA-like surveillance arrangement, too? (Dallas Morning News)

-New computer programs Goodfeel and Lime Lighter help blind read, write music (New York Daily News)

-Twinkies, Hostess snacks back in stores today (Chicago Tribune)

--Pro-Mursi protesters are awaiting signal for ‘sexual Jihad’: report (Al Arabiya)

-Divine intervention? Angel Gabriel ‘spotted’ at pro-Mursi protest (Al Arabiya)

-Has the Arab Spring nose-dived? (Al Arabiya)

-The aftermath of Egypt's June 30 uprising: Has the Muslim Brotherhood turned towards jihadist violence? (Al Arabiya)

-UK's first dementia dog gives couple 'their lives back’ (The Independent—London, England)

-Toddler buys Austin Healey vintage car on eBay using dad's smartphone (The Independent, London, England)

-Obesity and traffic fatalities endemic to Arab world (Al Jazeera)

-Rifle-wielding soldiers develop breasts (The Guardian)

-Nurses ‘too busy’ to provide basic care for their patients (The Times of London)

-Liverpool fan to get a tattoo of the United badge on his bottom in memory of his friend and father-in-law (Manchester (England) Evening News)

July saw a surge of pre-Redemption signals.  Yishmael continued his war to conquer Israel. A report appeared in early July stating that in the first six months of 2013, Arabs attacked Jews in Israel more than 5,600 times. At the end of July, ‘peace talks’ began—and the Arab announced he will make his ‘Palestine’ Jew-free.

But then just as this anti-Israel news appeared, we were reminded about something we once learned: when Redemption begins, Egypt will be the first nation to fall, among those who war against G-d’s Chosen. On July 3, Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi was ousted from office by the Egyptian army. Egypt plunged into turmoil.

Protests erupted. At one protest, an Egyptian reportedly saw the angel Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel who helped the Jewish prophet Daniel with his prophecies, many of which focus on the Jewish Redemption. Could his ‘appearance’ in Egypt herald something for Egypt?

Another news story seemed to hint at why swords might get changed into plowshares. As you may recall, this ‘metallic  conversion’ is a poetic reference in Tanach (Jewish Bible) to a Future time when the swords of war will become so irrelevant they will be converted to better use—plowing the earth to provide food. In late July, we saw a report that soldiers who carry army rifles have experienced breast enlargement. How does this suggest swords into plowshares? Well, soldiers tend to be young, strong men—boys, really, with a sense of machismo; how many such young men would rush to join an army if it turns out that such service provokes female-like breast enlargement?

If these reports prove correct, those young men might prefer plows to guns.  

Look at the other headlines. What do you see? When dogs heal humans and Twinkies resurrect, could there be change in the air?

Our future beckons. The world reveals hints.  It is up to us to understand what we see.

Naturally, it’s possible that all this news is meaningless. These stories may have nothing at all to do with the Jewish Redemption. Perhaps these headlines simply prove that nothing changes—except our health.

But then a soccer fan announces he will put a tattoo on his bottom. Have you ever heard of such a thing? On his bottom?

That could be a sign. It could mean we’ve hit bottom. If so, then things really are changing: it could mean we have nowhere else to go but up.

Does it mean change is afoot?


Sunday, July 28, 2013

For peace talks, copy the religion of peace

last update: July 29, 2013

The world is worried. It wants peace. But it can’t get it. The reason: Israel. Jews just won’t sign up for peace.

Of course, some Jews aren’t so troublesome. J Street, Reform Jewish leaders and Peace Now embrace peace. They want  Israel to give the Arab what he wants. They cheer when United States Secretary of State John Kerry pressures Israel to surrender Judea-Samaria.

Unfortunately, Israel doesn’t get the message. Why not?  What part of ‘peace’ doesn’t Israel understand?

It’s frustrating. But there is a solution. Israel’s leaders aren’t  stupid. They can change. They can even learn everything they need for peace right here in Israel—in Jerusalem. All they  need do is go up to the Temple Mount.

That’s right—the Temple Mount. That’s where they will learn about peace in the Middle East—from the religion of peace, Islam.

Lessons are given every Friday. Friday is Muslim prayer day. In Jerusalem, Muslims can pray at the Temple Mount. Jews cannot do that. Judaism is not the religion of peace.

If a Jew goes up to the Temple Mount and even suggests he is praying, he will be arrested. If he bows, he is arrested. But if you belong to the religion of peace, you can bow as much as you like. You can pray as much as you like. You can even use a loudspeaker to tell the whole world about your religion.

For example, consider Friday, July 12, 2013. A prayer day, it was also Ramadan. Ramadan is a month-long expression of religious commitment for Muslims. It calls upon Muslims to honour their religion through fasting and increases in charity-giving, prayer and study of the Quran. It’s why thousands of Muslims gathered on the Temple Mount on that Ramadan Friday. They gathered to celebrate what their religion believes in.  

Fortunately for us, the Middle East Media Research Institute  has published a videotape of that gathering.  You can find the video at It’s called, ‘Pro-Morsi demonstration at Al-Aksa mosque: US, Britain, France to be destroyed, Rome to be conquered, July 12, 2013’.

On that video, we see a crowd standing shoulder-to-shoulder in bright sunlight—a sea of humanity swaying in the sun. They respond to speakers by repeating what they hear—line by line, turning words into a chant. It looks exciting. Their religion of peace inspires them.

The language of the unnamed speakers in this video is simple. Their speaking cadence encourages the crowd’s repetition. Here is an abbreviated sample:

Alah Akhbar. May America be destroyed.

Alah Akhbar. May France be destroyed.

Alah Akhbar. May Rome be conquered.

Alah Akhbar. May Britain be destroyed.

We warn you, oh America.

Take your hands off the Muslims.

Take your hands off the Muslims.

You have wreaked havoc in Syria, and before that,

In Afghanistan and Iraq--

and now in Egypt.

Who do you think we are, America?

We are the nation of Islam--a giant and mighty nation which extends from East to West.

Soon, we will teach you a political and military lesson, alah willing.

Alah Akhbar. All glory to alah.

Alah Akhbar. All glory to alah.

Oh, Obama, Listen up.

The Caliphate shall return.

The Caliphate shall return.

Our nation will never kneel in submission.

The Caliphate shall return.

Oh, Obama, listen up.

Our nation will never be humiliated.

The Caliphate is the solution.

We are the nation of the best men.

We want to cleanse it of the impure.

We want to cleanse it of the impure.

Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews.

The army of Mohammed will return. (Mohammed’s army massacred the Jews of Khaybar in the seventh century)

Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews,

The army of Mohammed will return.

Sounds musical, doesn’t it?  You can feel how the repetitive language encourages responsive chanting.  The language tells a simple story and the chanting reinforces that story: the religion of peace is not about peace.

John Kerry, Barack Obama and the European Union demand peace for the Arab. The Arab, meanwhile, chants for his religion of conquest. No one objects. It’s a good deal for the Arab.

We should learn from the Arab. As peace talks begin, we should proclaim Israel to be a nation of peace. Then we should attack the Arab for warmongering.

We should be as aggressive as the Arab: as a nation of peace, Israel should demand preconditions. There will be no negotiations with anyone with Charters that call for our destruction. We will not negotiate with anyone whose religious leaders preach that Muslims kill Jews.

We should ask: who does the Arab think he is? Jews are G-d’s Chosen.

We should demand: what has G-d given to the Arab? He gave Jews Torah and Israel.

We should create songs of Zion and sing of Zion. We should create reality TV--to show the true ugliness of Arab hate.

We can learn a lot from the religion of peace.



Thursday, July 25, 2013

The World Press pushes us towards Redemption

At first blush, the Jewish religion looks pretty good. It claims to focus on the spiritual link between Man and G-d. It claims that justice and truth will one day emanate from the Jewish nation and its capital, Jerusalem. It claims that Israel will be the source-point for world peace.

But if you read The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian (England), Haaretz and The Times of London, you might conclude that peace and truth have nothing to do with Jews, Jerusalem or Judaism. For these newspapers, when Jews control Jerusalem, they become brutal oppressors.

The Jewish religion says the nation of Israel seeks peace, truth and justice. The World Press says Israel is the enemy of peace, truth and justice. Is someone lying?

According to a man called by many the father of Religious Zionism-- the Rav Avraham Yitzchok HaCohen Kook (1865-1935)—lies play a role in the Jewish Redemptive process. To paraphrase Rav Kook, the world of Truth can come only after the world of lies disappears.

We live in a world of lies. Some of the world’s most influential newspapers do not tell the truth; they  repeat fictions they call truth. Those fictions are simple: Israel is immoral and unpeaceful; the Arab is innocent and peaceful. The Arab wants only self-determination; the Jew wants only to control.

The anti-Israel Press promotes these fictions. It claims that  Israel rejects a ‘two-state’ solution. But as the Press clamours that Israel rejects two states, Arabs hold up plaster maps to show that their Arab ‘Palestine’ will replace Israel, not stand beside it.  

Who is telling the truth?

The Press excoriates Israel for ‘intransigence’. But as it claims that Israel rejects peace with the Arab, the Arab announces he will make the Middle East Judenrein—Jew-free.

Who is lying?

Rabbi Dr Tzvi Hersh Weinreb reminds us (OU Torah Tidbits number 1051, July 5-6, 2013) that the world stands upon three fundamental principles: justice, peace and truth. To understand the power of ‘three’, think of a farmer’s milking stool. This is a small three-legged stool upon which one sits to milk a cow. That stool has three legs because a farmer understands stability: a stool is never stable with just one or two legs.  Stability requires a minimum of three legs.

Our Heritage teaches that the world is the same. It cannot stand on only one or two principles.  Stability requires a minimum of three principles; and those are justice, peace and truth.

Many Christian Denominations, Peace advocates, the Press and the anti-Israel movement all promote justice and peace. Everyone understands justice and peace.

But where is truth? Name one country where there is justice and peace without truth.

Peace and justice do not exist in a world of lies--period. If you want peace and justice, you have to tell the truth. You also have to accept the truth when you see it.

For example, if you tell Israel to ‘make peace’ while the Arab wants to war against Israel, you will not get peace until you address that Arab desire. If you want justice while the Arab wants to kill Jews because that is a religious mandate for him, you will never get justice until you confront that murderous mandate.

Peace and justice are built on truth—not fictions.

Perhaps Israel can show the way to the world of truth by exposing how the Press promotes fictions. One easy example of such exposure comes from Gonen Ginat, who has written an intriguing essay in the newspaper Israel HaYom (see loveoftheland.blogspot, July 7, 2013). He writes about a story that appeared in another Israeli daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, about a woman called Fatma Vardi, identified in the Yedioth story as Israel’s only female Bedouin stand-up comic. The writer of the essay about Ms Vardi described her as one of four wives of a Bedouin man, a mother to 17 children. But Gonen Ginat wrote that a simple internet search on Ms Vardi shows that Fatma Vardi’s real name is Gila Zimmerman, a Jewish comic who lives not in an Arab village but in a Tel Aviv suburb. Ms Zimmerman is a stage-performer. She invents fictional characters for comic purpose. Fatma Vardi is one of those fictions. Apparently, the Yedioth writer didn’t do any homework. He just reported what the actress-comic told him. He couldn’t tell the difference between truth and fiction.

The anti-Israel Press behaves the same way with Israel. It does little-to-no homework. It parrots every Arab claim about Israel. It embraces the Fatma Vardis of this world. It promotes fiction over truth.

Rav Kook understood Redemption. He also understood that a world of lies is nothing more than a door to Redemption.

The world’s Press is that door. To reach Redemption, that’s the door we must unhinge. Then, we must rebuild it.

We start that rebuilding process by telling the truth.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

After Tisha B’Av, get ready to stand

On Tisha B’Av, 5773—July 15, 2013--Jews around the world recalled the destruction of both of our Temples.  We fasted. We mourned. We remembered Jews murdered during the Middle Ages. We mourned for those murdered in the Holocaust.
But as Tisha B’Av arrived and passed, we were reminded that, as Rabbi David Orlovsky has said, we, too, live in times of destruction.  Look at Syria and Egypt. They self-destruct before our eyes.
Look at Israel: during the first ten days of Av (July 7-16, 2013), Arabs attacked Jews in Jerusalem. Arabs in Jerusalem rioted near Damascus Gate. Jews were banned from the Temple Mount. Syrian militants aimed mortar shells and gunfire into Northern Israel. A report revealed that, during the first six months of 2013, 5,635 violent Islamic attacks took place  against Jews in Israel.
Peace in the Middle East burns today as surely as our beloved Temples burned. Peace with Jews in Europe also begins to go up in flame. During these same first ten days of Av, Poland outlawed the practice of Jewish kosher slaughter of animals.  The European Union passed new guidelines that created a financial boycott of all Jewish entities in Judea, Samaria, Eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. posted an interview with the headline, ‘The untold truth: 150 million Europeans hate Israel’.  The Coordination Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism ( posted ten new essays documenting anti-Semitic activity in Europe.  In Dusseldorf, Germany, chants of, ‘down with Israel’ rose from a pro-Turkey rally.
 In July, 2013, Jews prepared for their Tisha B’Av and Arab Muslims began their Holy month of Ramadan (July 10 – August 7). As Europe and the Middle East burned with hate, Jews mourned. Arabs, meanwhile, feasted on Jew-hate.
For example, Arab TV celebrates this year’s Ramadan with racist and demonizing images of Jews. For July, 2013, one program stands out. It’s called, ‘Khaybar’. It is a drama about a 7th century Arabian city once populated by Jews. These Jews were ethnically cleansed by early Muslims. This modern  dramatization presents those Jews as treacherous, hateful towards others, scheming and corrupt (see, ‘The image of the Jew in the Ramadan TV show, ‘Khaybar’, Y.Y. Yehoshua,, July 10, 2013). This is Arab Ramadan TV. It focuses on a racist description of the social, economic and religious lives of the Jew in order to show how Jews plot to control and kill Arabs (Memri, ibid).
To understand the impact of such images, recall how Muslims reacted with violence in 2006 to cartoons in Europe about Islam. Recall similar, image-driven Muslim violence in Pakistan in 2010 and in France, 2012.  
For the Muslim, images have meaning. For religious reasons, Islam is always protected. For religious reasons, Jews are vilified.
Muslim anti-Jewish, racist images do not, like the Jewish focus on Tisha B’Av, foster religious introspection. They incite murderous assault.
These hateful TV images are consistent with what ethicists call the dehumanization of an enemy in order to reduce a population’s inhibitions against murdering those dehumanized. Ramadan TV presents dehumanization of Jews in the name of religion. Do you think it coincidence that, as Arab TV presents racist incitement against Jews, Jews are attacked?
The Arabs are at war. They have a singular goal: to erase from the world map the only Jewish sovereign Member of the United Nations. Ramadan TV supports this war.
Even Jews support this war. Jews accept an anti-Zionist interpretation of ‘International Law’ as gospel. They accept the Arab narrative as truth. They believe Arabs wish only for self-determination.  They ignore Arab Jew-hate. They reject everything Jewish.
These Jews have made a choice. They stand up to support the killing of the world’s only Jewish state.
Perhaps the G-d of Israel is doing a head-count. Certainly, before this war ends, we will all see who stands with those who would destroy us and who stands with Him.
Where do you stand?
Before World War Two, many Americans were ambivalent about supporting Britain and Europe against Nazi attack. But as soon as America was attacked, that ambivalence ended. Why?
Americans understood the meaning of being attacked.  They understood that when you are attacked, you must make smart choices if you are to survive. For World War Two, Americans made the right choices. They stood up. They chose to fight against those who attacked.
Today is no different. If you are Jewish, your nation is under attack. Jews die. As happened in 1941 America, you must now choose where you stand.
Arabs will not negotiate with the hated Jew. Even as US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Ramallah to restart peace negotiations, Arabs in Ramallah fill the streets to protest against any negotiation with Israel.
While Kerry talks peace, Jews are attacked. Israel is demonized.
Where do you stand in all of this--with Jew-hate or with the Jewish state?






Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tisha B’Av: Israel has no future

In war, you have no future. On the battlefield, you understand the past.  You live in the present. But the present before you is too filled with confusion to tell you anything meaningful—except, perhaps, how uncertain is your survival. The present holds little promise for you; essentially, you have no future.

In war, you think about where you are and what you are supposed to do. That’s all. You do not think about tomorrow. There is no tomorrow. There is only Destiny.

Destiny is not the future. It is instead a unique state of being  that transcends future. It is a destination you do not control because it is pre-ordained. In battle, you watch how future fails and Destiny unfolds. You see what the rest of us fail to see: life is a chain of events that lead to a singular end. It is an end you cannot stop.

This is what we see in Israel today—individual events that appear seemingly unconnected, but which in reality are links in a single chain that pulls us to a singular national Destiny. We can see this because Israel is at war.

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, pressures Israel for concessions—but says nothing negative about Arab intransigence. Representatives of the European Union speak with frustration and contempt about Israel—and say nothing critical about Arab racism and Jew-hate. The United Nations willingly pays for vicious anti-Israel, Jew-hating educational materials for Arab children, then censures Israel. Liberal Jews in Israel and the United States demand that Israel surrender to Arab ‘peace’ conditions immediately--and ignore  Arab propaganda that dehumanizes Israelis by calling Jews apes and monkeys—though sometimes, they do not do that.  Sometimes, they just call Jews apes and pigs.

This is war. This is how nations attack Israel. It is how they tell Israel, ‘you have no future.’

Israel is the world’s only Jewish State. But Arabs argue it has no right to exist. Muslims chant this in song. Leftists support it. Even Jews join in. They demand that everything ‘Jewish’ be removed from the Jewish State.

With such hate, Israel is reviled by its own, scorned by others. Within such a world, Israel has no ‘Jewish’ tomorrow. Its tomorrow is to be, ‘Arab Palestine’.

The world sees ‘Palestine’ in its future, not Israel. The world want a ‘Palestine for peace,’ not a peace with Israel.  But there is no peace when your neighbours call you apes and pigs. There is no future when Arabs teach their children songs that ask, ‘where is the fear of allah in Jerusalem, which has been defiled by Zionists?’ (Palestine Media Watch, PMW Bulletins, Hate speech for kids by the PA, Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, ‘Jews are allah’s enemies…the sons of pigs’ July 8, 2013). There is no tomorrow when no one cares if Jews in Israel are killed but everyone screams when anti-Arab graffiti appears.

Israel has a past. It has a present. But it has no future. Ask the ‘Palestinians’; ask the Left-wing Jew in Israel or America who supports BDS--the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions industry; ask most Members of the United Nations: Israel  must become ‘Palestine’.

But if Israel has no future, that is because it has a Destiny. Israel has no future because it does not exist to have a future. It exists to fulfil its Destiny.

Our Destiny is to reveal to the world the glory of the G-d of Israel. Our Destiny is to become the focus of the world. Our Destiny is to have the nations of the world look at us in awe.

We are almost there. We are at stage-center. Everyone looks at us. Everyone talks about us. Although what we see right now is almost totally anti-Israel, this hostility is not the beginning-of-the-end for the Nazi-Zionist; it is instead the emotional and political catalyst for drawing the world’s attention to Zion.

Decision-by-decision, speech-by-speech, the pre-ordained stage is being set.  The players turn to Jerusalem. They speak. Destiny unfolds. You cannot stop it.

 The Prophets of our Tanach (Jewish Bible) wrote about this unfolding more than 2,500 years ago. Do you see the stage? Do you see what unfolds?

This week, Jews around the world observe Tisha B’Av--the Ninth day of the Hebrew month called, Av. This is a day of Jewish mourning. It reminds us that, throughout history, nations have risen to declare that Israel and the Jew have no future. Babylonia, Rome, Assyria, Greece and Nazi Germany have, like the modern Arab and his enablers, all made such a declaration. But what they all forget—and what Jews remember on this Ninth of Av—is that Israel is not a nation with a future. It is a nation with a Destiny.

We should remember that on Tisha B’Av.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

General Gantz on why Israel cannot protect Jews

Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz is Israel’s highest-ranking military officer. He is Israel Defense Force (IDF) Chief of Staff (COS).

While he reports to civilian control, his word is law in the military.  When he talks, soldiers listen. We might be wise to do the same.

For example, General Gantz recently spoke about the month of May, 2013. May was not a good month for Jews and soldiers in Judea-Samaria (called, ‘the West Bank’ in International news). During that month, Arabs escalated their attacks against everything Jewish—soldiers, civilians, farmland, forests and homes.

Since 2011, Arab attacks in Judea-Samaria are up three-fold. Fire-bombings are up four-fold. In addition, those attacks were not just against soldiers and the occasional civilian. They were primarily against civilians, targeting vehicles traveling public roads, individual Jewish homes in small communities, and Jews walking within those communities.

In mid-May, photos emerged showing Arabs stoning IDF soldiers, forcing the soldiers into what some called a ‘rout’. In late May, General Gantz appeared before the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee to explain why soldiers had not been allowed to protect themselves by firing their weapons at the stone-throwers.

Some in the Knesset did not like seeing photos of IDF soldiers standing helplessly while facing rioting attackers. Others did not like seeing the IDF run away. Many wanted to know why IDF Rules of Engagement forbid the firing of weapons during  these (and other, similar) attacks.

Most Israeli news vendors reported that Gantz explained two things to the Committee: first, he could no longer protect Jews in Judea-Samaria; and second, he would not change Rules of Engagement to adjust for this increase in attacks. He would not act, he said, because he was concerned about making things worse. He said, “If we let go of the reins, there will be escalation and we will lose control.”  

But embedded in one news story (The Jerusalem Post) was a different tale. First of all, the fear of losing control and escalating tensions appears not to have been his main reason for prohibiting live-fire response. His main reason, according to the reported testimony, was his belief that a live-fire order would create unjust loss of life and a moral issue for Israel (emphasis mine).  Escalation and loss of control were secondary to these moral considerations.

Apparently, everyone missed this point.                                         

His words are shocking. They echo Israel’s enemies. His words suggest he supports the anti-Zionist moral argument that killing attacking Arabs is unjust. His testimony declares that Israel cannot protect its soldiers because such behaviour would make Israel guilty of immoral behaviour. But this is not Jewish morality. It is morality as defined by those who would destroy Israel.

Why does the IDF Chief of Staff turn to Israel’s enemies for his morality?

He told this Knesset Committee that he could not protect Jews in Judea-Samaria. Why not? Ethicists who write about the definitions of ‘Just War’ say that self-defense is a legitimate justification for military action. Self-Defense, in other words, is just and moral. Why does General Gantz rely on those who hate Israel to determine that IDF action in this situation would create something unjust and immoral?

 Men like Richard Falk, Thomas Friedman and MJ Rosenberg argue that Israel has no moral defense whatsoever. Does Our Chief Of Staff buy into that assertion?

Decades ago, anti-Zionists despised Jews who fought with the Irgun. Those Jews were said to use tactics (attacks on civilians, ambushes and firebombs) that the anti-Zionist called unscrupulous, immoral acts of terror. But now, when Arabs use these same tactics, anti-Zionists proclaim that the noble and innocent Arab is simply fulfilling his moral duty. This double-standard is not morality. It’s hypocrisy.

The moral question here is not about IDF behaviour. It’s about Arabs who use violence and sling-shots to kill--and who throw fire-bombs, set fires in our desert climate and attack Jews and Jewish property. To suggest that armed self-defense against such attacks leads to immoral results is to support anti-Zionists who make three anti-Israel claims: (1) Judea-Samaria does not belong to Jews; (2) Judea-Samaria has been stolen from Arabs and must be returned immediately; and (3) anytime Israel harms an Arab—for any reason-- that Arab’s Human Rights have been violated and International Humanitarian Law has been broken.

Based upon these assumptions, anti-Zionists argue that any action by the IDF against Arabs is wrong. It is immoral, unjust and, by definition, a violation of virtually every moral principle that guides the treatment of human beings. General Gantz’ language suggests he agrees with these assumptions.

General Gantz’ job as IDF Chief of Staff is to protect Jews. But he now says he can do that only for some Jews. Where is that in his job description?

He appears to reject Jewish self-defense. He also appears to choose anti-Israel definitions of morality over Jewish definitions.





Wednesday, July 3, 2013

World War Three: the copycat war

Last updated: July 4, 2013

The next war could be World War Three. If that happens, it won’t be original.  It will be a copycat war. It will be a Muslim war against the Jew derived from Adolph Hitler.
But this War will be different. It won’t be confined to faraway places. It will come to the streets of America.
Don’t forget 9/11. Don’t forget the 2013 Boston Marathon. Don't forget Orlando, 2016.
These attacks are all part of the run-up to World War Three. We may yet call this war 'the Muslim War'.
Hitler gets credit for starting this War because he gave it its distinctive DNA. He created the War’s vocabulary. He created the hate that drives the war. He showed how leadership can dehumanize and then exterminate a large, singular population.
It’s not unusual to think of a World War having multiple causes and extended start-up times. For example, some say that World War One (1914-1918) was caused by events as far back as the 1870’s. Others argue that World War Two traces back to events occurring between 1920 -1935. Still others argue that, whatever the causes, both World Wars are really two halves of one extended conflict-- a modern thirty-year war.
World War Three will be all-the-above. It won’t be free-standing. It won’t just ‘start’; and it will certainly be part of a modern media-driven War-Against-the-Jew that began with Hitler and continues with the modern Arab Muslim.
Say what you want about the Tanach (Jewish Bible), Hitler and Muslim Jew-hate, the Jewish G-d does record in Tanach that some kind of War against the Jew will precede the Jewish Final Redemption. That Tanach says the descendants of Yishmael (Arab Muslims) will play a role in that final War. 

Muslims must be reading that Tanach. They can’t stop talking about destroying the Jew.
Look at how Muslims copy-cat Hitler. Arab propaganda is not just similar to Nazi propaganda; it is Nazi propaganda, often using the same cartoons, imagery and text.  That’s not coincidence; and it may also not be coincidence that the Muslim propaganda war against Israel uses the same vocabulary that post-World War One Germans used against the Treaty of Versailles.
According to at least one historian (A.J.P. Taylor, The Origins of the Second World War, 1963, pp. 7-36), the problem the Allies faced after WW1 was the same problem they faced before WW1: a German worldview which declared that Germany had been victimized by injustice foisted upon them by others (ibid, p.32). Hitler built his power on that sense of injustice. The Germans of 1920-33 saw themselves as victims; that sense of victimization drove them to start a world war. 

Today’s Arabs are like those Germans. They have the same self-image, the same vocabulary, the same sense of injustice, the same sense of humiliation--and the same drive for war against the Jew. 

Pre-World War Two Germans and today’s Arab Muslims have a lot in common. Both claim their enemies are immoral.  Both seek to ‘recover’ lost land. Both suffer 'humiliation'. Both seek to unify a world around a glorious ideal (the Third Reich for Germany; the Caliphate for Arab Muslims). Both seek ‘justice’ for their 'people'.
Both have advocated ‘resistance’ against their enemies. Both have relied upon an almost psychotic anti-Semitism to motivate their followers.
Finally, Germans created poison-gas showers to kill Jews. Muslims have created suicide bombers and 'the Intifada' for the same purpose.
These are not accidental similarities. Hitler sought to create a great colonial Empire in Eastern Europe by defeating Soviet Russia, exterminating all its inhabitants, and then planting the vacant territories with Germans (ibid, p.10). Today's Arab Muslims seek to create a Caliphate in Israel by defeating the Jew, cleansing the land of Jews and then planting the vacant territories with ‘Palestinian refugees’.
Today, thousands of Arab Muslims dream of killing infidels (remember Boston) without qualm or question just as thousands of Germans killed for Hitler without qualm or question. Just as Hitler bears responsibility for destroying German democracy, creating concentration camps and implementing mass exterminations (ibid, p.27), so too Muslims today destroy Arab democracy, create concentration camp-like conditions for 'Arab refugees’ and call for the killing of Jews.
Hitler’s war isn’t over. It never ended. Arab Muslims copy it. They want to finish the job Hitler started—and they’re close to starting World War Three to do it.
 Muslims dream to exterminate Israel. They dream a Nazi dream of conquest and control—all in the name of their god. They call this dream their religious Destiny.
One day, we might call it World War Three.