Sunday, June 7, 2015

Where could the UN lead Mankind?

In 2013, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia beheaded 78 people (Mary Chastain, “Saudi Arabia: Our Beheadings Are More ‘Legitimate’ than the Islamic State’s”, breitbart, February 3, 2015). In 2014, it beheaded perhaps 87 people (ibid). YTD 2015, the Kingdom has beheaded perhaps 90 people (Human Rights Watch, “Number Of Saudi Arabian Executions, Beheading Soar In 2015”, mintpressnews, June 2, 2015).
When the website Middle East Eye published a graphic showing how similar were the capital punishments of Saudi Arabia and ISIS, the Saudis complained. An official said, “When we do it in Saudi Arabia, we do it as a decision made by a court…The killing is a decision…it is not based on arbitrary choices” (breitbart, ibid).
The Saudis and ISIS have nearly identical punishments for crimes (Michael Gryboski, “Is Saudi Arabia as Bad as ISIS? Kingdom's Harsh Capital Punishment Rivals Terror Group, Says Middle East News Site”, CPWorld, January 22, 2015). Both kill people who commit blasphemy, acts of homosexuality, treason, and murder (ibid).  Both endorse execution by beheading for offenses that include apostasy, adultery and sorcery (ibid).
Nevertheless, no one at the UN has recommended that ISIS and Saudi Arabia be compared.
On June 3, 2015, Islamic State (ISIS) operatives in Iraq's Ninveh province published photos of a public execution in Mosul of three men convicted of acts of homosexuality. The three men were blindfolded and dropped head first from the roof of a tall building in front of a large crowd of spectators, including children (“ISIS conducts more executions of men for being gay”, MEMRI, June 3, 2015).
It’s been estimated by human rights activists and opponents of the current Iranian regime that some 4000-6000 gays and lesbians have been executed in Iran since 1979 for having sexual relations with someone of the same gender (Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, “How Iran Solved Its Gay Marriage Problem”, observer .com, May 4, 2015). Nevertheless, no one at the UN has recommended that Iran be compared to ISIS.
But there are those who want to compare Israel with ISIS. The argument is simple enough:  Israel is no different from ISIS (Paul Iddon, “The sheer fallaciousness of Chris Hedges' ISIS-Israel conflation”, thenews, December 27, 2014). That is to say, Israel is religious like ISIS. Israel is a theocracy-wanna-be, like ISIS. Israel treats ‘Palestinians’ just as brutally as ISIS treats its victims (ibid; see also ‘comments’, ibid). Israel lives to steal land by war, just like ISIS (‘comments’, ibid).
Of course, Israel is in no way like ISIS. Israel does not execute gays. Israel does not behead anyone for any reason. Israel does not seek to impose any religion on anyone—by violence or any other means (Simon Tomlinson, “'Right now you are infidels. After this, you will become Muslims and you will have rights': The moment hundreds of Yazidis converted en masse to Islam to avoid ISIS execution”, The Daily Mail, August 21, 2014).
Israel does not rape women or children (Elaine O’Flynn, “Children as young as eight raped by brutal ISIS fighters who 'pick names of victims in a lottery', says shocking human rights report into suffering of Yazidi people, The Daily Mail, April 16, 2015).
Israel does not bury anyone alive (“Islamic State killed 500 Yazidis and 'buried some victims alive', Iraqi official says”, The Telegraph, August 11, 2014).
There is no comparison between Israel and ISIS. There is no comparison between Israel and other extremely violent terror groups like Boko Haram and al Qaeda. Israel is a vibrant democracy. These others are vicious terror organizations. Israel obeys the rule of law. These others are, by Western standards, lawless.
But it’s now been reported that the United Nations is, in fact, considering a recommendation to lump Israel in with those  terror groups (Anne Bayefsky, “UN Secretary-General weighs lumping Israel in with ISIS and Al Qaeda”, FoxNews Opinion, June 5, 2015).
That the head of the UN, Ban-Ki Moon, would ever consider such a connection, is an outrage. There’s no comparison whatsoever.
I haven’t found much detail about this supposed ‘recommendation’. Is it for real? Anne Bayefsky is a first-class professional. Where did she get her information?
If the Bayefsky story isn’t accurate, the UN is doing what it should--identifying terror organizations, ideally for special condemnation. But if this report is true, the UN goes far beyond any previous moral perversion it might have perpetrated in order to demonize and/or criminalize Israel.
This is beyond immoral. It’s a grotesque perversion of all that is fair and balanced. Israel has never sanctioned the kind of institutionalized human rights abuses we see so regularly in Iran, Saudi Arabia and in ISIS.
If you want to think about where this is going, please remember one point: when it comes to the UN and the gentile nations, he who blesses Israel will be blessed; he who curses Israel will be cursed. All the rest is commentary.

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