Thursday, June 4, 2015

Shurat HaDin: the tip of Jewish justice

Jewish justice is about law. To create a just society, Hashem instructed us in our written Torah to do two basic things: first, we are to appoint judges and enforcement officers (D’varim, 16:18). Then, second, those judges are to ‘judge righteously’ (ibid).

To help us understand what ‘judge righteously’ means, our Oral Torah dedicates at least one complete Tractate (Sanhedrin) to Jewish Judicial issues: the authority of the courts, the structure of courts (for different cases), qualifications (and disqualifications) for judges, what kind of testimony is accepted (and not accepted), how witnesses are to be questioned, how to deal with witness credibility issues, penalties for different cases, etc. In addition, there are other Tractates that deal with a variety of laws, including contracts and property.

In a fundamental way, Judaism itself is about the study of ‘law’. If you are a religious Jew, you study the Talmud. That means, in one form or another, you study ‘law’.

The modern state of Israel, while not a religious state, nevertheless has a commitment to ‘law’. There is certainly much debate as to what law Israel actually commits to, and to what extent it really commits to it. But, on many levels, Israel’s commitment to law is robust.

This commitment to law is especially noticeable in the way Israel addresses two extraordinary situations: war, and a neighbour which dedicates itself to destroying Israel. Many around the world claim that Israel is particularly unlawful in these two areas. But the truth is this: no other nation in the world has fought so many wars with such a high degree of morality as has Israel; and no other nation treats hostile neighbours with the same degree of respect.

Israel lives under a legal microscope. Every action it takes in war and with its neighbours is often filmed, dissected, criticized and then condemned—often without regard to actual facts. Every decision Israel makes in war and regarding its neighbour is propagandized against Israel. Every arrest is a war crime. Much of what Israel does is termed ‘illegal’, ‘illegitimate’ or ‘criminal’. Fact and the actual law are irrelevant.

Despite such a biased microscope, Israel maintains the highest of standards when it goes to war. It uses the greatest caution when it deals with neighbours whose Jew-hate knows no bounds. It must act this way because of all the ‘watchdogs’ who monitor Israel’s every move.

Israel understands law. Most in the world don’t. They do understand, however, how to condemn Israel. They even think they can condemn, delegitimize and demonize Israel without consequence.

They’re wrong. Israel isn’t some kind of legal piƱata anyone can take a free wack at. Israel is a legal entity. Israel understands what is ‘legal’ and—to an extent greater than most—follows the rule of law.

What the world is now about to learn is, Israel isn’t the one breaking laws; it’s those who work to criminalize and demonize Israel who break laws. They abuse law. They disobey law. They act unjustly when they attack Israel.

Those who would destroy Israel are about to find out what real justice is. They’re also about to find out they’ll have pay dearly for their Jew-hate.

This is all going to happen because of one person—a Jew. That Jew’s name is, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner.

That’s a tough name to pronounce. But you’d be wise to remember it.

This singular Jewish woman is about to ‘school’ Israel-haters. She founded and runs a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Israel called, Shurat HaDin, The Israel Law Center.  She’s about to demonstrate that vilifying and attacking Israel has a price.

Her NGO, Shurat HaDin, takes to court those who attack Israel. She isn’t frivolous. She’s the only person in the world ever to sue terror organizations (including Iran)—and win. She’s won billions. Now, she’s branching out. She recently went after a Washington state food co-op determined to boycott Israeli goods. She just went after FIFA, the international soccer organization, for considering a ‘Palestinian’ effort to expel Israel from it. This week, she’s announced she will sue a food co-op in New York City should they, too, vote to boycott Israeli-made goods (“Lawfare Group Warns NY Co-Op Against Israeli Boycott”, Arutz Sheva, June 1, 2015).

Her threats have teeth. She uses existing Federal and local laws to show that anti-Israel actions are often illegal. When she threatens, she notifies her targets with enough factual information to signal that (a) she knows what’s she’s doing and (b) she’s serious.

She’s done this in the past. She’s doing it again.

Jews understand the law. Jews understand justice. It’s in our DNA. Shurat HaDin will now begin to school the world, lawsuit by lawsuit, judgment by judgment: justice belongs to the Jews, not the ‘Palestinians’.
Beware Jew-haters. Your hate is about to get expensive

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