Monday, June 15, 2015

Greek slowly implodes

Here’s a short excerpt from an essay about Greece. It will prepare you for the essay below about Greece and the G-d of Israel. The essay, “Greece: watching the wheels come off”, is by Maria Polizoidou. It was published June 14, 2015 at the gatestoneinstitute:


…Greece is experiencing the perfect financial, political and social storm: all at the same time, state structures have to deal with corruption and serious internal and foreign security problems. It is the ultimate nightmare for every state. Greek banks function not because they can, but because they have to. The Greek state has stopped honouring its financial obligations toward private individuals and enterprises. The state's revenue is enough only for civil servant salaries and pensions.

Greece's political system produces more laughter, more enemies and more entropy than it can deal with. The gap between government and governed cannot be bridged by any coalition of political parties. Greek lawmakers look like a cartel of self-centered, corrupt puppets, who manage to survive in their jobs only because they have appointed thousands of their parties' supporters to jobs in the public sector, working as tax collectors, bureaucrats, port and airport workers, gardeners, school guards, and so on.

The desire of the political regime to hold onto power is the only reason why the Greek state continues to pay 700,000 civil servants, in a country with a population of 10,000,000. Members of the "party army," as it is called, in order to keep their jobs, always vote for the same party that gave them these jobs. The criterion for their employment is not their ability, but their political beliefs.

The policy the government is following, because of the recession and the lack of liquidity, has created an undeclared social "civil war" between well-paid civil servants and the unpaid employees of private sector companies that provide services to the state, to whom the government owes billions of euros in unpaid bills.

Anarchists attack police forces almost weekly; and the violence between the "far right" and "far left" is duly recorded on a weekly basis. All terrorist groups -- old and new -- are just waiting for the right time to declare war against everyone who disagrees with their beliefs and their view of the world.

Add to this socially explosive cocktail the 1,500,000 unemployed, and the 2,000,000 illegal immigrants and refugees from Africa and the Middle East, and violence -- as a pattern of everyone against everyone -- seems as if could soon become ‘normal’…

My comment: now you’re ready to read the next essay.

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