Monday, April 30, 2018

Finally, I'm back!

Almost seven weeks ago, after a March 13, 2018 Windows 10 update, my computer went dark--literally. I had what  others have called, a 'death screen', an all-black screen that allowed me no way to access anything on my computer. 

In addition (or, shortly after that 'death screen' appeared), my hard drive failed. 

I spent perhaps four weeks trying various fixes. During that time, I received first-class advice from friends and readers.  The 'death screen' issue stumped everyone. 

I began to shop for a new computer. I found one. But the store said it had no such model in stock. I'd have to wait.

As I waited--and began to consider buying a different model-- one of my daughters told me that a computer technician at her work-site volunteered to help me. As a gesture to her, he said he'd work on my machine. He said he wouldn't charge me. 

I didn't argue with that. I gave him my machine. 

Then, last week, he called me. He'd fixed it. He had even retrieved all my data.

Now I've got my computer again. It works fine, thank you.

Finally, I'm back at my work. Finally, I'm happy again.    

As with all my past breaks-in-service, my start-up process this time should be slow. I believe I can write at least one more essay this week. After that, we'll see. I'll publish when I can--which, I hope, will be often.

Thanks for sticking with me.