Monday, July 30, 2018

In these videos, is Netanyahu bizarre or brilliant?

How many articles, essays or news items have you read that detail the struggle of the Iranian people against its oppressive leaders. If you're like most people, your answer probably stays close to the zero-to-none range.

There's a good reason for this: few, if any, are covering the appalling conditions Iranians must live with because of the tyranny of Iran's leadership.  

Make no mistake. Iranians suffer. Now, because the US has pulled out the so-called, 'Iran-Deal', Iranian suffering has increased. It's about to get worse.

On August 7, 2018, the US is scheduled to reimpose economic sanctions on Iran (here). As a result, the Iranian currency, the rial, has begun to drop. As August 7th draws ever closer, the rial fall has turned into a free-fall. (ibid). The rial is at a record low relative to the US Dollar(here). It looks to go even lower.

If US President Donald Trump wants a regime change in Iran, his threat to reimpose sanctions is having a devastating impact on Iran. The Iranian economy has tumbled into crisis (here). That crisis could--and has already--provoked massive protests in Iranian streets. The crsis could get worse.

Inflation in Iran is currently at 12% (ibid)--and probably headed higher. Iranians are beginning to worry about how they're going to be able to pay their rent (ibid). 

As the value of their money tumbles, Iranians worry about being able to have enough money to pay for food (ibid). In the stores, items that used to sell three times a day sell now only three times a week (ibid). There are people who haven't eaten meat for weeks (ibid).

Some Iranians no longer fear war--they now have nothing to lose (ibid). They appear to be losing hope.

If the West wants regime change in Iran, it should move quickly. It should help Iranians protest for that change. The West should give Iranians hope for a better future, so they--the Iranians--can have something positive to fight for.

But there's a problem. No one in the West offers help. They stand silent. 

Israel Prime  Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the single exception. He won't remain silent. He's offering Iranians something to hope for in the future. 

He's begun to speak directly to the Iranian people. Since May, 2018, he's posted five videos on youtube to speak, in English, to Iranian viewers. Videos beamed into Iran come with Farsi subtitles (here).  The videos are very short:   

                                                               May 31, 2017  (here)

                                                             June 10, 2018   (here)

                                                              June 27, 2018  (here)

                                                             July 30, 2018 (here)

The fifth video Netanyahu sent out complements his June 27, 2018 'soccer' video, this time with a political message about the Iranian people. This video is important to understanding
what Netanyahu might be doing here. Like the others above, it's very short:

                                                              June 29, 2018 (here)

Alone among world leaders, Netanyahu has created a kind of youtube 'channel' for himself aimed exclusively at Iranians. He is the only leader from any country making an effort to communicate to the entire Iranian nation. The videos are so extraordinary, no one knows what to think of them. No one says anything about them. The only thing anyone can think to say is that they're 'bizarre' (here). 

Iranian officials take these videos seriously. They were not happy to see the Israeli PM speak so directly to Iran (here). They've tried to ban the videos (here). They've spoken out against them (ibid). They've tried to ignore them.

In an era of social media and youtube, where anything is possible and much is idiotic, are these short videos simply bizarre---or, are they a brilliant decision to reach out to a potential future ally, to let the citizens of that potential ally know they are not alone?

Watch these videos a second time. Listen to what Netanyahu is telling Iranians: they're brilliant. They're innovative. 

Is he suggesting that Iranians have what it takes to join Israel as  a 'start-up' nation? Is he suggesting they have the potential to partner with Israel, to become a team that could transform the world?

It's possible. At the very least, his words do send a message of hope.

Sometimes, when one is trapped in darkness, the greatest hope comes from the dimmest light. Is that what Netanyahu is doing here--casting a tiny light out to Iranians, to suggest what a future of freedom might mean for them? 

Stay tuned. These videos are not bizarre. They could be the catalyst that, ultimately, changes everything in the Middle East.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Israel and its enemies talk of war

In January 1939, the US was not at war with anyone. The US didn't go to war until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor almost two years later, on December 7, 1941. World War Two didn't officially begin for the US until 24 hours later, December 8, 1941, when it declared war against Japan. Three days after that (December 11th), Japan's ally Germany declared war against the US.

At that point, given the extent of the aggression of Japan in the Far East and Germany in the West, the World was 'at war'. It would become the most devastating war in human history.

While the attack on Pearl Harbor is generally considered a surprise attack, the 1941 declarations of war between Japan-US-Germany were not surprises. America had been debating since before September 1939 (when Germany invaded Poland) whether to intervene in Japan's and Germany's aggression--or remain isolated from that aggression  altogether. 

By 1939, the US had already divided itself between interventionists--who said we must go to war to defend democracy--and isolationists, who, essentially, said America should stay out of other people's affairs. 

In fact, by 1939, the talk of war, pro and con, was everywhere in the US. For example, in a speech to Congress in January, 1939, then-President Franklin Roosevelt spoke aggressively of "storm signals from across the seas" (here , p 1). Everyone in the US understood he wasn't referring to the weather. He was referring to the storms of war.

Today, Israel, is surrounded by storms of war--on its Northern border and on its Southern border. Israel's war isn't 'across the seas'. It's in our back yard, banging at our door.  

Unlike the America of 1939, Israel does not have the luxury of debating whether or not to go to war. It has the necessity to prepare for war.

There is war talk everywhere here. Both sides ratchet up war rhetoric. But if one side speaks of defense, the other side side speaks openly of war.

The UN doesn't notice.

The lines are drawn. Israel speaks of defending its borders (here). Israel's Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz only suggests we are close to war (here).

The Palestinian Authority (PA), on the other hand, doesn't suggest anything. it's explicit. It says it waits for the order to attack (here). Meanwhile, the PLO faction in the PA wants to discuss severing ties with Israel, a typical first step for entities at war (here). 

Hamas' military wing, meanwhile, pushes for war (here). Others in Hamas push the Hamas 'incitement button' by calling for Muslims to kill 'Zionist Jews wherever they find them' which--you may wish to know--refers to any Jew living in Israel (here).

This is a call for genocide. The UN doesn't notice.

Remember what you see here: Israel speaks of the promise to defend itself. The Muslims who surround us speak of war, attack and the killing of Jews.

In Israel's largest Hebrew-language newspaper, Yisroel Hayom, headlines are all about a lead-up to war and the preparations for war. For example, yesterday's top headline was (all translations are mine), "Biggest arms deal is State history". The second top headline for page one was, "Between two fronts: rockets in the North, escalation in the South". On page two, a partial headline read, "Da'ash [ISIS] finds [Syrian jet fighter]...shot down  [by Israel]", suggesting a growing conflict with Syria. On page 3, a partial headline read, "Serious incident at Gaza border".  

It's possible that Israel may have to fight on two fronts, against Syria/ISIS/Hizbollah (and, possibly, Iran) in the North, and against Gaza in the South. Every time Israel has fought on multiple fronts, many Jews have died.

For this reason, Israel knows this must not be a gentle war. It can't afford to be gentle, proper, unaggressive. For Israel, it will be an existential war. Two fronts will require Israel to use a massive attack, the likes of which no one in the region has ever experienced. It will have to be massive because, when fighting on two fronts, Israel will have little in reserve. Its back will be against the wall. 

For the enemies of Israel who attack our Jewish State, this war will be unbelievably devastating. They will run to the UN to accuse Israel of war crimes. 

As soon as the accusations against Israel get to the UN, the UN will sit up and notice only the devastation caused by Israel's defense. It will condemn Israel--and soft-peddle or completely ignore the Arab war-rhetoric and the Arab attacks that precipitated the  fighting.

In preparation for this new war--and the anti-Israel assault it will bring--the PA says it is considering asking the UN General Assembly to oust Israel from the UN (here).

You can feel the screws tightening against Israel. If Israel defends itself, will it be ousted from the UN as a criminal, rogue state?

The Arabs who surround Israel are big talkers. They pose and threaten. But they're also bluffers. 

Are they bluffing  now? Stay tuned--and pray for Israel.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Beware how Leftists use religion for peace in the Middle East

Recently, Israel passed a landmark new law called, the Jewish Nation-State Law. The purpose of this legislation is to confirm the founding principle of Israel's existence (here). It reminds everyone that Israel is the "state of the Jewish people" (here).

Lefties everywhere were outraged. How dare Israel call itself Jewish

Lefties were united. They screamed that this law will destroy Israel's democracy. It could harm the Jewish people world-wide (here). It will hurt the Middle East peace process (here).

If that weren't enough to curse Israel, the Left (including many Jewish Leftists) labeled this law as racist (here). They called this law a clear form of 'apartheid' (here).   

Then, a few days later, Hamas leadership made its own  announcement. It declared that its goal between now and 2022 is to rid all of Palestine of the ' filthy Jews' (here)Hamas referred to this goal as the  'cleansing of Palestine of the filth of the Jews' (ibid).

Nice people.

Here's a question: what will harm the so-called Arab-Israel peace process more, Israel calling itself the 'Jewish State'--or Hamas declaring its intent to rid 'Palestine' (the current Israel) of the filthy Jews?

Leftists know the answer to this question. They believe there can be no peace when Israel calls itself 'Jewish'. They refuse to discuss Hamas' genocidal goal.

Lefties screamed so much over the Jewish Nation-State law, they had no voice to condemn Hamas with the same brush. No Lefty screamed, 'racist' at Hamas. No Lefty screamed at Hamas, this declaration destroys any chance for peace in the Arab-Israel conflict. They only say these things about Israel.

Somehow, Leftists behave this way because they embrace the dream of peace. It's not a purely secular dream. It's a dream based on religion.

It's true. Leftists are sensitive to religion. This sensitivity is why so many Leftists hate Israel. 

Israel is the Jewish state . That's a problem because Leftists believe that Judaism is not a religion of peace (here). Just ask the Arabs who surround Israel.

But Islam, Leftists say, is different. it is the religion of peace. Just ask the Arabs who surround Israel.

Leftists always ask the Arabs who surround Israel about these things. The Left is careful. It wouldn't want to insult Islam. 

It would appear that, in the Leftists' religion-of-peace, Jews are no longer the Chosen people. 'Palestinians' are the 'Chosen'. Just ask the United Nations.

Judging from the Left's silence over the Hamas announcement--and its cry of horror over the new Israeli Law--one might reasonably infer the Left's true feelings about Jews. That feeling is simple: Jews bring nothing to the table when it comes to peace. Muslims, however, bring their religion of peace. 

Monday, July 23, 2018

The UN changes from a house of peace to a den of despots

Most nations in the world are not humane. Most are not wealthy. Most are certainly not free. 

In a United Nations that, according to its Charter, promotes freedom and human rights, nations which are un-free, inhumane and poor might feel out-of-place. They'd always be the odd-man-out--or, worse, 'the bad guys'.

But what if the United Nations changed? What if the UN elevated despotic, rights-less countries above humane, wealthy, rights-rich countries? How then would authoritarian and inhumane countries feel?

Once, such questions were unthinkable. There was a time when humane, wealthy nations were expected to teach impoverished and unfree nations how to become humane, free and, ideally, wealthy. But that's not true anymore.

The UN has changed. It's no longer dedicated to peace, human rights, prosperity or freedom.  It's dedicated instead to elevating tyrants and despots.

In this 'new' UN, despots are better than both the US and Israel. This has become reality because despots control what gets done at the UN. They control what gets condemned. They control how to define what's moral and right--and therefore who is good, who bad.

With much assistance from nations that should know better but don't, tinpot despots at the UN have perverted long-standing Western ideals. They use these perversions to justify their anti-West bigotry. 

 For example, the UN today perverts 'humanitarianism' to accuse Western nations of human rights violations. They pervert the idea of 'equality' to demand that humane, wealthy, rights-rich nations have no right to dictate to the abusive and unfree what's right or wrong. 

By passing rules, laws and declarations based upon these perversions, criminally corrupt tin-pot despots set the UN's course. They become the equal of every advanced country which have more laws protecting individual rights, and which offer better education, better health care and more vibrant economies than any of the despots' countries.

The despots don't care what advantages the wealthy and free have. The despots have the votes. They can outvote the humane and the free. They can outvote the wealthy.

Despots are the UN's new leaders. These new leaders knows nothing about helping anyone but themselves.  But they know a ;lot about how to accumulate power and attack an enemy. It's a leadership style these tinpot tyrants learned with their mother's milk.

The UN does  not empower those who wish to be free. It empowers the arrogant. It glamorizes the despot. It demonizes the humane, the wealthy and the free.
The UN puts criminals in charge of what's supposed to be the Rule of Law.

Of course they do this. Most at the UN come from authoritarian countries. What do they know of 'the law'? What do they know of the 'rule of law'?

Nothing. Yet, they're the ones in the driver's seat at the UN.

The UN legitimizes tyrants. It allows the biggest abusers of human rights to continue abusing their own citizens while attacking countries like the US and Israel where rights are strongest. 

By this yardstick alone, the UN has failed. It's changed from a house of peace to a den of despots. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Oh, the racism of the Jewish Nation-State Law!

Read literature and essays written by Palestinian Authority officials. Read what the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement writes. Read what Students for Justice for Palestinians (SJP) say and write about. Then read opinion essays of the Left, both in Israel and abroad. You'll discover something.

Leftists don't just echo anti-Israel Palestinian arguments. They repeat those arguments word-for-word. What the Left writes about Israel could well have been written for them by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Does the PA really write what Leftists print? We don't know.

Is it possible Leftist essays sound so much like Palestinian-penned attacks against Israel because these Jew-haters are too lazy to research both sides of the Arab-Israel conflict? We don't know.

 Are anti-Israel Leftists so blinded with hate they think parroting Arab Jew-hate is the height of professional journalism? We don't know. 

This week we've gotten a new look at these questions because Palestinians--and the Jew-hating Leftists who support them--have responded with one voice to a singular Israeli action. This action is one which these Jew-haters can only describe as horrific. It's a Jewish action that is, for Jew-haters, catastrophic. 

What these people respond to is a new Law Israel's Knesset has just passed. It's called the Jewish Nation-State Law (here). 

This new Law does something unforgivable (hold your breathe; this could shock you): it identifies Israel as............... the nation-state of the Jewish people.

Oh, the horror of it! Oh, the inhumanity of it! Oh, the racism!!!!!

Jew-hating Leftists and Palestinians agree unanimously: this new Law is horrible. It's racist (here). It is the death of Israel's democracy (here). It's an apartheid law (here). It jettisons the standards Israel had established in its own Declaration of Independence (here). It's an "incendiary" move that's racist and anti-democratic (here).  It's a betrayal of Israel's Declaration of Independence (ibid). 

It endangers Israel's future (here). It's a violation of human rights (here). It's a Law "born in sin" (ibid).

If you want to know which of the above criticisms are Palestinian, which Leftist, don't worry. The words come from both Palestinians and Leftists (except for the 'sin' part. That'll only come, naturally, from Leftist Jews).

Of course, this Law is none of these things. But no one is listening to such talk. Jew-haters say the details of this Law are too awful to talk about anything else.

This new law contains 11 'statements', each with several details attached. The details of these statements include the following, which cause the eruptions you saw above (my own version of the Law's 'problems' are in brackets):

-Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people in which the state of Israel was established [Jews dare to do what?]

-The state of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, in which it actualizes its natural, religious, and historical right for self-determination [Who gave Jews this right?]

-The actualization of the right of national self-determination in the state of Israel is unique to the Jewish people [This is racist! This is racist! This is racist!]
-The national anthem of the state is "Hatikvah" [What? This song has Jews   singing that their dream of return has at last been realized?; this is racism at its worst!]

- [The] unified and complete [city of] Jerusalem is the capital of Israel [That's illegal! Jews have no right to Jerusalem!!!!! Jews have no right to Jerusalem!!!!]

 - Hebrew is the language of the state [The gall of these Jews!]

-The Arabic language has a special status in the state; the regulation of the Arab     language in state institutions or when facing them [sic]will be regulated by law. [This law strips the Arab of having an official language in Israel!!!!]

-This clause does not change the status given to the Arabic language [But Jew-haters say it does! It does! It does!]

-The state views Jewish settlement as a national value and will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development [the nerve of these greedy Jews!!!!].

To  hear Arabs and Leftists cry over this Law, you’d think the Jews of Israel have just blown up the world. The Jews of Israel haven't done any such thing. 

But that is irrelevant. What's relevant is, the Jews in Israel have just offended virtually every Jew-hater. 

This Law sticks in the throats of Jew-haters everywhere because it—the Law—says something they have fought for decades to prevent and then to abort. The Law, contrary to Jew-haters desires, says that Israel really is the uniquely Jewish homeland of the Jewish people, with unique Jewish values which this Jewish State will work to promote.

Oh, the racism of it!!!!

Okay, so Muslims can have such an Islamic nation--several of them. Christians can have the same right--in several nations. But the Jews? 

What????????? That's racism!!! It's anti-Democratic!!!!!

Really? If Jew-haters are so upset, I've got a piece of advice for them. Go choke on your hate. You've earned it.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

UN Members reject country-specific accusations--then accuse Israel

Here are two videos. They're instructive. I suggest they're worth your time.

The first video shows UN delegate after UN delegate standing  'on principle' to denounce the idea of accusing any individual nation of specific human rights violations; that is, they object to country-specific Resolutions regarding human rights violations. These delegates explain exactly why they take this stand (see the video). 

In the second video, you'll see how these same countries speak of Israel.

It's quite a show.

Note: the first video is repetitious. Everyone says the same thing. Don 't mind that. Look at which nations speak with such 'principle'. Then watch the second video. 

The videos are short. 

Number One video is from the UN, November 2017 (here):

The Second video is from July, 2018 (here):

In the first video, authoritarian nations stand on principle against country-specific accusations which target the likes of Iran and North Korea. In the second video, these same countries, so principled to defend the likes of two of the world's greatest violators of human rights (Iran, North Korea), now single out and accuse the Middle East's only democracy, Israel. 

You can draw your own conclusions about UN hypocrisy from these videos. I think they speak for themselves.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fires and riots: can you imagine what the world would say if Jews did this?

Since the end of March, 2018, Gazan citizens have been gathering at the border fence with Israel. Here, mostly on Friday-Saturday each week, thousands of men, hundreds of women, thousands of children and hundreds of Hamas operatives (terrorists) come together with a single purpose. They come to protest--'peacefully':

Here's what those 'peaceful protesters ' look like:

The 'peaceful' men:

(picture source here)

(picture source here)

A Palestinian shouts during clashes along the Israel border with Gaza ahead of a protest in a tent city, demanding to return to their homeland, in the southern Gaza Strip March 29, 2018. REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa
picture source here)  

A demonstrator carries tyres during clashes with Israeli troops at a protest where Palestinians demand the right to return to their homeland, at the Israel-Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip
picture source  here

Gaza border
(picture source here)

A Palestinian man hurls stones at Israeli troops during a protest at the Gaza Strip's border with Israel, Friday, April 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)
(picture source here)

Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinian protesters and wounded 12 as the series of protests in the enclave reached its half-way mark today
(picture source here)

The 'peaceful' women:

(picture source here

Palestinians threw bombs and rocks over the border between Gaza and Israel as more than 10,000 protested along the fence for a third straight Friday
(picture source here)

(picture source here)

(picture source here)

(picture source here)

There are reports of female participants protecting the men by standing in front of them to provide cover. A group of Palestinian women are pictured hurling stones during protests today
(picture source

The 'peaceful' children ; or, putting children in danger:

(picture source here)

Even children helped pull on the ropes that dragged sections of the barbed-wire fence away so they could cross into Israel
Even children helped pull on the ropes that dragged sections of the barbed-wire fence away so they could cross into Israel: picture source: here

Palestinian child throwing rocks at IDF forces and the Gaza security fence during Gaza border riot (IDF Spokesperson's Unit)
(picture source here)

Israel says it has only opened fire when necessary to guard its border and prevent violence, but no Israelis have been wounded and its open-fire rules have come under scrutiny
picture source here

A Palestinian girls runs with the national flag, as protesters burn tires at the site of a tent protest on April 8, 2018, on the Israel-Gaza border east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. Clashes erupted on the Gaza-Israel border a week after similar demonstrations led to violence in which Israeli force killed 19 Palestinians, the bloodiest day since a 2014 war. / AFP PHOTO / SAID KHATIBSAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images
(picture source here)

Palestinian protesters carry tires to burn them during clashes with Israeli troops at Israel-Gaza bo
(picture source here)

At this Gaza border fence, between 3,000 and 30,000 Gazans have, each week, attempted to cut through the border fence to gain entry into Israel. When they do cut fencing, they rush to pull it apart. They try to do this under cover of smoke from hundreds of burning tires:

Others tried to cut through the fence to either flee inside Israel or raid security infrastructure before returningĂ‚ 
picture source here

But if the smoke isn't there for them, they'll attempt to pull the fence down anyway:

Palestinian protesters pull barbed wire from the border fence with Israel, in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip today
(picture source here)

Groups which approach the fence with the goal of cutting through the fence carry with them more than fence-cutters. They bring with them a variety of small arms, grenades, butcher knives and pipe bombs.

They do not intend to enter Israel to have a picnic with these items. They carry these items with them because they intend to kill Jews. 

Their leaders have spoken of 'cutting out the livers of the Jews'. These fence cutters rush into Israel because, literally, they want to be at the cutting edge of this animalistic, barbaric goal.

The world doesn't comment on  it. If Jews are the intended victims, no one cares.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews behaved this way?

On the few occasions when small groups have successfully cut through the border fence, those in the group have occasionally uploaded videos showing some among them running towards Jewish farms brandishing their butcher knives while others shout allahu aqbar while dancing with joy before the camera.

In case you didn't know, allahu aqbar is not a random phrase. It is the call an attacking Arab shouts when he is about to kill a Jew. In essence, it declares that the killing s/he is about to commit demonstrates/proves that his /her god allah is greater than the Jews' god. 

It's how these Muslims prove their god's Supremacy. By murdering you.

Nice people. Nice god. 

To stoke this excitement at their border with Israel, Gazans have set hundreds upon hundreds of tire fires, sending black, acrid tire-smoke into the air. The goal of these tire-fires is to create billowing smoke clouds--the  better to hide fence cutters while they attempt to cut the fence.

Here's what these fires look like:

 (Photo: AFP)
picture source here

 (Photo: Reuters)
picture source here

 (Photo: AFP)
(pictures are from here)

picture source here

No one has measured or even discussed the environmental toll of this smoke. No one cares. It's only Jewish land that's affected.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews were doing this, not Arabs?

Tire fires aren't  the only fires these Gazans start. They're also burning Israel. 

The Gazans who gather at the border fence have been launching fire kites into Israel--more than 1,000 of them.

Here are some of the kites:

gaza protests
(picture source here

Palestinian protesters carry a transparent kite defaced with a swastika during clashes with Israeli forces across the border today
(picture source here)

Palestinian protesters fly a kite with a burning rag dangling from its tail during a protest.
(picture source here

(picture source here)

Since April, these fire kites have ignited more than 700 fires in Israel, destroying thousands of acres of farmland--and destroying forests and nature preserves, killing animals. No one has referred to these fires for what they are: environmental terrorism. No one has denounced the killing-by-fire of Israeli wildlife.

The fires have created a 'scorched earth' in Israel. Here's what that concept, 'scorched earth', means:

 (Photo: Reuters)
(picture source here)

(picture source here)

Here's another, perhaps more dynamic, look at this scorched earth. It's a video. It's dated July 8/10, 2018. It's from the WorldJewishCongress:

On July 16, 2018, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) published a newsbrief/picture about a dead falcon found inside Israel near the Gaza border--with an incendiary device tied to its leg or legs (here). The IDF's comment about this dead falcon was, "Apparently it’s not enough to destroy nature with kites, now falcons are being used for terror as well" (ibid).

No animal rights group has denounced the Hamas incineration of animal life inside Israel. No animal rights group has denounced the killing of the falcon. Apparently, when it comes to trying to kill Jews and burn Jews out of their land, every means is justified.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews had used this poor falcon in this manner?

Israel burns. Hamas commits war crimes by engaging in this type of arson because these fire kites represents the use of incendiary weapons to attack the natural environment in a way that cannot be justified by the necessities of war (here).

How does the world react to such a war crime? The world says nothing.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews did this?