Sunday, March 17, 2019

Arab children and the UN 's 21st century mission

(I thank RB for alerting me to the video below)

(now with  an April 22, 2019 UPDATE)

Virtually every Friday since March 30, 2018, Gazans have been massing along the Gaza-Israel border fence to 'protest' against Israel. Palestinian leadership characterizes these mass protests as "peaceful".

They aren't. 

If you want to know what these protests are about, listen to the Gazan children who have participated in those 'protests (below). Listen to what they have learned about Israel at their UNRWA-run schools which, according the the UN, do not teach anything negative about Israel. 

Below is a video that will show you what UNRWA schools have actually taught Gazan children. A school is supposed to teach children how to prepare themselves to make a contribution to their world. A school is supposed to prepare children to learn what it takes to make their world a better place to live.  

UNRWA doesn't do that. Instead, it teaches children how to hate.

Specifically, it teaches Palestinian children about, essentially, eternal war against the Jewish state (herehere and here). It is a war that will be waged until Arabs--not Jews--populate and control what is now the Jewish Israel. UNRWA teaches that the land upon which Jews in Israel live must be taken (and will be taken) by "force of arms" (video below).

So much for preparing the next generation for peace. Thanks to UNRWA, this generation prepares for war.

The video below, done by David Bedein (his website is here), illustrates how effectively UNRWA-funded schools and summer camps have taught multiple generations of Arab youth to hate Israel. As you'll see, it's a very practical education. 

Listen to the teens you are about to see. Listen carefully. They speak words they have been taught to say. They don't speak of peace, cooperation or 'normalization' with the Jewish state. They speak of something else.

In this video, teens are seen in summer camp training to throw stones from behind an Israeli border-like coiled fence, while other teens in front of the 'stone-throwers' work to cut that fence--something we have seen each Friday at the Gaza border with Israel since March, 2018. Meanwhile, across from the summer campers behind the mock-fence, on the other side of that 'fence', Arab teens in army 'uniforms'  wait at 'gun emplacements', presumably mimicking IDF soldiers waiting to 'shoot' at the teens throwing the stones (see this 'training for violence' at the 6:13 mark).

Take a look. Remember, this film is about the UNRWA education plan for Gazan children.

Palestinian leadership wants you to believe its 'March of Return' at the Gaza -Israel border is 'peaceful' (here and here). The video you've just seen tells a different, more complete story.  

It's a story of Arab hate. It's an Arab education story that isn't written to end in peace. 

It's a story of generation-after-generation of innocent children being trained by United Nations-funded programs to want to spill Jewish blood. It's a nasty story, all right. But it's probably one of the most truthful UN stories you'll ever see.

This is a story of how Arab children are being educated. It's a story of how the UN pays to have once-innocent children being taught to attack Jews.

 If you're Jewish, you better wake up. The once-innocent children you've just seen are thinking about you. They're training with you in mind. 

If you live in America or England, don't think this UNRWA education isn't about you. As you saw in the video, these children learn to attack what one child called, 'the dirty Jews'.

That  means the UNRWA story isn't just about Arab children and Israel. It's also about you--if, that is, you're a 'dirty Jew'

UNRWA promotes Jew-hate. Apparently, this is what the UN stands for these days. 

Indeed, in the 21st century, Jew-hate is what the UN does best. Somehow, when you weren't paying attention, Jew-hate has become the UN's 21st century mission.

UPDATE: on April 22, 2019, the Jerusalem Post published a report that the US Congress has been asked to consider a Bill to require the US Secretary of State to review each year  educational materials used by both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and UNRWA (here). It seems that, as suggested above, the PA and UNRWA place too much emphasis on teaching Palestinian children intolerance, violence, antisemitism and hate (ibid). 

Palestinian and UNRWA schools don't promote peace or cooperation with Israel. They teach the language of hate and radicalization against the world's only Jewish state. 

This is no accident. It's the conscious pathway of the PA. For this 21st century, it's also the mission of the UN.