Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The UN works to destroy Israel: here's the proof

According the UN’s online Homepage, the UN practices hypocrisy in the name of achieving peace in the Arab-Israel conflict. On one hand, it says it supports the concept of ‘two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side within secure and recognized borders’ (UN Security Council Resolution 1397).

That sounds like the UN supports a ‘two-state’ solution. It sounds like it wants to see Arabs and Jews living side-by-side in peace and security. It sounds like a desire to seek peace between Arabs and Jews. Can you see any other interpretation of those UN words? I can’t.

That’s why it’s astounding to discover the UN saying the complete opposite when it comes to 'question of the ‘Palestinian’ people'. Under resolution 3236 of the General Assembly, the UN reveals that it’s goal isn’t peace with Israel; it’s to promote “the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people in Palestine, including: 1 (a) The right to self-determination without external interference; the right to national independence and sovereignty”; and (2)…“the inalienable right of the Palestinians to return to their homes and property from which they have been displaced and uprooted…; 3. [to emphasize that…]the realization of these inalienable rights of the Palestinian people are indispensable for the solution of the question of Palestine” (UN Resolution 3236).

This specific resolution does not aim to create two states which live in peace. It doesn’t aim to support coexistence between Israel and ‘Palestine’. Instead, it aims to bring perhaps 3+ million Arab refugees into Israel proper, “to return” (ibid) to homes Arabs ‘lost’ in a 1946-8 war Arabs themselves started. With this resolution, the UN states that this ‘return’ is an ‘inalienable right’. It states that the solution to the question of Palestine isn’t negotiation; it’s this ‘return’  of ‘refugees’ (ibid).

A ‘right’ is something you are entitled to. An ‘inalienable right’ is an entitlement that’s absolute. It can never be forfeited. It's forever.

To observers who are objective, the implementation of this “inalienable right” would destroy Jewish Israel. Indeed, even if you’re not objective, you understand what ‘return’ means (though you might not be willing to admit it). As the Arab arch-enemy of Israel (in his day), Gamal Abdel Nasser, former President of Egypt has said, “if the refugees return to Israel, Israel will cease to exist”” (interview with Swiss newspaper Neue Zuercher Zeitung, September 1, 1960).

If the UN’s goal is to create two states living side by side in peace, it won’t get that by supporting this ‘inalienable right’. Instead, it’ll get the destruction of the state of Jewish Israel, just as Nasser said.

To help make this ‘inalienable right’ (and Israel’s destruction) a reality, the UN has created a ‘civil society network’ (“The Question of Palestine at the United Nations”, NGO network, Our Civil Society Network, More Information, unispal. If you have ever wondered why there are so many organizations working to demonize and delegitimize Israel, here’s the answer to your wonderment: the UN actively runs and supports a network that has “more than 1,000 civil society organizations from all regions of the world” (ibid). These organizations are all non-profit international and national non-governments organizations (NGOs) (ibid). Each does some form of political or humanitarian work to promote human rights, economic and social development (ibid) for the ‘Palestinian’ people. These organizations are solidarity- or action-oriented groups that work through churches, academic institutions, trade unions and professional associations (ibid).
These are the groups that demonize Israel. These are the NGOs which seek to boycott and criminalize Israel.

They all work for one purpose. They want the ‘Palestinian’ people to fulfil their ‘inalienable rights’. They want to see the ‘Palestinian people’ ‘return’ to their homes. They want to see Israel destroyed.

Now you can understand why the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) appears to be so anti-Israel: it is. It works to guarantee that the UN’s ‘inalienable right of return’ never gets forgotten. It teaches each ‘Palestinian’ generation that all of Israel is ‘Palestine’; that ‘Palestine’ will one day be ‘liberated’; and the refugees will one day ‘return’. Until then, children are taught to fight with arms against the ‘Zionist’ enemy (David Bedein, Roadblock to Peace, Israel Resource News Agency, Jerusalem, 2014).

According to Bedein, UNRWA crosses the line from Humanitarian relief to active support for terrorism against Israel (ibid). The same can be said for many of those ‘more than 1,000 societies’ dedicated to that same ‘inalienable right’.

If you don’t believe that the goal of the ‘Palestinian people’ is to destroy Israel, you haven’t seen the Fatah logo. Fatah controls the Palestinian Authority, which is the sole negotiator for the new ‘Palestine’. The Fatah logo, while highly stylized, is the map of Israel renamed, ‘Palestine’.

Actions speak louder than words. The actions of far too many in this army of NGOs—and the actions of UNRWA itself--are so pervasively hostile to Israel’s existence as to make clear that destruction of Israel, not peace with Israel, is their goal.

The UN—and the NGOs it encourages—all work to destroy the state of Israel. The proof is on the UN’s own website.

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