Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A picture of the future of Europe

(Last updated: February 1, 2017)

Have you ever wondered why the European Union (EU) supports the 'Palestinian Cause'  with such fervor? Have you ever asked why the EU demonizes Israel? Perhaps I've got some answers for you.

European officials love 'multiculturalism'. In theory, multiculturalism aims to treat all ethnic groups, cultures and religious communities as equals (David Miller, "The changing face of multiculturalism in Europe", theglobeandmail, April 18, 2016). What could be wrong with that?

Some thirty+ years ago, European officials found nothing wrong with it. They thought multiculturalism looked like a good idea (Kenan Malik, "The failure of multiculturalism", foreignaffairs,  March/April, 2015). They saw it as the best way to address the many social, cultural and religious differences that festered between European communities. They thought it would cure Europe's social problems (ibid). 

It didn't. It's had the opposite effect. 

Yes, EU officials still love multiculturalism. But today, multiculturalism is the cause of Europe's social problems, not the cure (ibid).

The culprit--to a very large extent--is immigration into Europe, particularly Muslim migration. Muslim migrants--more than 2 million in the last two years alone--overwhelm Europe.

Europe can't cope. It can't adjust. It can't afford the social benefit costs of such a migration ("Muslim migrant crisis (hijrah Jihad) to cost Germany 50 Billion by 2017", telegraph, February 2, 2016).  

The truth is, such a mass inflow of anti-Christian, anti-West migrants has turned multiculturalism into a sham (George Friedman, "Merkel, Muslims and the problem of multiculturalism", geopoliticalfutures", December 15, 2015).The reasons for this awful impact on Europe are simple, clear and obvious to anyone who's traveled into Europe. Most Muslims don't integrate into European society. Most won't learn the languages of their new country. Most won't work. Instead of peace or multiculturalism, they bring a rape epidemic to Europe (Tom Wyke, Jay Akbar, "Migrant rape fears spread across Europe. Women told not to go out at night alone after assaults carried out in Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland amid warnings gangs are coordinating attacks", dailymail, January 8, 2016, updated February 1, 2016).  

Look at some headlines:

-Belinda Robinson, "Germany: 75% of Algerian Migrants have been sex assault suspects" expressuk, December 6, 2016.

-Thomas D Williams, "Italy report: more immigrants = more crime", breitbart, November 23, 2016.

-"Germany hiding crimes: only 17 out of 1,200 Muslim sex attacks appear in the police crime statistics", muslimstatistics, October 23, 2016.

-Keiligh Baker, "Migrants linked to 69,000 would-be or actual crimes in Germany in first three months of 2016", mailonline, June 7, 2016

-Bora Tidning, "480,000 sex crimes against women in Sweden--in a year", muslimstatistics, November 5, 2016.

-Virginia Hale, "Government language tutor claims migrants only interested in benefits, boast they'll never work", breitbart, September 14, 2016.

-"Sweden: Migrants responsible for 95% of all crimes, overepresented by 430%". muslimstatistics, August 21, 2016.

What does all of this migration actually look like? Here's that look:

A view of Muslim prayer in Birmingham, England: 

An estimated 90,000 people attended this year's Eid celebration in Birmingham
                                                from: thesun, July 6, 2016

In front of the Colosseum, Rome, Italy:

                      from: aljazeera, October 2, 2016


In Marseille, France:

                                       from: thenewobserver, June 18, 2014

How do EU officials react to this migration pressure? Here are some more pictures. 

Many of these pictures (below) weren't taken in Europe. They were taken in Muslim countries during official EU visits. But they nonetheless show you how European leaders will look when Islam takes over Europe. 

Most of these pictures come from, Daniel Pipes, "Hijabs on Western Public women", danielpipes, May 19, 2008--updated December 15, 2016. The last picture comes from, Vijeta Uniyal, "EU Foreign Minister issues prison threat to President Trump", legalinsurrection, January 30, 2017.

Norway's Queen Sonja

UK Queen Elizabeth with Sharia-compliant dress

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Federica Mogherini can't stay away from Tehran or hijabs.


A picture is worth 1,000 words. These pictures show you--in living color--what a 1,000 words cannot: the future of Europe. As Ms Mogherini (pictured above) has already said, Islam is coming to Europe (Paul Joseph Watson, "EU security head: political Islam is the future of Europe", infowars, July 6, 2015).

Mogherini made that statement 18 months ago. She is not alone in her assessment:

-Giulio Meotti, "Islam strengthening in Europe with blessing of the Church", gatestoneinstitute, January 29, 2017;

-John Hall, "Europe will soon have more Muslims than Christians: Belgium  warns against making an enemy of Islam at Belgium attacks hearing", thesun, April 26, 2016;

-"Church in revolt at Pope's 'blessing' of Islam's expansion in Europe", worldtribune, January 29, 2017;  

-Selwyn Duke, "Islam is taking over Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest," observer, January 25, 2017; 

-"Will Islam conquer Europe", therealtruth, January/February 2017;

-"The Islamic veil across Europe", bbcnews, December 6, 2016.

Islam crowds into Europe. Europe responds with bended knee, covered heads and Muslim-friendly diplomatic attacks against Israel.

Europe's future is an open book. Islam will strangle Europe (Selwyn Duke, "Sharia sunset: the Islamization of Europe continues unabated", newamerican, March 8, 2016).  

If you want to see Europe's future, just look at a few pictures of Islam on European streets. Look at pictures of European leaders in Sharia-approved garb. 

Those pictures tell you everything you need to know about the future of EU. It is a future where Sharia will be law.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Palestinians, fake news, Trump and the Arab water libel

The Palestinian Authority (PA) deserves a Nobel Prize--for lies. Its penchant for lying knows no bounds. It uses fake news, misrepresentations, alternative facts, half-facts and outright falsehoods to demonize Israel. It's the world's most proficient--and successful--liar. 

Israel suffers because of 'Palestinian' lies. It suffers precisely because the world parrots virtually everything  'Palestinians' say, no matter how outrageous. 

Open the news and you see Israel--demonized. Open the news and you see 'Palestinians'--innocent, and oppressed by the demon Israel.

It works. The PA indeed deserve a Nobel Prize for lies.

Water is one topic 'Palestinians' have lied about. The Middle East is a dry region--very dry. Much of the Arab world suffers from a great and growing water shortage. Israel, however, no longer suffers from such a plague.

Israel survives. It's the start-up nation: it solves problems in science. It creates solutions in technology. 

Israel has worked hard and for many years to conquer its water problems. It's invented new technologies. It's created new science. It's developed new construction techniques--all to solve water issues. For many, Israel has deservedly earned the title, "water superpower". 

Israel offers its technology to all who wish help. All a government has to do is ask for that help.

The PA won't ask. It hates Israel. It hates Israel's success. Instead of building infrastructure and strategies to control water use for its citizens, the PA builds something else: lies about Israel, including lies about water. 

The result is, Israel gets demonized for a host of so-called 'water crimes'. 'Palestinians', however, suffer more than Israel. The PA neglects its own citizens' needs, then blames Israel for that neglect. 

It works. The world repeats every lie the PA tells about Israel. The world neglects how the PA neglects its own.

The PA doesn't care how much its citizens suffer. Clearly, lying about Israel is more important than taking care of its own citizens. 

According to the PA lie-factory--and its anti-Israel sympathizers--Israel has committed multiple water crimes against innocent 'Palestinians'. Here is a list of some of those 'crimes':  

-Israel steals water from PA wells;

-Israel destroys water PA sources;

-Israel discriminates against 'Palestinians' because of how it allocates water to Jews in Israel and 'Palestinians' in the PA;

-Israel pollutes the PA water supply;

-Israel contaminates PA water.

I call all of these accusations lies. Instead, I prefer to  research how, exactly, 'Palestinians' use, lose, neglect and steal their own water, then blame Israel. Such research isn't always easy. Many internet searches for 'Palestinian' water problems don't show you stories of how the PA abuses water. Instead, they often show you anti-Israel stories with the above accusations. 

Nevertheless, the research can be done.  

Here's the result of one such search. It doesn't cover all PA actions which keep water away from its citizens, but it covers a lot of the problem. This list comes from pro-Zionist Gabriel Rosenberg:

The Truth Behind the Water Libels

Each of the situations listed above are under 'Palestinian' control. The PA can drill wells. It can fix leaks. It can build water treatment plants. It can change how it irrigates farmland. It can prosecute the many Arab water pirates who steal water from their Arab neighbors in the PA.

The PA even has access to international money to do all of these things. But the PA does nothing to help itself. 

If the PA turned to Israel for water technology and management advice, it would solve most--if not all--of its water problems. But the PA won't turn to its next-door neighbor Israel. 

The PA doesn't care if Israel is the world's leading water superpower. The PA won't turn to the Jewish Israel because that would mean cooperating with Jews. It would mean normalizing relations with the Jewish Israel. It would mean 'recognizing' an entity the PA has sworn to destroy.  

There's another reason the PA won't turn to Israel for help. There's absolutely no way the PA will cooperate with 'sons of apes and pigs'.

For decades, the PA has sold a fake story to the world. That story calls Israel "a malevolent force when it comes to treatment of Palestinians" (Lea Speyer, "Watchdog: false 'water war' reporting highlights media willingness to frame Israel as 'Malevolent Force' oppressing Palestinians", thealgemeiner, June 17, 2016). The world's media appears eager to gobble up and regurgitate every fake news story against Israel the 'Palestinians' can create (ibid). Seemingly, it does this happily. It's certainly never been too picky about how accurate or true PA accusations are. 

Fortunately for Israel, anyone who has followed America's 2016 election news--and anti-Trump post election news--knows about 'fake news'.  They know it's pernicious, vicious and designed to mislead. Its goal is always the same: to demonize both Trump and non-progressive ideas.  

This American revolt against 'fake new' helps Israel. It educates us. It tells us to beware demonizing headlines. It suggests that demonizing headlines might be more fakery than fact.  

Because we now know about 'fake-news-in-order-to-demonize', it's easier to understand the PA's fake news headlines about Israel. It's also easier to print the truth about 'fake news'. Trump's election makes essays about 'truth-over-fakery' possible. 

Thank G-d for that. May the American revolt against 'fake news' be the beginning of the end for lies about Israel.

Stay tuned.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Jewish prophets, Israel, the UN--and Redemption?

Each Shabbat of the year, Jews around the world read from both the Torah (the weekly Torah Portion) and an additional excerpt from (typically) the Prophets. We call these additional excerpts our weekly Haftorah reading.

Both of these readings (Torah and Haftorah) are generally pre-set. This means that, for most of the year, you can see in advance which Portions of the Torah—and Haftorah--will be read each week.

Occasionally—as will occur this Shabbat, January 28, 2017—the regularly-scheduled Prophet excerpt is replaced. This particular Shabbat coincides with the very first day of a new Hebrew month. In such a case, the regular Haftorah is replaced by a special ‘New Month’ Haftorah.

Therefore, this Shabbat we will not read the scheduled excerpt from the Book of Yechezkel (Ezekiel). We will read instead an excerpt from the Book of Yesh’ayahu (Isaiah).

Nevertheless, a look at both Haftorahs might be wise. Both of these Prophet readings remind us of current events. They also teach a potentially unknown but important lesson about how our Redemption unfolds.

Yechezkel prophesied in Israel when the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, destroyed the First Jewish Holy Temple (app 586 BCE).  In the years leading up to that destruction, Israel had desecrated its holiness (Yechezkel, 28:25-29:21; see Yechezkel, The Arts Scroll Edition, Mesorah Publications, New York, 2012). As a consequence, Israel didn’t experience peace and tranquility. Instead, its non-Jewish neighbors became like a ‘malignant curse’ to Israel (ibid, commentary, p 474-5). For Israel, those ‘curses’ meant no peace, tranquility or constructive normalization with its neighbors (paraphrase from ibid, p 475).

Sound familiar?

Because Israel had abandoned its spiritual greatness, it had become ‘just like any other nation’ (ibid, pp 474-6). It was therefore totally subject to all the political conspiracies, diplomatic plots and military actions of its neighbors.

Sound familiar?

As the regularly scheduled excerpt from Yechezkel begins, Israel is besieged. It faces complete disdain and treachery from other nations (28:17-20, a description that precedes and gives a background for this week's excerpt).

Sound familiar?

Yechezkel says that part of the future Jewish Destiny will include Jews returning to the land that HaShem, the G-d of Israel, gave to our forefather Jacob (ibid, 28:25-26). He says those Jews will build houses upon that land (ibid). They will settle there (ibid).

Sound familiar?

The special New Moon reading we will actually read this Shabbat echoes this theme from Yechezkel of nations showing disdain and contempt for Israel (Yesh’ayahu, 66:1-24).  Yesh’ayhu lived app 110 years before Yechezkiel, during Israel’s troubles with the invader Sennacherib of Assyria. Yesh’ayahu describes the Temple Mount as His (G-d’s) “resting place” (66:1). The Temple Mount is G-d’s “House” (ibid). 

Put another way, the prophet declares the Temple Mount to be  fully and exclusively Jewish. He makes this declaration more than thirteen hundred years before Islam. 

Yesh’ayhu also speaks of how Esav (putatively, the Christian world) and Ishmael (putatively, the Islamic world) both hate Jacob—Israel (The Living Nach, Mozanim publications, 1995, commentary on 66:5).

Sound familiar?

These two Prophet excerpts declare how the nations, including the descendants of Esav and Ishmael, will show disdain towards Israel—and hate Israel. We certainly saw such disdain and hate yet again on December 23, 2016. On that date, a treacherous United Nations Security Council voted unanimously against Israel. It voted to call all of Judea-Samaria—part of the land HaShem, the G-d of Israel, identified as His gift forever to the Jewish people—to be illegal according to Man’s UN Law.

There is no greater disdain—and hate—towards a religious people than to declare that the directives and gifts of that religion’s G-d are ‘illegal’ according to Man’s Law. That is, essentially, oultawing that religion. 

There is no greater hatred towards Judaism than to say that Judaism’s holiest site on earth is not Jewish, but Islamic. But that’s exactly what the UN voted to do in October, 2016, before its treacherous December, 2016 vote.

To make sure we all saw the Biblical connections of these attacks against the Jewish G-d, news outlets reported in January, 2017 that 70 nations (an echo of the Jewish Tanach) gathered in Paris after the UN vote to validate the UN’s anti-Israel Resolution (“70 nations gather in Paris to discuss two-state solution, Israel & Palestinian Authority skip”, rt, January 15, 2017).

Despite such disdain and acts of hate against the Jews, the prophet Yesh’ayhu is optimistic. He says Jerusalem will flourish (ibid, 66:10-11).

If you have ever been to Israel, you know that Jerusalem flourishes.  You know that Israel flourishes.

If you have never been to Israel, you still know about HaShem’s Biblical directive to build and settle the land of Israel. You know that because the nations which so disdain Israel won’t let you forget that 'settlement'.

This week’s Torah Portion (V'eira, in Sh'mot, 6:2-9:35) adds to these images. It reminds us that the beginning of Redemption isn’t a smooth ride. It’s filled with troubles.

The Jewish leader Moshe has troubles. He fears the Jews don't believe him. He fears Pharaoh won't believe him. 

The Jewish people have troubles. Moshe arrives and announces the Redemption has begun--and Pharaoh simply makes life for the Jews more miserable. 

Even the one who hates and would destroy the Jews--Pharaoh--has troubles. He has to negotiate with one he hates. He has to watch his people and his land suffer. 

Yes, our Redemption isn't instant. It's marked by effort, suffering, more effort, more suffering. 

This week, our Torah and Haftorah texts tell clearly that Jews have a Destiny. That Destiny is Redemption.

The unreported lesson of these texts is that the beginning of Redemption isn't necessarily 'peaches and cream'. The beginning of our Redemption may intertwine triumph with trouble.   

Our Destiny is real. Our Redemption is real. The triumphs and troubles we face are real.

Remember, our Redemption begins with our ingathering into our ancient homeland. That ingathering has begun. 

Our Redemption also begins after Torah-learning and observance have returned to Israel. They have returned.  

Has our Redemption begun?

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Azariya: both the IDF and Israel have changed

A news story appeared in Israel you might want to read if you care about Israel (Uzi Baruch, “The IDF discarded my son, and my family collapsed”, arutzsheva, January 24, 2015). This story could change how you think about the IDF (Israel Defense Force).

This story was about the beginning of the sentencing process for an Israeli soldier, Elor Azariya. Sargent Azariya was recently convicted of manslaughter. He had killed a wounded terrorist who, minutes earlier, had attacked Israeli soldiers. The focus of this story was how the family of this 19-year old had been devastated since their son’s arrest. He had been arrested in March, 2016. He’s been in prison ever since.

His trial ended in November, 2016. He was found guilty of manslaughter on January 4, 2017. This week, his sentencing deliberations began. The actual sentencing will probably take place in February.

News outlets have speculated that Azariya will serve less than the maximum 20-year term available for manslaughter. The speculation is, he’ll get 3-5 years. This sentence, it is said, will not including the 10 months he's already served in prison. It will be tacked on.

During the trial, Israel’s military hierarchy seemed overwhelmingly to condemn Azariya. But this statement might not be true. The day Azariya was arrested, IDF leaders rushed immediately to condemn him. From that moment on, few if any officers declared their support for Azariya.

No one was willing to contradict his superiors.

The Israeli public, however, overwhelmingly supported Azariya (David Rosenberg, “Israeli Jews overwhelmingly support Elor Azariya”, arutzsheva, September 7, 2017). The public rejected the IDF’s rush to judgment.

Since September, 2015, there have been hundreds—perhaps thousands—of terror attacks against Israel. Israelis want to see the IDF take a strong stance against these attacks. Many Israelis are tired of the IDF appearing to spend more time worrying about the rights of terrorists at the expense of the safety needs of Israel's Jews. It’s no exaggeration to say Israelis are frustrated. 

That’s why, during the trial, 64.8 % of Israelis surveyed supported Azariya for killing the terrorist (ibid). Less than 26% felt he was guilty.

Since Azariya’s arrest, the family has suffered. During the trial, Azariya’s father had a stroke, his father’s brother had two heart attacks and his mother lost 38 kilos of bodyweight (app 83 pounds) (ibid). The family asserts that the IDF has abandoned Elor (ibid). 

Many Israelis sympathize with this family. After all, the soldier arrested for this incident could have been their child.

Traditionally, Israelis love the IDF. Many Israeli youth can’t wait to enlist. Their parents support their children serving their country. Their neighbors support them.

But that’s changed. After the trial, Israelis did not support the IDF verdict. 70% of Israelis favoured a pardon for Azariya, not imprisonment (David Rosenberg, “70% favour pardon for Elor Azariya”, arutzsheva, January 5, 2017). Then, morale in combat units (where Azariya served) showed signs of sinking specifically because of the verdict (David Rosenberg, “Army report suggests morale declining among combat soldiers”, arutzsheva, January 12, 2017).

Now, January 24, 2017, as Azariya went into court, he was met with applause from those sitting in the gallery (ibid). But when the military judges entered the court to take their seats, they got no applause. They came into court surrounded by bodyguards (ibid).

The IDF has a problem. It’s abandoned its soldiers. It has completely detached itself from the majority of Israel’s public. It forgets that a hefty percent of Israelis have served in the IDF. Many have served on guard duty. They know how officers are supposed to behave. They know ‘the drill’. The handling of the trial just didn’t ring true to these citizen-soldiers. 
Some Israelis say this trial revealed officer incompetence at the scene of the terror incident (Shimon Cohen, “Azariya trial: 'Deficient conduct by officers”, arutzsheva, September 18, 2016). But the IDF ignored that incompetence. Instead, they argue, the IDF decided to create a show-trial with this youngster.


The IDF decision to try Azariya didn’t sit well with Israelis. Israelis certainly didn't like the verdict. That discomfort could explain why the IDF now requires bodyguards to protect military judges against the very people it’s supposed to protect—Israel’s Jews.

The IDF has changed, all right. It handcuffs our soldiers. It creates rules of engagement that make it increasingly impossible to face terrorists with strength. Some argue that we saw the consequence of this IDF change at the first terror incident after the trial, when many soldiers hesitated to shoot or didn’t shoot at all at the terrorist (Tuvia Brodie, “Azariya: IDF uses fake news. Becomes keystone kops”, tuviabroidieblog, January 13, 2017). They were afraid. They suffered from an ‘Azariya effect’—the feared they’d be arrested if they fired their weapons.

That’s not a good sign. It’s not how the IDF is going to protect us.

Will the sentencing process for Sargent Azariya reflect any awareness that the IDF is losing its national support? The odds are, the answer to this question is, no.

The IDF has changed. Israeli attitudes towards the IDF have also changed. That’s not good for the IDF—or for Israel.

Monday, January 23, 2017

The ‘Palestinians’, the roulette table, and HaShem

According to a brief internet search, if you gambled at a basic casino where only Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps and Roulette were played, you’d quickly learn about winning and losing. You’d learn that your best odds of winning are with blackjack. Your best odds of losing are with Roulette; and if you play roulette aggressively, you can lose everything on one spin of the wheel.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) plays an aggressive game of ‘diplomatic roulette’. It gambles that it can win with one bet--threatening US president Donald Trump.

The PA gambles by threatening violence, war, bloodshed and rage if the US chooses to move its embassy in Israel from its current location in Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.

Just days after Trump won the 2016 US election, the PA threatened to ‘make life miserable’ for Trump if he followed through with his campaign promise to move the embassy (“Palestinians Threaten Trump Over US Embassy Move”, israeltoday, November 13, 2016). A month later (December, 2016), Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat upped the ante: he threatened violence against the US (Pesach Benson, “Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat threatens violence over US embassy move”, honestreporting, December 20, 2016). Erekat added that if the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem, Arabs across the Arab world would become so infuriated they’d force all Arab-world US embassies to close (ibid).

Then, beginning early this month, the PA didn’t just up the ante. It dropped all its chips onto the diplomatic roulette table. It chose a betting number. That number had a name: ‘threaten the US and the world’.

The PA threw caution to the wind. First, it had a Fatah official threaten bloodshed (“'Bloodshed will follow if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem”, jerusalempost, January 3, 2017). Then on January 5, Jordan joined with Abbas: “Jordan warns of 'catastrophic' repercussions to Trump plan to move US embassy to Jerusalem”, abc.net.au.

Then, the floodgates opened:

-On January 7, US Secretary of State John Kerry caught the ‘bloodshed-catastrophe’ fever. He parroted the Arabs and declared that an embassy move would ignite the Middle East with violence (Barak Ravid, Jack Khoury, “Kerry: Trump Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Would Lead to a Mideast Explosion”, haaretz.

-On January 8, the PA announced that moving the embassy was a declaration of war against all Muslims (Robert Spencer, “PA top dogs threaten that moving US embassy to Jerusalem ‘declaration of war on all Muslims’”, jihadwatch, January 8, 2017).

-On January 10, the PA said it would withdraw its recognition of Israel (Hariet Agerholm, “Palestinian leaders threaten to withdraw recognition of Israel if Donald Trump moves US embassy to Jersusalem”, independent, January 10, 2017).

--On January 15, the PA threatened to open the gates of hell: Adam Ragson, “Fatah official: moving US embassy in Israel will open the gates of hell”, jerusalempost. A Fatah spokesman threatened everyone: “The gates of hell will be opened in the region and the world” [emphasis mine] (ibid).

-On January 19, 2017, Jack Tonhaben reported that the PA had stated that an embassy move would end Abbas’s rule in the PA (“Palestinian Authority News Agency: Trump Responsible for Spilled Blood If U.S. Embassy Relocated to Jerusalem”, breitbart). The bloodshed that would result from such a collapse would be Trump’s responsibility (ibid).

-On January 19, 2017, the PA made Trump responsible for more than bloodshed. Palestinian Media Watch reported an Arab news story from the official PA Daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: “Fatah spokesman warns "the rage of the world will burn" [emphasis mine] if US carries out promised embassy move“.

-On January 22, 2017, William Jacobson wrote that a prominent PA leader called Trump ‘Fascist’ and ‘Lunatic’ (“Palestinian leadership launches ballistic tirades as US Embassy announcement nears”, legalinsurrection). The Fatah official said this embassy move was a declaration of war against the whole world [emphasis mine] (ibid).  

-On January 22, 2017, Abbas repeated his threat: “Abbas threatens steps against US over embassy move”, arutzsheva.

-January 22, 2017: Jack Tonhaben, “Abbas: Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Would ‘Destroy the Peace Process’”, breitbart.
-January 22, 2017: “WATCH: Palestinians Burn Posters of US President Trump”, israeltoday.

-January 23, 2017: Adam Ragson, “Hamas official says Trump is an ignoramus”, jerusalempost.

The threats get personal. But from what we’ve all read about Trump, this new US president doesn’t act like a wimp. He acts like a street fighter.

The PA is trying to threaten, frighten and bully Donald Trump. That’s a gamble.

The PA takes its ‘diplomatic’ life savings to the roulette table. It makes one bet.

Will that bet win big for the PA—or will the bet blow up in the PA's face?

HaShem, the G-d of Israel, has a Redemption story to show you. It’s the story of the Destiny of the Jewish nation. Will these PA antics play a role in that story?

Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Why 'Palestinians' will never make peace with Israel

The UN and the EU pressure Israel to 'make peace' with the Palestinian Authority (PA). That's what the December 2016 UN Resolution 2334 and the January 2017 Paris Peace Conference were all about: to shame Israel as the villain of the Arab-Israel conflict so as to force Israel to surrender land for peace with a PA that incites for genocide against Israeli Jews. 

The PA lusts for such a peace. Israelis fear it.

The UN (through its United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)  has been teaching Palestinian children to kill Jews (Daniel K Eisenbud, "Experts: Over 200 US-approved textbooks teach Palestinians to kill Jews", jerusalempost, November 16, 2016). That's not the road to peace. It's the road to war.

PA religious institutions clamor for 'Palestinians' to stab and shoot Jews. That's not a call for peace. It's the call to murder.

Curiously, the UN and the EU ignore Palestinian racism, incitement and warmongering against Jews and Israel (Perry Chiaramonte, "UN-sponsored schools using anti-Israel textbooks from Palestinian Authority", foxnews, January 4, 2017). Instead, the UN and EU choose to pressure only Israel. They say little-to-nothing about the villainous, genocidal role of PA incitement  against Jews and Israel.

That's a mistake. It's the fatal flaw in EU-UN peace-making efforts.

Peace comes not from signatures on paper. it comes from what is in people's hearts.

Here is a video to show what is being placed into the hearts of young 'Palestinians'. This video shows why the PA will never make peace with Israel. 

It's a brief video, just 3:04. It's titled, "New film-clip: Stop child abuse: UNRWA prepares child soldiers for war". The video is from the website, behindthenewsinisrael. The video is dated January 20, 2017:

When children are indoctrinated in school to kill Jews and and to want to die trying to kill Jews, there will never be peace between Arab and Jew. That's as obvious as the nose on your face. 

The UN and the EU can't see this. Perhaps they don't care about the child abuse described above. Perhaps they don't really care about peace with Israel. 

The EU and UN are obsessed with Israel. They are not obsessed with peace. They are obsessed with demonizing and attacking Israel. 

That's not peace-making. It's war-mongering.

Beware these peace-makers. The world is in grave danger when those we trust to make peace agitate for war.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

The lies that justified US support of UN 2334 vs Israel

According to the administration of US president Barack Obama, Israel has been building Jewish ‘settlements’ (that is, real communities, not outposts) throughout Judea-Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. The Obama administration believes these ‘settlements’ have, pretty much, become the major obstacle to peace between Jew and Arab in the Middle East.

The problem the US has had with Israel isn’t simply Jewish ‘settlement’. It’s been Israel’s policy of settlement expansion that has the US concerned.

US Secretary of State John Kerry made this point very clearly in a speech just five days after the United Nations passed UN 2334. That Resolution delegitimized all Jewish settlement in Judea-Samaria, East Jerusalem and the Golan by labeling them ‘illegal’ (“Full text of John Kerry’s speech on Middle East peace, December 28, 2016”, timesofisrael, December 28, 2016).  Kerry also reiterated the Obama position that ‘settlements’ destroy “hopes for peace” (ibid).

Kerry suggested that Israel’s ‘settlement’ issue has deteriorated to a point where action at the UN was necessary. He claimed Israel’s current coalition government (that is, Netanyahu), is driven by the most extreme elements in Israel (ibid).  Kerry said the Netanyahu government was “more committed to settlements than any [government] in Israel’s history” (ibid).

In a moment, you’ll see why this claim is a lie. You might be shocked at what Netanyahu has actually been doing with ‘settlements’.

In his December 28, 2016 speech, Kerry was frustrated. He said, of the US, “We’ve made countless public and private exhortations to the Israelis to stop the march of settlements [emphasis mine]” (“If Israel has not been building settlements, why are the White House and media claiming it is”, daledamos, January 15, 2017). According to Kerry, the US didn’t just request a cessation of ‘settlement’ building. It didn’t discuss the need for Israel to stop expanding. It urged Israel to stop expanding. It became emphatic about Israel stopping this expansion. But through it all, Israel was deaf to every exhortation.

Apparently, it was this Israeli refusal to listen to the US that provoked the US to abstain from that UN 2334 vote. Supposedly, the US had no other choice.

White House advisor Ben Rhodes made this argument in a December 23, 2017 interview with Judy Woodruff of PBS (right after UN 2334 passed). UN 2334, Rhodes told Woodruff, was about Israeli ‘settlements’. He said, “These settlements are encroaching further and further beyond the separation barrier that the Israelis themselves built…Thousands of new settlements are being constructed [emphasis mine]” (Nick Bolger, “Ben Rhodes Falsely Claimed Israel Building ‘Thousands of New Settlements“, washingtonfreebeacon, January 13, 2017).

Rhodes’ point was, Obama wasn’t the villain here. He wasn’t anti-Israel. He wasn’t anti-Semitic. The US had acted as it had at the UN because Israel was the villain. It had become a single-minded ‘serial settlement builder’. The US simply could not allow such peace-killing behavior to continue any longer.

Therefore, we are to infer, what happened at the UN with 2334 wasn’t America’s fault. It was Israel’s fault.

There’s just one problem with this reasoning. It’s completely--and outrageously--false (David Gerstman, “Kerry’s latest peace making effort ends with a pffft”, legalinsurrection, January 16, 2017).

Here’s the shocking story of Netanyahu’s ‘settlement’ expansion. Since 2012, the Netanyahu government hasn’t built ‘thousands’ of settlements. According to the site daledamos, which cites the website of the anti-Israel NGO, Peace Now, the truth of Israel’s 'excessive, aggressive settlement expansion policy' is this: since 2012, Netanyahu has authorized three (3) new  ‘settlements’ (“If Israel has not been building settlements, why are the White House and Media claiming it is”, January 15, 2017).

That’s right: not thousands of settlements, as Rhodes falsely claimed; just three (daledamnos, ibid). Apparently, for the US, these three ‘settlements’ are what makes Netanyahu more extreme than any leader in Israel’s history (Kerry speech, ibid). In fact, Netanyahu’s ‘settlement’ policy is the most modest among recent Israeli Prime Ministers (ibid).

The US position has been that (1) Israel builds ‘thousands’ of settlements (Rhodes); (2), the US has unsuccessfully issued countless exhortations to Israel to stop “the march” of these settlements (Kerry); and (3) Netanyahu has been egged on by Jewish extremists (Kerry). This entire position is a lie.

You should also understand that the ‘settlements’ the Obama administration rails against take up less than 2 percent of Judea-Samaria (daledamos, ibid). Building on that 2 percent of land is not a ‘peace-killer’—by any stretch of the imagination.

The Obama anti-‘settlement’ argument is bogus. It’s a fraud. It’s built on lies.

Barack Obama, John Kerry, Ben Rhodes and a host of other anti-Semites in the Obama administration have lied about Israel. They have acted treacherously against Israel. Now, the reign of this Obama ends (January 20, 2017). May the Obama Israel legacy prove disastrous for all who created it, supported it and used it against Israel.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What does an Israeli 'settlement' look like?

I live in Israel. I live in a beautiful city.  But around the world, many say I don't live in a city at all. They claim the place I live is only a 'settlement'.

You know what a 'settlement' is, right?  It's a collection of half- permanent, half-temporary dwellings that's closer to an encampment than anything organized. It's a place built where only recently there had been nothing. It's crude. It's primitive. It's an attempt to start a community--but isn't one, yet. 

The only real difference between a 'settlement' and an 'outpost' is size and location. 'Outposts' are smaller than 'settlements', and placed in more remote areas.

For Israel, the world says 'settlements' are built outside Israel. They're built for only one reason: to displace Arabs. 

That's wrong. 

Jews don't build 'settlements' outside Israel. We have no interest in what lies outside Israel. 

Instead, we build on our own land. That land is our ancestral Jewish homeland. We settle there in order to fulfill the Divine command to possess, occupy and dwell in our Promised Land. 

Our Torah tells us what are the borders of our Promised Land: from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Those are also the current borders of modern Israel. That's where we are to build and dwell.

Of course, this Jewish homeland was repeatedly ripped from our hands by foreigners. Our ancestral homeland has been repeatedly conquered. 

But in the end, only we--the Jew--has survived.

Now, we are back home, We are the only nation in history to have experienced such forced exile--and such a miraculous return. We are the only nation for whom all of this was 'predicted' and recorded thousands of years ago--in our Torah. No other people in human existence has had such a history.

Those who hate us cannot abide such a Jewish accomplishment.  They don't want to see Israel succeed. They want to see Israel destroyed. They demand it. 

In their attempt to kill us, they repeatedly attack us. Like an insane person, they keep trying that over and again, expecting a different result each time. Each time, they fail.

Now they use law to attack us. They call us illegal. They call us 'illegitimate'. They say our cities aren't cities. They say many of our cities are merely 'settlements'--eyesores which dot the landscape only because Jews aim to establish an illegitimate presence on someone else's land. 

These modern enemies of the Jewish people do what Jew-haters have done for centuries.They come into our land. They attack us. They seek to rule over us. They aim to de-legitimize us.

These Jew-haters now gather at the United Nations. They rail against us. They call to dismantle us in the name of 'peace'. 

In a world where genocide is perhaps the most horrible crime against humanity, they call for genocide against us. They absolutely insist we have no right to exist.

I don't care what they say. This land is my land. The deed for this place is in our Torah. It's there for all to see. It's always been there, for more than 3,000 years.

What part of "Jewish land" do these haters fail to understand? It's very simple: G-d gave this Land to the Jewish people. G-d gave us this Land as an everlasting gift.

One last point: when you've been to Israel, you can see that these 'settlements' Jew-haters hate so much aren't encampments or outposts or temporary Jew-attempts to mark the land with some kind of illegal Jew-print. They  aren't places that offer little comfort and much travail. These 'settlements' are cities. Some are more beautiful than any place you inhabit.

Take a look at my own 'settlement'. It sits in the barren Judean desert. Take a look at what Jews do with that desert. Judge for yourself:

First, a look at our desert:

Image result for pictures on Maale Adumim in Judean desert
courtesy of: jerusalempost

courtesy of aliyahpittsburgh

courtesy of: aliyahpittsburgh

Now, a brief look at what we do with this desert:

courtesy of aliyahpittsburgh

courtesy of: aliyahpittsburgh

how 'settlers' live in the desert--courtesy of aliyahpittsburgh

Then, our city, our life:

our Jewish 'settlement' courtesy of aliyahpittsburgh

our 'settlement' shopping courtesy of aliyahpittsburgh

Image result for pictures on Maale Adumim in Judean desert
a view from one of our 'settlement' streets courtesy of: israelandstuff

Image result for pictures on Maale Adumim in Judean desert
a winter view of one neighborhood from the desert courtesy of: 123rf

the 'settlement' home where I once lived courtesy of:aliyahpittsburgh

Yes, my home-place is in the desert. There's nothing temporary about it. My so-called 'settlement' is a real city with more than 40,000 residents. 

The homes within my Jewish home-place don't have paper-thin walls or tin roofs. Our walls are more than 13 inches thick. Our homes are fully air-conditioned. They are modern in every way. 

Our 'settlement' exists to demonstrate that, after nearly 2,000 years of forced exile, Jews once again settle this, our ancestral homeland. This Jewish 'settlement enterprise' is not illegitimate. It isn't illegal. It's our right. It's our home.

It's our Land.

If you haven't been to Israel, come. If you don't yet live in Israel, come home. There's plenty of room for you.