Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lawfare Progrom against Israel

As you’ll see in a moment, history reaches a point where it repeats itself. In the 1930’s Nazi Jew-hate was the motivation to create new laws to isolate and discriminate against Jews. It was a moment in history when lawyers and judges used these new laws to set the stage for the Holocaust.

They perverted the law. They did it to attack Jews.

We see now the beginning of exactly the same movement. Only now, it isn‘t Jews as citizens who are the target of new laws, it’s the Jewish state.

In a recent essay at Human Rights Voices .com, Anne Bayefsky lays out how Jew-hate once again turns to the law to build the means to destroy Jews, aiming this time for the Jewish state. Here’s her essay, entitled, “The UN’s Legal Pogrom: Criminalizing Israel’s exercise of the Right of Self-Defense”, It was published May 29, 2015:


In the summer of 2014, Israelis were under fire from Palestinian terrorists in Gaza who are openly committed to genocide against the Jewish people and the destruction of the Jewish state. More than 70% of Israelis were within target range of Hamas' Gaza rockets. Once fired, half a million people had less than 60 seconds to find shelter. Underground tunnels were discovered that opened into Israeli territory, with terrorists emerging on their way to cause mass casualties among Israeli civilians.

 In response, the United Nations launched a full scale assault on Israel.

 A special session of the UN Human Rights Council -- notorious for its discriminatory treatment of Israel -- created an "inquiry." The Council, whose "human rights" authorities include countries like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, cast its actions as international law, and ordered a report on Israel's legal abominations arising from the war. That report will soon be published, and presented to the Council on June 29, 2015.

 Now is the time to remember that the Holocaust was preceded by the subversion of law, the corruption of the judiciary, and the perfidy of lawyers. The Nuremberg laws -- rules for Jews only -- were interpreted, applied and enforced by masses of seemingly upstanding lawyers and judges.

 Today, the United Nations is concocting another set of Nuremberg-like laws -- rules for Israel only -- which smug international lawyers and judges will elucidate and administer. Flying under the banner of "accountability," the travesty has the appearance of propriety. But make no mistake. The distance between so-called law and morality at the UN today is as great as it was 80 years ago in Nazi Germany.

 The Human Rights Council report will be the product of three legal "experts" who each have a history of anti-Israel bias. One of the three, and the inquiry's first chair, William Schabas, was forced to resign after being outed as a former Palestinian legal advisor -- but not before he chaired the vast majority of the fact-finding upon which the report depends. The second and current chair, Mary McGowan Davis, was the former enforcer of the Goldstone report -- the legal sham that was ultimately recanted even by its namesake. McGowan Davis moved from finding Israel guilty of failing to abide by international legal standards in relation to the 2008/9 Gaza war to being an "impartial" arbiter of Israel's actions concerning the next Gaza war. Member Doudou Diène was the UN Human Rights Commission and Council's racism expert and in that capacity opined that anti-Zionism was not antisemitism, the notoriously anti-Israel Durban Declaration must be the "cornerstone of efforts to combat racism," and the "Israeli-Palestinian divide" was a "cycle of violence triggered by the dynamics of occupation."

 The McGowan Davis/Schabas report presents a challenge to all decent lawyers and judges and law-abiding citizens -- because the lessons of Nuremberg are very clear. There is no halfway point, no middle ground on the path towards becoming the antisemites' willing executioners. When the law becomes an instrument of Jew hatred, people of good will are called upon to discredit it, to reject its findings, to refuse to honor it, to deny its application, and to shield its Jewish victims from the legal artifice.


My comment: The Obama administration appears to lead this legal effort against Israel. For example, it has just used its Supreme Court to 'erase' Jerusalem for 'Israel' (Adam Kredo, “Obama Admin Won’t Label Jerusalem Israel’s Capital”, Washington Free Beacon, June 9, 2015 ).
Because of this Court ruling, the US State Department now refuses to state exactly where it believes Israel’s capital is located (ibid). This administration knows how important Jerusalem is to Jews, Judaism and Jewish history; but it will not disturb the Arab narrative against Israel. It removes 'Jerusalem' from 'Israel', just as the Arab narrative demands.

The European Union, meanwhile, prepares to create a major boycott against either all of Israel or parts of Israel—and the Obama administration refuses to oppose it (Andrew Kugle, “State Dept Doesn’t Take Position on Potential EU Labeling of Israeli Settlement Products”, Washington Free Beacon, June 9, 2015). This Obama Administration will allow the boycott—and even sanctions—to develop without comment (ibid).

There is foul play afoot. There is an evil wind that seeks out Israel. America has used its Supreme Court to make its anti-Israel stance the law of the land--and the gentile nations take note.

Make no mistake: there is a war against the Jews (Israel) brewing. Lawyers and judges prepare to pervert the law. They prepare to  use law as a weapon against the Jewish state. 
Where do you think that's going to lead?

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