Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Two states side by side in peace and security?

On May 22, 2015, the President of the United States, Barack Obamas, spoke to a Jewish audience at a Washington, DC synagogue (Remarks by the President on Jewish American Heritage Month, Adas Israel Congregation, Washington, D.C., the White House Office of the Press Secretary, May 22, 2015). In that speech, he referred to “two states for two peoples, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security”.

This is wonderful idea. It’s so wonderful, it’s become the mantra for the US diplomatic effort to get Israel to sign a ‘peace’ treaty to create a ‘Palestinian’ state. It gets repeated and repeated. It’s a diplomatic catechism: it summarizes the basic idea the West has about the two-state ‘solution’.

It’s a fraud.

The US might think there will be two states living side-by-side in peace and security. The EU might believe it (“High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini spoke to Benjamin Netanyahu”, Press Release, European Union External Action, March 18, 2015). But the ‘Palestinians’ don’t.

That’s the problem. They don’t want two states—and they certainly don’t want Israel living beside them.

They want one state. They want an Arab ‘Palestine’. They  want their state to wipe Israel off the map.

How do we know this? They tell us.  

Have you ever seen their map of their ‘Palestine’? It shows Israel, with the name ‘Palestine’ on it. The new Arab ‘Palestine’ replaces Israel.

For their future ‘Palestine’, Israel no longer exists.

Why should Israel sign off to that?

If the President wants to see such a map, here it is:


The woman in this picture is Hillevi Larssona. She is (or was) a Swedish Parliament Member who was instrumental in convincing the Swedish Parliament, in October, 2014, to recognize ‘Palestine’ as a ‘state’ (“Sweden Recognizes 'Palestine' as a State”, Arutz Sheva, October 4, 2014). Palestinian officials in Sweden were so pleased with her efforts that they honoured her with the plaque pictured above—along with a sample ‘Palestinian’ flag’ (the picture comes from “Sweden approves borders of ‘Palestine’ with Israel erased”, Times of Israel, December 3, 2014).

The map of ‘Palestine’ she holds is the exact map of Israel. Even taking into account changes created by graphic creativity, this is an exact map of Israel—only it’s not called Israel. It’s called ‘Palestine’.

The new ‘Palestine’ doesn’t sit “side-by-side” with Israel. It isn’t “contiguous” with Israel.

It replaces Israel. It’s ‘Israel’ with a new name and a new flag.

That smiling face you see supports the creation of Israel’s replacement, the Arab-Muslim ‘Palestine’.

That’s what the ‘Palestinian state’ is all about. It’s not about peace. It isn’t about justice. It’s not about “two states living side by side”. It’s about eradicating the Jewish state from the world map.

I have an idea. Maybe I should publish this picture every time ‘two states living side by side in peace and security’ gets printed. Perhaps I should do that so every time you see or hear ‘two states living side by side in peace and security’, you’ll think of this picture.

Then you’ll know exactly what ‘two states’ means: the destruction of the Jewish state.








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