Thursday, November 26, 2015

Death and survival

If you live in exile, what do you think about during the day? If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your thinking time focused on work, shopping, sports and family.

But if you live in Israel, you think about something else. In these days of terror, you think about death--and survival.

We are at war. The enemy is implacable. He wants to kill us. Can we survive?

The enemy are mostly teenagers who have spent all of their lives from kindergarten through High School being brainwashed to kill Jews. Here’s an example of a small child in training:

This video was made in 2002, 13 years ago. That girl is now perhaps 16 years old--the same age as a girl who last week was shot and killed while she tried to stab Jews in Jerusalem.

If you live in Israel, you know that this brainwashing is paying off. Teens who have been brainwashed with Jew-hate since childhood rush with a drawn knife at Jews and at heavily armed Israeli security forces. 

These religiously psychotic teens die.

Teens and twenty-somethings rush down a city street slashing at Jews with a long kitchen knife. It’s insane. They throw themselves to their death. Why?

We know why. This war isn’t for political freedom. This is a religious war to kill Jews in the name of a god.

In their version of ‘holiness’, suicide-by-cop is martyrdom. It’s pure. It’s honoured by most everyone in the Palestinian Authority, especially its leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

The insanely barbaric rush to martyrdom means that when we Jews get onto a bus, we think about death--ours. When we get off a bus, we think about it again.

The potential for death is all around us. With Muslim youth looking to die for Islam, we know each day could be our last.

News from exile reports how frightening this is. The stories seem to emphasis the fear. But for many of us in Israel, this Arab Muslim rush to die doesn’t immobilize us. In the end, it energizes us. It unites us.

This Islamic death-by-cop reminds us that we must live each day to its fullest. We must hug our children and spouses. We must ‘live in the moment’. We must turn to HaShem.

He’s the only one who can protect us. The IDF can’t. The border police can’t. 

The Muslim threat we face every day reminds us that we don’t live in Israel for a materialistic reason. We live for a different purpose. That purpose has nothing to do with career, sports or, as one US bumper-sticker proclaims, ‘he who dies with the most toys, wins’.

Our purpose here is to fulfil G-d’s Promise to the Jewish people. We are here because this land really is the Promised Land. 

That’s why we come to Israel. It’s been why we’ve always come. Secular or religious, we come because this is where we know we belong.

One night last month in our neighbourhood, we got a different reminder of why we’re here.  At that time, a neighbourhood synagogue brought a new Torah scroll (sefer Torah) into its building. That meant a parade through the streets from the home of the family which sponsored the purchase. That meant the appearance of a special parade car, one equipped specifically for this purpose.

The car was a Toyota Land Cruiser. It was topped with some of the most powerful loud speakers I’ve ever heard. The vehicle was also decked out with flashing lights and scrolling LED signs. It seemed ringed with lines of light (on LED strings). The loud speakers played Jewish religious songs as a neighbourhood crowd gathered to walk behind the car while men carried all of the synagogue’s Torah scrolls—with the new one in the middle of it all.

When the flashing, ‘singing’ car got to the synagogue, it paused. 
After some very brief ‘speeches’, we experienced the finale: at full blast, the loud speakers sang out the Shema—Judaism’s signature prayer. This prayer is only six words long. But it’s filled with meaning. To hear it blast out into the air like this, sung slowly and lovingly by a man (recorded) with a magnificent voice, stirred the soul.

This is what our life here in Israel is all about—the singing soul of the Jewish people. Our enemy can attack us. Our enemy will attack us. But the sound of our Shema sung full blast in our own land in our own neighbourhood,  reminds us why we are here: to answer the call to HaShem.

The recorded male voice sang the Shema three times. Slowly. Full-blast from three enormous speakers. It seemed as if our souls vibrated with the sounds of our Shema.

If you’re in exile, you need to come home. You need to be here. You need to stand here. You need to hear our Shema sung with such power your soul vibrates.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The relationship between Academia, BDS and Utopia

This essay presents a proposition that might not be true. But if it is true, here’s why.

Academicians are smart. They’re educated. They know how to dream big dreams.

They want Utopia. They want to make the world perfect.

You know about Utopia, right? It’s a world where all are equal. All are well-fed. No one worries about health care. Education is free. No one is poor. Everyone lives in peace with his neighbour. Internet service is free.

Surely, that’s Utopia. Academia got the idea for such a world from—where else—a book. The book, ingeniously titled, Utopia, was written some 500 years ago by Sir Thomas More.

Sir Thomas More was the first to describe Utopia. If his description were to be revised to reflect the modern world, it would no doubt be updated to describe a world that contains multiculturalism,  universal food-stamps and soup kitchens-for-anyone-who-wants-to-come, Obamacare, free tuition for college, the redistribution of wealth and unrestricted immigration between countries—exactly what you hear about from today’s academicians.

It’s a wonderful world, this modern Utopia. The State will take care of you. You’ll never experience want. You’ll never go to bed hungry. You’ll get free dental care.

But then, if you’re Jewish, there’s something you ought to know about Utopia. In Sir Thomas More’s original Utopia—as in today’s modern Utopia—there are no Jews.

That’s right. Utopia, like Nazi Germany, is designed to be Jew-free.

Academicians know this. Their problem is, where can they find a Jew-free home in order to build Utopia?

We’re reminded of this question because three essays have recently surfaced. The first essay is about the American Anthropological Association (AAA) (William Jacobson, “American Anthropological Association facing self-destructive BDS resolution”, LegaIinsurrection, October 28, 2015). This American academic organization has issued a Report (ibid) to its members. That Report recommends its members authorize a vote to boycott Israel’s academic institutions (ibid).

This Report uses language straight from the Homepage of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It argues for a boycott because, it says in part, Israel uses a ‘settler colonialism’ to ‘occupy’ ‘Palestine’ (ibid). The Report focuses on Israel’s security barrier. This barrier bothers the American Anthropological Association. It finds the barrier harms academics and students.

Bet you didn’t know Israel’s security barrier harms students. Actually, until this Report came out, neither did anyone else.

The Report dismisses the reason Israel built the barrier in the first place—to stop a ‘Palestinian’ suicide bombing campaign in 2001-2004 which killed almost 1,000 Israeli civilians (ibid). That barrier dropped suicide bombings against Jews down to zero. It worked.

It was a passive, non-aggressive tactic that proved successful. But the Arab Jew-hate industry didn’t like that success. So it turned the barrier into a propaganda device: it called the barrier an ‘Apartheid’ wall. It said, this wall harmed and humiliated ‘Palestinians’.

The AAA finds this ‘harm and humiliation’ to be completely unacceptable. If Israel is Apartheid, the AAA will join BDS.

The murder of almost 1,000 Jews means nothing to these Utopian academicians. The ability of that barrier to protect Jews means nothing.

But a Jew-free ‘Palestine’? That could spell, ‘U-t-o-p-i-a’.

These anthropologists aren’t alone in their quest for a Jew-free Utopia. The second story about academicians that attracts us appeared November 15, 2015. This story reveals that the AAA isn’t the only academic Association to turn to the ‘Palestinian’ cause (Occam’s Razor, “Alert: Faculty Association anti-Israel boycott season has started”, legalinsurrection, November 15, 2015). This Fall and Winter, it’ll be joined by the National Women’s Studies Association, The Middle East Studies Association, Modern Language Association and the American Historical Association (ibid). All of these Associations will ask their members to join a BDS anti-Israel vote.

These academicians know ‘Palestine’ will be Jew-free. They know Utopia is Jew-free. Therefore, if the BDS ‘movement’ wants academic support to destroy Jewish Israel, how can academicians resist?

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ and its bastard-child, BDS, make an offer they can’t refuse: ‘Palestine’.  This Jew-free replacement for Jewish Israel could fulfil their dream. It’ll be the world’s first Jew-free Utopia gift-wrapped by the UN, the world’s guardian of international peace.

The third story that attracts us is also about the AAA (Aleister, “American Anthropological Association Votes to Boycott Israeli Universities”, legalinsurrection, November 22, 2015). On Friday, November 20, 2015, the members of the AAA voted in favour of a resolution calling on the group to authorize a vote to boycott Israeli academic institutions. The vote passed by a 1,040 to 136 margin (ibid). The 10,000 members of the AAA will now vote on BDS in Spring, 2016 (ibid).

These anthropologists dream of a UN-sponsored Utopia. They see Israel as standing in the way of that Utopia. They see the ‘Palestinian Cause’ as the path to that Utopia.

It doesn’t matter to these academicians that ‘Palestinianism’ is about killing Jews. Academicians don’t worry about Jews.

Jews don’t belong in Utopia. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Report from Israel: Netanyahu gets tough?

After an upsurge of terror attacks by Arabs against Jews over the last six days that left at least 5 Jews murdered, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced tough new measures to try to stop future attacks (Hezki Ezra, “Netanyahu: No work permits for terrorists' families”, Arutz Sheva, November 23, 2015). Netanyahu also insisted that the IDF and Israeli government were tackling terror head-on (ibid)—and would continue to do so.

During a visit to Gush Etzion (near Hevron), site of multiple attacks against Jews, Netanyahu spelled out some of the actions he has authorized. For example, he suggested that he’s unleashed the IDF.

For some Jews, that sounds like empty political rhetoric, aimed at comforting his Right-leaning base. Next week, many of these measures (below) could be aborted--because of international pressure. But for now, these measures do appear to have teeth.

For example, the IDF enters Palestinian Authority (PA) villages. It enters PA towns. It goes into PA homes. It’s making widespread arrests (ibid). Yes, it’s been doing some of this for several weeks (Judah Ari Gross, “More crackdowns are just more of the same”, Times of Israel, November 24, 2015). But the tempo of incursions appears to have increased.

Netanyahu’s announcement was made November 23, 2015. By November 24, 2015, Arabs in the PA began to see what Netanyahu meant.

Within a matter of hours (after the announcement), the IDF sent small convoys of IDF vehicles (Humvees and trucks) into at least five PA Arab villages and one PA ‘refugee camp’, the names of which most Israelis have never heard of: Idhna, Deir Samit, Beit Awwa, al-Muwarraq, Tarusa and the ‘refugee camp’, al-Arrub (“Israeli forces raid Palestinian homes across Hebron district”, Ma’an News Agency, November 23, 2015).

IDF soldiers deployed into these villages. They searched homes. They issued home demolition orders. They searched ‘municipality’ buildings. They closed village entrance roads. They arrested several PA men (ibid).

The IDF set up flying checkpoints. it closed or blocked a number of roads. It established curfews (ibid).

Meanwhile, at about the same time these activities unfolded, the IDF used live fire to respond to riots in the Ramallah and Tulkarem (PA) districts (“8 Palestinians shot, injured with live fire during West Bank clashes”, Ma’an News Agency, November 23, 2015). 

At the Nablus checkpoint, the IDF used live fire again. A 16-year old Arab boy, upon approaching the checkpoint, drew a knife and attempted to stab a soldier. The soldier shot him dead ("Palestinian teen shot dead after alleged stabbing at Nablus checkpoint”, Ma’an News Agency, November 23, 2015). 

Next day, November 24, 2015, the IDF went into Hevron city, the village of Dura and two ‘refugee camps’,  al-Arrub and al-Fawwar. (“Israeli detention campaign continues across Hebron district”, Ma’an News Agency, November 24, 2015). It also went into Nablus (“Israeli forces detain 5 in Nablus, close crucial checkpoints”, Ma’an News Agency, ibid). IDF soldiers detained several people and were said to have ‘ransacked’ several homes (ibid). On at least one occasion, clashes broke out between Arabs and the IDF. Again, the IDF fired live rounds (ibid).

By mid-afternoon November 24th, Israeli security forces had killed three Arabs who had attacked Jews. These Arabs were all 16 years old (“Palestinian shot, injured after alleged car attack injures 4 Israelis”, Ma’an News Agency, November 24, 2015). 

These IDF actions are harsh. They're intrusive. They're disruptive. If this pressure keeps up (some Israelis believe it won’t), life for PA Arabs could get very uncomfortable. 

The convulsive terror attacks we see against Jews began in earnest in mid-September (on September 13, 2015). These attacks have harmed Arabs far more than it has harmed Jews. For example, according to official Israeli sources (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), between October 1 – November 24, 2015, 21 Jews were murdered, 189 wounded (“Wave of Terror, October-November 2015”, November 24, 2015). By contrast, unofficial ‘Palestinian’ sources claim that, between October and November 11, 2015, 82 Arabs were killed, and more than 8,500 injured (“Health Ministry: “83 Palestinians Killed Since October 1”, International Middle East Media Center, November 12, 2015). Please note that Arabs in this region tend to exaggerate facts.

Nevertheless, for the PA, October was still horrific. It was the deadliest month since the Second Intifada, which ended in 2005 (“8 Palestinians shot…”above).

We don't know if Israel will keep up the pressure. But we do know that PA leadership doesn’t care how many Arabs are harmed or killed. It doesn’t care how many homes are ‘ransacked’. It keeps on inciting.

At a recent funeral for yet two more Arabs killed in clashes with the IDF, speakers shrieked for the extermination of the Jews (Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Prayer for extermination of Jews at funeral of 2 Palestinians”, Palestinian Media Watch, November 23, 2015). They called out, “Strike the Jews... kill them to the last one" (ibid).

Where do you think that’s going to lead?

Monday, November 23, 2015

Israel, Jew-hate and Western sensiblilties

When you live in Israel, your experiences tend to be unique. That's the way it always is. What you experience in your home-place is different from what others experience at their home-place.

Israel's uniqueness is that it's both Western and non-Western. There's a strong Arab influence here. 

Part of that influence is Jew-hate. It seems built into Arab culture the way materialism is built into the American culture. 

To use a mundane analogy, Jews in Israel feel an Islamic-based Jew-hate in much the same way an American feels sports fever in a city that has a rival professional sports team. For example, a Jew in Israel might feel Jew-hate the same way a Pittsburgh Steelers' fan (wearing his team's colors) might feel sports-hate should he travel to a Cleveland Browns' stronghold.

But Islamic culture is different. It's hate is more serious. 

It's not just 'hate'. It's genocide--the desire to harm or kill an individual precisely because he belongs to a group, in this case, Jews.

In a way, it's worse than genocide. The Islamic culture seems to wrap its genocide in an Islamic blanket. It turns 'hate' into 'religion' in a way Westerners don't understand.

Islam is very different. It does the opposite of a Western-style religion would do. It makes the unacceptable, acceptable. It makes murder, moral.

To a Westerner, that's incredible. It's unbelievable. It's the reverse of what should be.

Islamic hate-as-religion is a one-of-a-kind. There's nothing like it in the West.

Here's a video. It's less than two minutes long. You'll see in this video just one example of how hate is wrapped into a religious blanket.

First. here are two semi-definitions for you, to understand the terms you'll hear. I call them 'semi-definitions' because I don't speak Arabic (I don't understand why the font has suddenly changed at this point in the essay; I can't seem to correct it):

-ribat is guarding. It refers to keeping watch; it's also used to refer to carrying out jihad against infidels (wikipedia). 

- a martyr is a person who willingly undergoes tribulations, even torture and death, for the sake of a dearly held principle (quora. com). For our video, perhaps it refers to one who sacrifices himself for Islam.

-a murabit is different, in a nuanced way that, apparently, makes sense to a Muslim. He is one who does ribat. He is a person garrisoned in an Islamic enclave, who dedicates himself to Jihad, holy war for Islam ("Passerby scolds Sheikh for teaching kids martyrdom", Arutz Sheva, July 29, 2015).

Here's the video:

Maybe you heard something different from what I heard. But I heard in this religious sermon an implicit validation of killing Jews--for a god. I heard a religious acceptance of killing Jews for a god. 

That's genocide-in-the-name-of- a religion. As a Westerner, that concept is completely foreign to me. As a Jew, it is extraordinarily offensive.

I also heard a religious glorification of death. That, too, is something a Jewish Westerner is unfamiliar with.

For this sermon, there is something uplifting about dying a violent death (martyrdom in this region is violent death; so is death-by-ribat). As a Westerner, I don't believe in the virtues of violent death. As a Jew, the concept is repulsive. 

Peace is not possible when religion promotes death-by-martyrdom or death-by-ribat. Peace won't 'happen' when Islam preaches that the spilling of blood brings a special  religious heavenly reward.

As a Westerner, you'll never bring peace here if you ignore this reality. Arab culture simply won't accept any plan that ignores the glory of ribat, jihad and martyrdom.

Kerry, peace and the 'Palestinian' Authority

US Secretary of State John Kerry landed in Israel yesterday, November 22, 2015. He plans to visit both Jerusalem and Ramallah. Supposedly, he comes to talk ‘peace’--or, lacking that, establishing 'calm'.

If Kerry wants ‘peace’ or calm, he might start first by taking a hard look at how the Palestinian Authority (PA) talks about Israel. Until he addresses how official PA media presents Israel and Jews, he’s not going to get any peace at all.

Here’s a look at PA media ‘news’ that concerns Israel. These headlines are recent. They come only from the time period, October 27-November 22, 2015. But they are completely consistent with the kind of news the PA regularly presents about Jews and Israel.

-November 18, 2015: (Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Fatah: All Israelis are Nazis; a Fatah official: There is no difference between Netanyahu and Hitler”, Palestinian Media Watch, November 18, 2015). Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah political party posted a cartoon on the internet as part of a commentary on Israeli politics and society. It depicts Israelis as Nazis, wearing Nazi uniforms wrapped in a belt that displays the iconic ‘Jewish Star’, the Star of David.

November 19, 2015: (Marcus, Zilberdik, “The PA's moral murder: Kill the [Jewish] parents, spare the children”, ibid). Between October 1, 2015-November 13, 2015, Arabs killed more than a dozen Jews. They killed Jewish parents in front of their young children. Both the PA and Hamas glorified these latter killings as examples of ‘moral conscience’ by the killers, saying, ‘ Palestinians’ “have again not killed children or women” (ibid). 

For example, on October 1, Arabs murdered Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin (HY"D) in their car. Their four children, aged 9, 7, 4, and 4 months, were also in the car. They saw their parents murdered. They were not physically injured.  Is this really an example of a ‘Palestinian’ moral conscience’?

If it is, then please explain this: on November 13, Arabs murdered Rabbi Yaacov Litman (HY"D)and his 18-year old son (HY"D) in front of Mrs Litman and the couple’s four other children. But, contrary to how the PA has presented the survival of Mrs Litman and the four children, they weren’t spared because the attackers exhibited ‘moral conscience’ (ibid). They, too, had all been shot by their attackers. They simply survived their wounds. Their husband/father and son/brother did not. They were as much ‘intended murder victims’ as those who were murdered.

 -November 20, 2015: “2-year-old sings: ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun... I will defeat Israel’, says proud Fatah official”, (ibid). In the middle of this current wave of ‘Palestinian’ terror attacks against Israelis, Fatah official Tawfiq Tirawi expressed his satisfaction with his 2-year-old son on official PA TV. [Official PA TV, Oct. 27, 2015].

The source of this man’s fatherly pride was his 2-year old’s singing both about ‘a Martyr being escorted to his wedding’ (an Arab killed by Israelis goes to heaven and ‘weds’ virgins). The 2-year also sang a verse that goes, ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists’.

Can your two-year old sing songs like that?

Fatah Central Committee member Tirawi explained that the messages of these songs - support for Martyrdom-death and the wish to kill ‘Zionists’ (a code word for, ‘Jews’)--express the ‘sense of [the ‘Palestinian’] belonging to the homeland’ (ibid). Here’s the 54-second video:

In case you didn't know, Jews in Israel also feel a sense of 'homeland'. But we Jews don't teach our children to kill Arabs (or to want to kill Arabs). We don't teach our children songs of killing--and then label their singing, 'an expression of their sense of homeland'. To us, that's sick. It's abuse.

-November 22, 2015: “Girl's hate speech on PA TV: Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail” (ibid). Here, a young girl recited a poem on official PA TV that included the words ‘Our enemy, Zion, is Satan with a tail’. ‘Zion’ is the Jew. When she finished, the host of the PA TV children's program responded: ‘I really like this poem’.

What children’s programs do your children watch? What poems do they hear?

You should note that this poem came to air just two weeks after Abbas' advisor on Islam, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, preached in the Friday sermon that Israel is Satan's project, and that Jews represent evil (ibid).  

Nice people. How would you like to be forced to have these people as neighbours? That’s what the US wants Israel to do.

The full poem recited by the young girl describes what Arab children in the Palestinian Authority have been taught by Arab leaders, their teachers and their parents. It’s what Arab children are fed on a daily basis. It’s why 11-, 12-, 13- and 16-year olds are killed trying to murder Jews. They’ve been brainwashed.

These postings by Palestinian Media Watch reflect the PA’s public record over just the last month. They are viciously anti-Semitic. They do not prepare viewers for peace with Israel. Instead, they are part of a planned genocide, which seeks to incite violence against members of a group (Jews); incitement to genocide is a part of Genocide, as defined by the UN.

If John Kerry wants peace in this region between Arabs and Jews, he should address that genocide. He should know full well that, as others have said, ‘if Arabs put down their guns—and their hate—there’d be peace tomorrow. But if Israel put down its guns, there’d be no Israel tomorrow’.

If John Kerry doesn’t understand that, he’s either incompetent, an anti-Israel ‘Palestinian’ advocate or an anti-Semite—or some combination of all three.

If the PA wants to talk about peace, it must first give up genocide against Israel. Kerry should stay home until the PA takes that step.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The face of evil

Between October 1, 2015-November 22, 2015, Arab terrorists have murdered 21 Jews. The latest victim was a 21-year old woman, killed in the Gush Etzion area, near Hevron.

In one of three incidents today (November 22, 2015), we heard of an attack near us, just a couple of miles away--if that far. An Arab cab driver tried to run down several Jews. When that failed, he exited his cab and attacked the group with a knife. One of the Jews in the group, a civilian, was wearing a personal handgun. He used it. He killed the Arab attacking the group.

In another incident today in the Gush area, an Arab female was shot and killed while she attempted to kill Jewish civilians. She was 16 years old.

What's going on here? Why would anyone act in a manner clearly designed to get one killed?

The video below will give you an insight into these questions. The video covers the years 2001-2005. What it discusses still occurs today, in 2015-16. It tells you what we see here in Israel almost every day(except, thank G-d, the suicide bombers).

This video is about evil. It's 5:58 long. It shows you what evil in 2015 looks like.If you have already seen it, it's worth another view.

Naziism hasn't gone away. It's alive and well--in the Palestinian Authority, in Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia.

During this time of Arab terror, most of the Arab attackers have been between the ages 12 - 27. The cab driver above was age 51--an anomaly. 

The children who kill Jews today were the audience for the
programs you have just seen, from 2001-2005. They watched, they learned. 

Since then, these Jew-killers and wanna-be Jew-killers have been groomed through more TV programs, more sermons, more cartoon and posters. If you look at the website Palestinian Media Watch, you'll see it all. It's Nazi-inspired. It's genocide (because it seeks to harm the members of a group simply because they belong to that group--Jews).

We are not finished with these attacks. But I can tell you this: they will not succeed. In fact, as in the past, the ones who will suffer  most from these attacks, will not be Jews. It will be Arabs.

It's always been that way. It will always be that way. 

That's the thing about evil. It always destroys those who embrace it.

The intended victims survive. The evil-doers live the nightmare they would inflict on others. 

It's always been that way. It will always be that way.

The 'Palestinian Cause' is a criminal enterprise

The narrative of the ‘Palestinian Cause’ suggests that Muslims kill Jews in Israel for, mostly, one reason. They’re ‘frustrated’ (Michael Jansen, “Palestinian violence fuelled by frustration”, Irish Times, November 21, 2014).

Many say they understand this ‘frustration’. But few agree what it is.

Some say it comes from a presumed on-going Israeli oppression (ibid). Some say it comes because of an unending string of broken US promises (Zack beauchamp, “It’s over”, Vox, January 22, 2015). US Secretary of State John Kerry believes it comes from Israeli ‘settlements’ (Lee Smith, “John Kerry Blames Israel For Palestinian Terror”, The Tablet, October 15, 2015).

Others have a different opinion. They say ‘Palestinian’ frustration happens because ‘Palestinians’ conflate ‘Temple Mount-no peace-violence’ for their own purposes (David Harris, “Jerusalem's holiest site a toughest task for future peace”,, October 6, 2009).

Certainly, ‘Palestinians’ are ‘frustrated’ over the Temple Mount (Smith, ibid). But this ‘frustration’ provokes a peculiar response: because ‘Palestinians’ are ‘frustrated’, they committed 778 attacks against Jews in 34 days between September-October, 2015 (“By the numbers: 778 terror attacks since Rosh Hashanah”, Arutz Sheva, October 27, 2015).

How would you like your child to behave like that in response to ‘frustration’? Would you honour him? Would you ennoble him?

The ’Palestinian Cause’ identifies the Temple Mount as a central symbol of its statehood (“Q and A: is a new Palestinian intifada at hand?”, AFP, October 5, 2015). They claim their ‘Palestine’ cannot be born if the Temple Mount isn’t ‘free’.

In case you didn’t know, ‘Palestinians’ say the Temple Mount isn’t free. The Jews have it.

The argument is, since these Jews won’t give the Temple Mount to ‘Palestinians’, the ‘Palestinians’ are frustrated. Can you blame them? John Kerry can’t (Daniel Greenfield, “'Frustrated' Muslims Can’t Stop Killing Jews… and Everyone Else”, FrontPageMag, October 19, 2015).

Wait a minute. Do you see what the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is doing here? It’s created an extortion racket. It makes the creation of their Muslim state of ‘Palestine’ absolutely require that another religion (Judaism) must forever abandon its religion’s center-piece. Current terror attacks by ‘Palestinians’ make it crystal clear that, if that centrepiece is not handed over, Muslims will kill.

John Kerry condones this?

If you’ve been raised in a Western country, and maintain Western values, how can you support an extortion designed to deny another’s religion? Or, how would you react if your neighbour attempted to kill your children because you refused to give him a property you owned?

The ‘Palestinian’ message is simple. If the nations want peace in this Region, they’d better start pressuring Israel. They’d better start making Israel give up its rights to Judaism’s holiest site on earth.

That’s not just extortion. It’s a form of blackmail. It’s criminal.

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ asserts that if Jews walk on the Temple Mount, ‘Palestine’ cannot be born. That ‘frustrates’ them.

Do you know how Muslims have behaved when they’re frustrated? According to one opinion, they murder.

Essayist Greenfield (ibid) says Muslims have expressed their ‘frustration’ as murder around the world and across centuries (ibid). They’ve murdered because of ‘frustration’ in Israel, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Afghanistan (Greenfield, ibid). They’ve murdered bcause of ‘frustration’ in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries (Greenfield, ibid).

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ says that if Israel doesn’t accommodate ‘Palestinian’ frustration, Jews will be murdered. Then, when ‘Palestinians’ murder Jews, ‘Palestinian’ officials would have you believe that Israel has no one but itself to blame for these murders.

That’s what John Kerry believes (Greenfield, ibid). It’s also what the US State Department believes (Adam Kredo, “[US] State Department Cracks Down on Israel Travel Amid Violence”, Washington Free Beacon, October 26, 2015).

The ‘Palestinian Cause’ is not a ‘movement’. It’s a criminal enterprise. Its main ‘representative’, the Palestinian Authority (PA),is no different from thugs in your city who demand property from you—or else.

A criminal enterprise is an organization that commits acts that can be characterized as ‘racketeering’. Racketeering is the act of engaging in a pattern of criminal offenses. These offenses include activities known to be committed by members, followers or supporters of the Palestinian Authority: murder, kidnapping, arson, obstruction of justice, obstruction of law enforcement, filing false statements, blackmail, abuse of children and unlawful receipt of public funds (“Organized Crime”, legaldictionary. com, no date).

The PA wants the Temple Mount for itself exclusively. Like thugs, it commits a criminal act by attempting to acquire the Temple Mount—the very heart of Judaism—through the use of threats and force (ibid). Like criminals, it unleashes a murderous rampage in Israel to demonstrate what will happen if Israel doesn’t pony up.

Like many modern criminal enterprises, The PA uses violence. Like other criminal organizations, the PA uses murder, torture, assault, and terrorism to achieve its goals.

That’s how a criminal enterprise works. It’s how the Palestinian Authority works. That’s why the entire ‘Palestinian Cause’ is a criminal enterprise.

Why would you support a criminal enterprise?