Thursday, October 8, 2015

Israel, October 2015: this is war

There’s a rumour making the rounds in Israel today, October 8, 2015, in the Jerusalem area. The rumour says there’ve been 108 Arab attacks against Jews in the last 24 hours.

I don’t know if that number is correct. But from what I can see, it certainly sounds right.

We are at war.

The enemy is Jew-hating Muslim Arabs. We know that’s our enemy because we see their pictures. We see them in the news. We see them on film.

We see them attacking Jews on CCTV clips published on news sites and blogs. We see them stabbing, kicking, tripping and shoving Jews in unprovoked assaults on youtube videos uploaded from both Jewish and Arab cell phones.

Arab Muslims are on a bloody, murderous rampage. They’re throwing stones at Jews. They’re attacking Jews. They’re shooting Jews. They are out to kill Jews.

This blood-thirsty frenzy has nothing to do with establishing a new state of ‘Palestine’ so that two nations can live side-by-side in peace and security (as the European Union proclaims). It has everything to do with killing Jews.

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. It’s hardly more complex than that.

I have a picture for you. Perhaps you’ve seen it before. It’s a picture that shows you the happy face of the ‘Palestinian Cause’.

You’ve been told repeatedly that the ‘Palestinian Cause’ is about justice for the ‘Palestinian people’. You’ve been told that it’s about helping the ‘Palestinian people’ achieve their dream of self-determination—their own state.

But those who promote this ‘Cause’ don’t tell you that the creation of this new state requires the extermination of another state--Israel. Since the creation of modern Israel, that extermination has meant killing Jews.

In fact, ‘Palestine’ cannot exist without wiping Israel off the world map. Actions speak louder than words; and the actions of ‘Palestinians’ have always been the same: ‘Palestine’ can be born only through the blood of dead Jews.

We know this about the ‘Palestinians’ because of a picture:

The woman in this picture is Hillevi Larssona. At the time this picture was taken, between October-December 2014, she was a Swedish Parliament Member who was instrumental in convincing the Swedish Parliament, in October, 2014, to recognize ‘Palestine’ as a ‘state’ (“Sweden Recognizes 'Palestine' as a State”, Arutz Sheva, October 4, 2014). Palestinian officials in Sweden were so pleased with her efforts they honoured her with the plaque pictured above—along with a sample ‘Palestinian’ flag’ (the picture comes from “Sweden approves borders of ‘Palestine’ with Israel erased”, Times of Israel, December 3, 2014).

The map of ‘Palestine’ she holds is actually the outline of the modern state of Israel.

Look at a map of Israel. Compare the shape of Israel with the shape of this ‘Palestine’. The two shapes are identical.

Even taking into account changes created by graphic creativity, this plaque is pretty much an exact outline of what Israel looks like on a map—only the outline in this plaque isn’t called Israel. It’s called ‘Palestine’.

In case you don’t get the point, the new ‘Palestine’ doesn’t sit side-by-side with Israel. It doesn’t sit next to Israel. It replaces Israel. Its very existence requires the disappearance of Israel.

That’s why Arabs attack Jews. They want that replacement to happen now.

This is war. It’s a war to rid Israel of Jews. Its aim is to kill Jews, conquer Israel, take over the Temple Mount and rename the land conquered as ‘Palestine’.

Jews in Israel know this. This is why the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat, has declared that Jews who own a licensed gun should wear that gun whenever they go out (Paul Goldman and Lawahez Jabari, “Palestinian Unrest: Carry Guns at All Times, Jerusalem Mayor Says”, NBCNews, October 8, 2015). It’s why Israel’s Deputy Defense Minister, Eli Ben-Dahan, has called on all of Israel’s Jewish citizens to carry their licensed weapons on them (“Deputy Defense Minister Calls on Citizens to Carry Their Guns”, Jewish Press, October 8, 2015).

We are now told—not asked—to carry loaded guns for a simple reason: the Palestinian Authority (our so-called ‘peace partner’) celebrates the killing of Jews.

How do we know this? We know it because the Palestinian Authority has announced that killing Jews brings joy--that the killing of Jews is a ‘heroic’ act that brings expressions of joy to ‘Palestinians’ (Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu, “Official PA Daily Reports that Murders of Jews Brings Joy”, Jewish Press, October 8, 2015; see also, Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Palestinians joyous by sharing pictures of dead Israelis”. Palestinian Media Watch, October 8, 2015).

This is war. It’s a war of Jew-hate. It has the same goal as the Jew-hate of Nazi Germany. It lusts to spill Jewish blood.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why Arab Muslims rule over the IDF

Israel is the home of the Jews. Many of us believe that. But it’s not something a Jew can take for granted.

Israel isn’t like other countries. It doesn’t exist because ingenious Jewish politicians created a state. It exists because of HaShem.

For the last 68 years, since the founding of the modern Israel, Israel has had a G-d problem. Too many Jews believe that HaShem (our G-d) was irrelevant to the State’s birth. Too many believe that HaShem has nothing to do with modern Israel. Too many believe Israel was born because of Man, not HaShem. 

They believe HaShem has nothing to do with Israel’s survival. HaShem, they will tell you, doesn’t protect us. The IDF (Israel Defense Force) protects us.

Now, as the Jewish year 5776 begins, we’re learning that that’s untrue. The IDF doesn’t protect us. To paraphrase someone else, this belief in the IDF over HaShem is ‘stinkin’ thinkin’—the kind of thinking that leads to failure, not success.

The IDF can’t protect us. Arabs know it (Liz Baruch, “Terrorist Stabs Soldier, Snatches His Gun”, Arutz Sheva, October 7, 2015).

When Jew-hating Arabs attack Jews, the IDF now—more than not--stands idly by (Ari Yashar, “'They Were Going to Murder Me With Cinder Blocks'”, Arutz Sheva, October 7, 2015). The IDF doesn’t stand idle as Jews are attacked because IDF soldiers don’t care about Jews. Those soldiers do care. They stand idle when Jews are viciously attacked because the IDF hierarchy is afraid.

IDF command is afraid of what the Gentile nations will think if it harmed Arabs. Israel’s military leadership fears Jew-hating Gentiles more than it fears HaShem.

Jew-hating Arabs see this. They know it. The result is, they feel free to attack us (“Jewish Woman Escapes Arab Mob Attack”, Arutz Sheva, October 7, 2015). They attack, and the world ennobles them (Sarah Bernhaida, “ Bethlehem youngsters defy Israeli army after teen death”, AFP, October 6, 2015).

Teenage and pre-teen Arab boys are no longer wannabee Jew-killers who simply attack Jewish civilians and soldiers. They’re noble youth--plucky teenagers “itching for a fight” (ibid) with the Jew-soldiers who ‘brutally’ fire tear-gas and rubber bullets (and, sometimes, live rounds) at these teens when they (the teens) ‘bravely’ hurl firebombs and stones.

Arab Muslims claim that Jews have filthy feet that desecrate Muslim ground (“Abbas says Jews have filthy feet”, elderofzyion, September 16,2015). These filthy Jews (ibid) have no right to defend themselves (Seumas Milne, “It’s Palestinians who have the right to defend themselves”, theguardian, November 20, 2012). Jews have no such right because, Arab Muslims tell us, these Jews have no right to any ground the Arab Muslim claims is his (Nonie Darwish, “Why Muslims Must Hate Jews”, nairaland forum, August 5, 2012).

This is why the UN, US and EU are so silent when Jews are attacked. It’s why the UN, EU and US only condemn ‘the violence’ when Jews defend themselves. It’s also why the IDF is slow to respond: too many of Israel’s military leaders behave as if they believe the Muslim narrative. That narrative declares, falsely, that the Jews of Israel come from Russia and Europe; Jews have stolen Arab land; and there will be no justice until that stolen land is returned and Jews are removed.

Too many in Israel’s military appear to believe that Israel’s Jews have a dilemma: we Jews want to stay on land that’s not ours.  We’ll hold that land as long as we can. But when the ‘natives’ rise up, we really have no moral standing; all we can do at that point is retreat.

IDF command defers to Arab Muslim attacks. It retreats. It seeks a passive, reactive response. It allows Arab Muslims to riot on the Temple Mount. It bans Jews from the Mount. It treats Arab Muslims as if they are more important in Israel than Jews.

When Arab Muslims see this, they increase their attacks (“Watch: Gaza Incitement Video Teaches 'How to Kill Jews'”, Arutz Sheva, October 6, 2015; and, “Arab Terrorists Throw Stones at Security Forces in Jerusalem”, Arutz Sheva, October 6, 2015). They push the IDF onto its heels.

Today’s IDF demonstrates uncertainty. There should be no uncertainty. When Arab Muslims attack Jews in Israel, both our Prime Minister and IDF command should be the first to declare what’s written in the very first Rashi commentary on the very first posuk (sentence) of the Torah: HaShem, Creator of the universe, gave Israel to the Jews.

Until both the Prime Minister and IDF command stand up and say, Israel is the land G-d gave to the Jews, the IDF will appear weak. Until our political and military leaders stand up and say the Temple Mount is Jewish, and is the spiritual center-piece of our Jewish nation, the IDF will appear bewildered.

Until Israel’s political and military leadership stands up and says, ‘our strength comes from HaShem’, the Arab Muslim will continue to convince the world that Israel is a fraud. Until our leaders commit to HaShem, the world will see the IDF as just another army of political oppression.

Until our political and military leaders stand up for HaShem, the Arab Muslim will attack Jews with impunity. He will continue to push Israel off the Temple Mount.

Until IDF command speaks the name of HaShem, the Arab Muslim will rule over the IDF.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Arabs riot out of control. Israel gets tough?

The Jewish month of Tishrei occurs during September-October. This year, that month began September 13, 2015. For this Jewish month of Holy Days, Arab Muslims in and around Jerusalem rioted, attacked Jews and seemed focused on destroying the Jewish Holy season.

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas fed a building Muslim Jew-hate frenzy with statements like, “the Al-Aqsa (the Jewish Temple Mount) is ours...and they [Jews] have no right to defile it with their filthy feet (Ari Yashar, “Arabs Attack Police in Jerusalem's Old City”, Arutz Sheva, September 18, 2015).

Arab terrorists killed five Jews between September 13-October 4, 2015. They rioted repeatedly and launched dozens of attacks against Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City. Arabs rioted repeatedly on the Temple Mount, in both spontaneous and pre-planned attacks (ibid). They attacked and beat a number of Jewish boys and men in the Old City (for example, “Arabs Attack Jewish Boy in Old City of Jerusalem”, Jewish Press, September 13, 2015).  

PA leaders didn’t call for peace. They didn’t call for a stop to the violence. Instead, they suggested publicly that conditions were ripe for a new intifada (“Senior Hamas Official: Time Ripe for 3rd Intifada”, Jewish Press, October 4, 2015). They incited against Jews (Hana Levi Julian, “Israeli Arab MK Zoabi Says ‘No Place for Jews at Temple Mount’”, Jewish Press, October 4, 2015).

Arabs attacked ambulances trying to rescue both Arabs and Jews injured in attacks. They called for Arabs to be armed (“Fatah Leader calls on Palestinian Authority to Arm Arabs”, Jewish Press, October 4, 2015).  They assaulted Jews on the Temple Mount with apparent impunity (“Arab-Israeli lawmaker verbally attacks Jewish visitors to Temple Mount”, Jewish Journal, September 29, 2015). They attacked Israeli police countless times (Ari Yashar, “Arabs Attack Police in Jerusalem's Old City”, Arutz Sheva, September 18, 2015).  

Rumours circulated within the Old City’s Jewish population that most of these attacks were not being reported upon in the press. Rumours said that the authorities were afraid to tell the truth about the number and intensity of the attacks.

Israeli authorities announced new measures to bring calm and to crush the riots (“Netanyahu: We'll Break This Terror Wave”, Arutz Sheva, October 6, 2015). Israel beefed up security forces in Jerusalem. But then the Arabs beefed up their response: for example, in one instance, Israeli police had to be rescued from a wild mob in an Arab neighbourhood (Cynthia Blank, “Police Force Rescued From Riot in Jerusalem's Shuafat”, Arutz Sheva, October 6, 2015).

But Israeli forces did get tough. They arrested a Jew who had dared to recite the “Shema Yisroel”—Judaism’s most famous prayer—while visiting the Temple Mount. They arrested another Jewish youth on the Temple Mount because he was ‘suspected’ of praying, ‘swaying’ in a manner that suggested he was praying (“Jewish Youth Arrested on Temple Mount for Swaying”, Arutz Sheva, October 1, 2015). These arrests took place even though Israeli courts have ruled that Jews must be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount (“Ruling: [Israel] Police must allow Jewish prayer on Temple Mount”, wnd, March 3, 2015).

While Arabs were banned from the Temple Mount because of their rioting, Jews were also banned. In fact, the United States called upon Israel to maintain the ban against the Jews in order to placate the rioting Muslims (“US Calls on Israel to Maintain Ban on Jewish Temple Mount Prayer”, Arutz Sheva, September 25, 2015).

Remember now, the Temple Mount is Judaism’s Holiest site on earth. It’s the place our prayers describe as ‘G-d’s dwelling place’. Keep in mind also that a 1994 Treaty between Jordan and Israel committed both Parties to protect freedom of access and freedom of worship at Jerusalem Holy sites to all religions. Jordan has the responsibility of ‘managing’ the Temple Mount, which means it’s supposed to allow Jews access and worship opportunities.

It doesn’t. It won’t. It refuses.

Muslims want Jews banned forever from the Temple Mount. Muslims claim the Mount is holy Islamic ground. But they desecrate the Temple Mount by rioting, stoning Jews and screaming ‘alla akhbar’ (in a most unprayer-like fashion) at Jews who visit the Mount.

To quash the rioting, Israel has gotten tough. It has begun to arrest Arabs. It’ll continue to do that.

But Israel’s ‘get-tough’ policy also extends to Jews. Yes, Israel will arrest Muslims for rioting. But it’ll arrest Jews, too—for praying.

When Israel arrests Jews for exercising their freedom of religion, it sends the wrong message to the world. It tells the world that even Israelis believe Muslims are more important than Jews in holy Israel.

Israel should protect Jews who wish to pray. Israel should announce to the world that Jews have a legal right in their Jewish Israel to pray at Judaism’s holiest site on earth.

Israel should send a Jewish message to the world, a message that declares clearly that the Temple Mount is Jewish, not Muslim.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Arab Jew-hate has no limit

On Saturday night, October 3, 2015, an Arab terrorist killed two Jews in Jerusalem’s Old City. The terrorist wounded two others and shot a Jewish infant. One of those murdered was Rabbi Nechemia Lavi, a Talmudic leader at a local Yeshiva.

There is no escaping this truth: the entire Arab enterprise in the Palestinian Authority (PA) marinates in Jew-hate. That Jew-hate knows no limit.

It begins with the PA logo. That logo doesn’t show an Arab ‘Palestine’ next to Israel. It shows an Arab ‘Palestine’ in place of Israel.

The dream is not statehood. It’s to obliterate Israel.

To help achieve that goal, PA leaders incite to kill Jews. Indeed, when Jews are murdered, these leaders proudly claim responsibility.

The cycle is simple: Arab leaders incite against Jews. Arab followers murder Jews. Arabs celebrate.

It’s how Arabs treat Jews in Israel.

 On October 1, 2015, another Rabbi and his wife were gunned down in cold blood right in front of their four children. How did PA officials respond? They jumped to take credit (Itamar Marcus and Nan Zilbersik, “Fatah claims responsibility for murder of young Israeli couple in front of their children”, Palestinian Media Watch, October 2, 2015).

Fatah is the political Party that rules the PA. Mahmoud Abbas is the leader of that Party.

Rabbi Lavi (above) was murdered because he had left his apartment in the Old City to help another Jew, who had himself been attacked. This incident has nothing to do with political freedom. It has everything to do with Jew-hate.

When Arab leaders hear of these attacks, they celebrate. They gloat. They honor the killers as ‘heroes’.

These are not nice people. They are filled with Jew-hate.

Here’s a Jewish reaction to the murder of Rabbi Lavi. This response is from a dear, close friend to Rabbi Lavi. It’s by Rav Shlomo Aviner. It’s on Rav Aviner’s  blog. The essay is, “In our Name and In the Name of Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi: This Time We Will Also Overcome”, Torat HaRav Aviner, October 3, 2015).

I’ve edited the essay to fit my format:

“During the joy of the holiday of Sukkot, tragedy has struck: Thursday night [October 1, 2015], young parents, Ha-Rav Eitam and Na'ama Henkin, were murdered before their [four] children's eyes.  And on Motzaei Shabbat [October 3rd], good people were again murdered as they walked innocently in the Old City.  One of them is Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi, [a leader of] our Yeshiva, Ateret Yerushalayim.  He was a man with a gentle soul, a sweet and good man, who never wronged another person – whether Jew or Arab.

Rav Nechemia was an exalted person, girded with Midot Tovot (sterling character traits). He was completely kind. He was a person who never spoke ill of others.  He was a person who delved into the depths of Torah, who learned Torah day and night, out of a love of Hashem and a love of toiling in Torah learning.

To our great distress, we must acknowledge that these difficult events, these tragedies, are not surprising.  Since the appearance of Islam, Muslims have persecuted us, hated us, forced us to convert to Islam, expelled us and murdered us.  Although they have done so less than Christians, this is of no comfort.  We all remember how the Mufti of Yerushalayim, Haj Amin al-Husseini worked hand-in-hand with Hitler and cooperated with him, on condition that in the Arab countries, Arabs could freely murder Jews.

Nothing has changed, except for one thing: With the kindness of Hashem, we now have an army, a courageous army, a capable army, a devoted army.  This army is an agent of Hashem.  It’s not a conquering army. As its name indicates, it’s the Israel Defense Force (emphasis mine).

It’s true that since the beginning of the return to Zion and the establishment of the State of Israel, we have endured many tragedies.  But we must view things in proportion: The light is inestimably greater than the darkness.  Obviously, the pain of every Jew who is murdered rends the heart, and all the more so if that person is your close friend, someone who has been close to your soul for so many years.  

At the same time, this does not erase our joy for all of the goodness we have received.  After all, terror does not have any actual power.  It cannot determine political events. It is purely psychological warfare whose goal is to break the spirit, and weaken the citizens' trust in the State, its leaders and its army.

We declare here in our name and in the name of Ha-Rav Nechemia Lavi, who has arisen on high, that we go hand-in-hand with our Nation, with our State and with our army.  We have experienced much greater hardships and we have overcome them, and with the help of Hashem, this time we will also overcome”.

A Jewish Rabbi, an admired Torah-scholar, has been murdered simply because he was a Jew. On the Temple Mount, Arabs scream their hate of the Jew. Off the Mount, they engorge themselves with that hate--and attack Jews.

After Rabbi Lavi’s murder, an Arab Facebook page appeared. It honoured the killer (Ari Soffer, “Thousands 'Like' Facebook Page Honoring Jerusalem Terrorist”, Arutz Sheva, October 4, 2015).

In order to prevent or limit further attacks against Jews, Israeli officials have temporarily banned PA Arabs from entering Jerusalem’s Old City, which has been the scene of multiple attacks against Jews over the last three weeks. The PA reacted with anger.

Apparently, the PA doesn’t approve of Jewish efforts to defend itself. It has condemned this passive, defensive banning of PA Arabs as ‘an escalation’ (“Palestinian Authority Condemns Jerusalem Closure as 'Escalation'”, Arutz Sheva, October 4, 2015).

That’s how Arab leaders think. Jews who defend themselves must be condemned. Jews must be defenceless.

Arab Jew-hate has no limit.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Abbas lies. He wants war, not statehood

On September 30, 2015, the Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas went to the United Nations. There, before the world, he repudiated peace accords with Israel (Paul Richter, “An Abbas surprise: Palestinians no longer bound by 1993 Oslo peace accords”, Los Angeles Times, September 30, 2015). But he mustn’t have been very clear about that repudiation because as soon as he did it, hardly anyone became angry.

A leader from a region aflame in war repudiates peace. No one reacts? That’s amazing.

It’s also anti-Semitic. Think about how the world would react if Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had repudiated peace.  Would it shrug in the same manner it shrugs at Abbas?

I don’t think so. If the Jewish Netanyahu had made that announcement, the world would have reacted with absolute outrage. Peace, the world would cry, is too important to repudiate. The world would ask, why do you Jews want to destroy peace?

Netanyahu, the world would complain, you’re not trying hard enough. Netanyahu, you’re a warmonger.

With Abbas, however, the world says nothing. Usually, when someone repudiates peace, he does so for a reason--to start a war. But with Abbas, the world doesn’t worry about war.

That’s a mistake. Then again, perhaps it’s not a mistake. Maybe it’s a silent nod of approval.

After all, Abbas doesn’t want just any kind of war. The war he wants is against Jews.  

Look at the facts. Abbas went to the UN. He repudiated peace.  Arabs in Israel, meanwhile, rioted and attacked Jews, Jewish Holy places and Jewish property in Jerusalem.

What does that tell you?  It says Abbas meant what he said: from this point forward, when it comes to Israel, it’ll be war, not peace.  

Ask the Jews of Jerusalem’s Old City about that. They know the truth. They’re the ones being attacked.

Those Arab attacks are racist. They’re fuelled by religious hatred. None of the attacks are ‘pro-statehood’.  None of them are about ‘self-determination’. They all have one focus only: get the Jew.

Abbas is arrogant. Instead of going to the UN to speak about peace, he went to lie about Israel. He declared that Israel is responsible for Arab-inspired (and initiated) clashes on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount (ibid). He declared that Israel is responsible for the Arab-led call for religious war against Israel (ibid).

Abbas didn’t go to the UN to seek peace. He went to attack Israel. He didn’t go to find truth. He went to tells lies.

For example, Abbas and his Fatah officials stoke attacks against Jews on the Temple Mount—and blame both Israel and Jews for those attacks. Abbas and his PA pals have been using this ‘start a riot; blame the Jew’ tactic for years. They’re doing it again now.

Let’s get something straight here. Mahmoud Abbas may talk about ‘statehood’ in his UN speech (Jessica Schulberg, “Mahmoud Abbas Tells UN He Will No Longer Observe Oslo Accords”, Huffington Post, September 30, 2015). But if statehood was his real goal, what the hell is he doing on PA TV talking about filthy Jewish feet defiling Al Aqsa [The Temple Mount]? (“Abbas: We won’t allow Jews with their “filthy feet” to “defile our Al-Aqsa Mosque [the Jewish Temple Mount]” “We bless every drop of blood... that has been spilled for Allah”; Source: Official Palestinian Authority TV, Sept. 16, 2015”, as reported by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jaques Zilberdik, “PA and Fatah officials behind Jerusalem terror”, Palestinian Media Watch, September 20, 2015).

At the UN, Abbas talked about ‘self-determination’ (“Abbas: Palestine no longer bound by agreements with Israel”, Ma’an News Agency, September 30, 2015). But if he really wanted ‘self-determination’, why do his PA officials call on the ‘Palestinian’ people everywhere to come to Al-Aqsa [The Temple Mount] to ‘carry out Ribat [religious conflict/war]’ against the Jew (ibid)?

What the hell is that all about? On whose planet does a desire for ‘statehood’ get translated into religious war?  In what world does ‘political self-determination’ mean a call to turn someone else’s Holiest site into a war zone?

Mahmoud Abbas mocks the United Nations. He mocks religious freedom. He mocks peace.

He laughs—and the whole world laughs with him as if he’s the world’s favourite satirist. He attacks Israel—and the world offers him gentle applause as if he’s just read a beautiful poem.

He went into Man’s Temple of Peace (the UN) and, essentially, declared a religious war against Jews. Nobody heard a discouraging word. But those riots in Jerusalem tell a different story. They tell a story of pure Jew-hate.

Abbas doesn’t want peace. He doesn’t want statehood. He doesn’t want ‘self-determination’. He wants war. He wants to rid Israel of, in his words, ‘filthy Jews’.

He should be careful what he asks for. He should be careful who he calls ‘filthy’.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015, Muslims and the Jewish Redemption

Late September, 2015 is a time of joy for Jews around the world. It is Succot, the Jewish Holiday called, ‘the time of our joy”.

Succot is many things, all of them joyous:

-It’s a harvest holiday. It’s the time of year we celebrate the end of the summer harvest season. 

-It’s the holiday we rejoice over G-d’s protection. During this time, we recall how our G-d protected us from harm during our nation’s sojourn in the wilderness some 3,300+ years ago.

-It’s the holiday that follows the Days of Awe. On those Days (Rosh Hashannah and Yom Kippur), we faced judgment and, G-d forbid, punishment. Now, Succot, we rejoice. We do that to show HaShem we believe with a firm faith He has indeed forgiven our sins.

Jerusalem during Succot is a city of joy. The streets fill with families on what is unofficially a mini national vacation-time.

Schools are closed. Many offices are closed. Tourists appear in droves. People appear festive in both demeanor and outlook.

This year in Jerusalem, Jews aren’t the only people doing ‘things’ during Succot. Arabs, too, are busy.

Here’s a list of headlines for Tuesday, September 29, 2015. In Israel 2015, September 29th is ‘the first day of Chol HaMoed’. ‘Chol HaMoed’ is an important 6-day (in Israel) “interlude” that marks the middle of Succot. The headlines below tell you how Arabs treat the Jewish religion—and the Jewish people—on this first day of ‘Chol HaMoed’:

-“ PM: Armed ‘Palestinians' Violating Temple Mount Status Quo”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Jerusalem: Jewish Youth Attacked by Arabs - Then Arrested [by Israeli police, for defending himself]”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Jerusalem: Two Arab Women Arrested for Harassing Jews”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

- “Jerusalem: Arab Teen Arrested for Throwing Stones at Bus”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Watch: Arab MK Goes Berserk on Temple Mount”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Watch: Muslim Mob Pounces on Terrified Jewish Children”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Eastern Jerusalem Arab Youth Arrested for Throwing Stones”, Arutz Sheva, September 29. 2015.

-“ Watch: Angry Muslims Protest as Jews Visit the Kotel”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

-“ Hamas: All of Israel is Ours”, Arutz Sheva, September 29, 2015.

Hamas and Fatah hate Jews with a racist hatred. They riot during our holiday of joy specifically to express that hatred. They riot to prove they ‘own’ this place. With a peculiarly violent arrogance, they riot to show you they can do anything they want in Jerusalem.

Does anyone care about these riots, stoning attacks and assaults against Jews on religious holiday?  Does anyone question the religious hatred implicit in these attacks?

Tell me what would happen if Jews attacked Catholics on Easter Sunday? What would happen if Jews attacked Christians during the week of xmas? Would the nations remain so silence?

What would happen if Jews in America attacked blacks on the streets during Black history month?

What would happen if, during a Muslim holiday in America, Jews attacked Muslims? Would there be no outcry?

For those blacks and Muslims, there would be much outcry. The entire world would scream in anger.

Do you see what has happened when Jews in Jerusalem are attacked during a religious holiday? The world is silent.

The Jews of Jerusalem live in G-d’s Holy city. They live at the spiritual center of the world.

Muslims attack Jews in the Holiest Jewish city in the world and the gentiles of the world say nothing? That silence suggests tacit approval.

Do you notice the silence?

The nations don’t care if Jews are attacked. They don’t care if G-d’s Holy City is stoned. If they did care, they’d speak up.

Everything that happens in Israel today is about the Final Jewish Redemption. Those Muslim attacks against Jews in Jerusalem are part of the Final Redemption process. So is the nations’ silence over those attacks.  

Take another look at the headlines above. Those attacks have two purposes, both related to Redemption.

One purpose is to send a Muslim message to Jews: stay away from Jerusalem. Leave it. Abandon it.

That Muslim message is a pre-Redemption test. Does it frighten you? Does it prompt you to cancel your trip to Israel—or, worse, to cancel your aliyah plans?

Redemption isn’t about cancelling your plans. It isn’t about listening to Muslim messages.

It’s about standing up to shout, ‘this land is mine!…How dare you attack us?’

Yes, it’s about Redemption. If you want Redemption, you don’t cringe in fear. You don’t cancel anything.

That brings us to the second purpose of those dreadful headlines: the second purpose of those headlines is a Jewish Redemption message. That message is clear: listen to the Muslim hate—and then stand up for what’s yours!

It’s about Redemption, not fear.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Doomsday of Israel's Left--and HaShem

Want to see an optimistic pessimist? Look at Israeli Leftists—and those who support a Leftist political vision for Israel. They believe with great optimism that Israel is doomed.

They believe with great faith in two things. First, HaShem plays no role whatsoever in what happens in Israel; and, second, Israel is doomed if it doesn’t endorse a ‘two state solution’.

These optimists see Israel through a pessimistic prism. They look at numbers and facts—and draw conclusions which, in the long run, prove false.

These anti-Israel Israeli Leftists remind one of what the motivational writer Zig Ziglar is reported to have said about the bumblebee: an engineer can prove to you that a bumblebee cannot fly. Its wings are too short and its body too big. But the bumblebee still flies.

Leftists—and, again, those who support a Leftist vision of Israel—are like the engineers who would deny the bumblebee’s ability to fly. They say Israel is too small to support a Jewish state. Israel has too many Arabs. Israel has too few Jews. Israel is doomed in the future unless it capitulates today.

Leftists conclude that if Israel doesn’t agree to create a new state of ‘Palestine’ out of the Jewish Judea-Samaria, Israel will never remain a democratic, Jewish state (Sergio Della Pergola, as quoted by Ariel Zellman, “The Democratic Challenge”, insp, 2013). Arab birth rates are so much higher than Jewish rates, they argue, Israel is destined to lose its Jewish majority (ibid). Arabs will so outnumber Jews, they’ll simply use the ballot box to take over Israel.

The Left (and its friends) cite World Bank data (ibid) to prove their point. They cite the propagandistic ‘Palestinian Bureau of Statistics’ (“Palestinians Will Outnumber Jews In Israel By 2020″ (NOT)”, israelstreet. org, January 3, 2013). They cite their own Leftist friends (“Palestinians Now Outnumber Jews in Israel/Palestine”, liveleaknews, October 17, 2012).

Poor Israel. If it doesn’t immediately surrender holy Jewish ancestral homeland to those who seek to destroy it, it will destroy itself tomorrow.

This has been a prime Leftist argument for Israel to commit national suicide. Don’t wait to be destroyed by your enemies; take your future into your own hands: destroy yourself now by volunteering to shrink your borders to indefensible borders!

Since few outside the Left accept this Arabs-will-outbirth-you argument, Israel’s Left is trying a new doomsday argument. According to Leftist Alon Tal, it’s not the Arab birth-rate that’ll kill Israel, it’s the combination of both the Arab and the Jewish birth rates that’ll destroy Israel (“Israel's soaring population: Promised Land running out of room?”, Jerusalem Post, September 26, 2015).

The new anti-Israel mantra is no longer ‘birth rate’. It’s ‘population density’.

The argument works like this: today, Israel has a population density of 352 people per square kilometre (ibid). By 2059, that density will increase to (as much as) 880 per square kilometre.

Leftists want you to be frightened. Israel is a small country. This increase in density, they claim, threatens Israel. Israel can’t sustain such a population density (ibid). Israel is “on the road to an ecological, social and quality of life disaster” (ibid).

The Left is frightened by this ‘discovery’. But according to the World Bank’s own numbers (in a survey different from that cited by Israel’s Left), a density of 880 people per square kilometre doesn’t come close to meeting the ‘life-threatening-disaster’ criteria cited by Israel’s Left.

You see, Israel’s future density projection pales beside some current density numbers for countries that also have limited space. But few have written the kind of eulogies for those countries Israel’s Left would write for Israel.

For example, as of 2014, Bahrain has a population density of 1,792 per square kilometre, more than twice that of Israel’s future projection. Bangladesh has a density of 1,222 per sq kilometre. Bermuda has a density of 1,304 per… Hong Kong has a density number of 6,897 per square kilometre, almost eight times greater than the Left’s future projection for Israel.

Then there’s Macao. Its density number is 19, 328 per square kilometre, almost 22 times that of the Left’s Doomsday estimate for Israel.  

Macao is still ‘alive’.

Maldives’ density is 1,191. Malta is 1,136. Monaco is 18,812 (not a misprint).  Singapore has a density of 7,814 per square kilometre.

Israel’s Left isn’t dismayed by such numbers. They’re optimistic. Once Israel’s density reaches 880 per square kilometre, it’ll be doomed.

Actually, they’re right. Israel is doomed—if you don’t believe in HaShem. Israel’s like that bumblebee. It can’t survive. It’s too this; and, worse, it’s too that—just like the bumblebee.

Perhaps that’s why HaShem created the bumblebee—to teach us that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

It’s too bad Israel’s Left rejects HaShem. If it believed in HaShem, it would know why Israel exists, survives and thrives: this is the land of HaShem; this is the Land of miracles.

It’s the land HaShem Himself gave to us. It’s ours, forever.