Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Fires and riots: can you imagine what the world would say if Jews did this?

Since the end of March, 2018, Gazan citizens have been gathering at the border fence with Israel. Here, mostly on Friday-Saturday each week, thousands of men, hundreds of women, thousands of children and hundreds of Hamas operatives (terrorists) come together with a single purpose. They come to protest--'peacefully':

Here's what those 'peaceful protesters ' look like:

The men:

Thick plumes of smoke blotted out the sun as demonstrators burned tyres near the border and advanced on the fence
(picture source here)

The use of live fire has drawn international criticism but Israel says it is protecting its borders and takes such action when protesters come too close to the border fence
(picture source here

Protestors in the Gaza Strip, Monday morning (Photo: AFP)
picture source here

A demonstrator carries tyres during clashes with Israeli troops at a protest where Palestinians demand the right to return to their homeland, at the Israel-Gaza border in the southern Gaza Strip
picture source  here

Israeli troops shot dead two Palestinian protesters and wounded 12 as the series of protests in the enclave reached its half-way mark today
(picture source here)

The women:

 (Photo: AFP)
(pictures are from here)

Palestinians threw bombs and rocks over the border between Gaza and Israel as more than 10,000 protested along the fence for a third straight Friday
(picture source here)

There are reports of female participants protecting the men by standing in front of them to provide cover. A group of Palestinian women are pictured hurling stones during protests today
(picture source

The children:

Palestinian children wave a Palestinian flag as they burn a crossed-out poster depicting US President Donald Trump, during a large protest near the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis on March 30, 2018. (Said Khatib/AFP)
picture source here

Even children helped pull on the ropes that dragged sections of the barbed-wire fence away so they could cross into Israel
Even children helped pull on the ropes that dragged sections of the barbed-wire fence away so they could cross into Israel: picture source: here

Israel says it has only opened fire when necessary to guard its border and prevent violence, but no Israelis have been wounded and its open-fire rules have come under scrutiny
picture source here

At this Gaza border fence, between 3,000 and 30,000 Gazans have, each week, attempted to cut through the border fence to gain entry into Israel. When they do cut fencing, they rush to pull it apart. They try to do this under cover of smoke from hundreds of burning tires:

Others tried to cut through the fence to either flee inside Israel or raid security infrastructure before returningĂ‚ 
picture source here

But if the smoke isn't there for them, they'll attempt to pull the fence down anyway:

Palestinian protesters pull barbed wire from the border fence with Israel, in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip today
(picture source here)

Groups which approach the fence with the goal of cutting through the fence carry with them more than fence-cutters. They bring with them a variety of small arms, grenades, butcher knives and pipe bombs.

They do not intend to enter Israel to have a picnic with these items. They carry these items with them because they intend to kill Jews. 

Their leaders have spoken of 'cutting out the livers of the Jews'. These fence cutters rush into Israel because, literally, they want to be at the cutting edge of this animalistic, barbaric goal.

The world doesn't comment on  it. If Jews are the intended victims, no one cares.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews behaved this way?

On the few occasions when small groups have successfully cut through the border fence, those in the group have occasionally uploaded videos showing some among them running towards Jewish farms brandishing their butcher knives while others shout allahu aqbar while dancing with joy before the camera.

In case you didn't know, allahu aqbar is not a random phrase. It is the call an attacking Arab shouts when he is about to kill a Jew. In essence, it declares that the killing s/he is about to commit demonstrates/proves that his /her god allah is greater than the Jews' god. 

It's how these Muslims prove their god's Supremacy. By murdering you.

Nice people. Nice god. 

To stoke this excitement at their border with Israel, Gazans have set hundreds upon hundreds of tire fires, sending black, acrid tire-smoke into the air. The goal of these tire-fires is to create billowing smoke clouds--the  better to hide fence cutters while they attempt to cut the fence.

Here's what these fires look like:

 (Photo: AFP)
picture source here

 (Photo: Reuters)
picture source here

 (Photo: AFP)
(pictures are from here)

picture source here

No one has measured or even discussed the environmental toll of this smoke. No one cares. It's only Jewish land that's affected.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews were doing this, not Arabs?

Tire fires aren't  the only fires these Gazans start. They're also burning Israel. 

The Gazans who gather at the border fence have been launching fire kites into Israel--more than 1,000 of them.

Here are some of the kites:

gaza protests
(picture source here

Palestinian protesters carry a transparent kite defaced with a swastika during clashes with Israeli forces across the border today
(picture source here)

Palestinian protesters fly a kite with a burning rag dangling from its tail during a protest.
(picture source here

(picture source here)

Since April, these fire kites have ignited more than 700 fires in Israel, destroying thousands of acres of farmland--and destroying forests and nature preserves, killing animals. No one has referred to these fires for what they are: environmental terrorism. No one has denounced the killing-by-fire of Israeli wildlife.

The fires have created a 'scorched earth' in Israel. Here's what that concept, 'scorched earth', means:

 (Photo: Reuters)
(picture source here)

(picture source here)

Here's another, perhaps more dynamic, look at this scorched earth. It's a video. It's dated July 8/10, 2018. It's from the WorldJewishCongress:

On July 16, 2018, the Israel Defence Force (IDF) published a newsbrief/picture about a dead falcon found inside Israel near the Gaza border--with an incendiary device tied to its leg or legs (here). The IDF's comment about this dead falcon was, "Apparently it’s not enough to destroy nature with kites, now falcons are being used for terror as well" (ibid).

No animal rights group has denounced the Hamas incineration of animal life inside Israel. No animal rights group has denounced the killing of the falcon. Apparently, when it comes to trying to kill Jews and burn Jews out of their land, every means is justified.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews had used this poor falcon in this manner?

Israel burns. Hamas commits war crimes by engaging in this type of arson because these fire kites represents the use of incendiary weapons to attack the natural environment in a way that cannot be justified by the necessities of war (here).

How does the world react to such a war crime? The world says nothing.

Can you imagine what the world would say if Jews did this?

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Netanyahu hesitates. He appears afraid to act

Israel's news this morning wasn't good. It was dangerous. 

The reports we saw this morning were about a supposed 'ceasefire' between Israel, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. This 'ceasefire' was the result of ongoing attacks against Israel's south from Gazan terror groups, Hamas and Islamic Jihad. These attacks have been harming Israel since March 30, 2018, when Hamas organized a 'March of Return' that has turned into a 110+ day series of violent anti-Israel rioting at the Gaza-Israel border. Concurrent with those riots, Hamas and Islamic Jihad have sent into Israel close to 2,000 (or more) fire kites, rockets and mortars, threatening and seriously disrupting the lives of thousands of Israelis--and, so far, burning thousands of acres of farmland, killing animals and destroying precious, carefully nursed desert forests. 

These attacks represent a major assault against Israel. They are, in fact, war crimes. If you want to get technical about this, here is the relevant statement from Article 8(2)(b)(IV) of the 1998 ICC (International Criminal Code): 

 “[i]ntentionally launching an attack in the knowledge that such attack will cause … widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment which would be clearly excessive in relation to the concrete and direct overall military advantage anticipated” constitutes a war crime in international armed conflicts (here)

In the last 10 days alone, there's been no let-up. There have been more than 20 new fires started by kites, and more than 200 rockets/mortars shot at Israel. 

Israel has a legal right to respond to these attacks. It has a legal Responsibility to Protect its population. But its response to these attacks have been tepid, at best. For many Israelis, that response has been far too gentle: dozens of IDF air attacks against primarily empty Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.

This type of response will never deter the likes of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Such a response only makes these terrorists feel increasingly invulnerable, not increasingly in danger.

Make no mistake. Hamas and Islamic Jihad aren't playing 'musical chairs' here. Their attacks leave thousands of Israelis scrambling for their lives. Israeli children are traumatized by the sirens and explosions they hear. Business and the routines of daily life are more than disrupted. They're being broken by the continuous pressure and fear caused by these attacks.

The fire kites haven't ended. Mortar shells and rockets haven't ended. Will Israel not stop this terror?

To make matters worse for Israelis, Israel's IDF is not allowed to kill terrorists who are getting set to launch a fire kite. The IDF is allowed only to shoot towards those terrorist, not at them.

(Note: this may have just changed today. We'll see).

 So far as many Israelis are concerned, terrorists terrorize us--and we must treat them with kid gloves lest any of them gets hurt. That doesn't protect us. It protects the terrorists.

This morning's news about a ceasefire didn't calm anyone. Instead, it seemed patently laughable. Take a look at just the first 11 hours in today's early news cycle. These 11 hours will tell you everything you need to know about Israel's impotence here:

-10:43 pm last night (July 14, 2018): Islamic Jihad announces a ceasefire with the IDF

-11:50 pm last night, rockets fall in southern Israel

-12:01 am this morning, Hamas declares it has signed a ceasefire with Israel

12:26 am this morning, Sirens in southern Israel

-12:48 am today, the IDF confirms two mortars have been fired into Israel from Gaza

-5:03 am this morning, Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts a Gaza rocket

-05:31 am, Israeli MK (and head of the Jewish Home Party) Naftali Bennet was angry. He said the kind of restraint Israel's leadership shows here (by going for a ceasefire instead of going after the terrorists) will not end anything. But it will give Hamas and Islamic Jihad a chance to rearm--and then escalate their attacks.

-08:15 am today, Islamic Jihad made a statement about the fire kites it has been launching into Israel, which have caused so much damage and provoked such Israeli fear. Islamic Jihad announced that the ceasefire it has just signed with Israel does not include fire kites.

Great. Israeli leaders sign a ceasefire, Islamic Jihad says this ceasefire will not include fire kites, and everyone in Israel expects more rockets and more fires. Netanyahu himself said as much. At 9:20 or so this morning, Netanyahu said, Israel will continue to hit back at Gaza if Hamas 'doesn't get the message' (here). 

There is no ceasefire. There is no change. The attacks will continue. 

To make this point--and to press upon Israel who is 'driving this bus'--Hamas made a declaration later in the day. Hamas declared that If Israel didn't ease up its 'blockade' of Gaza, Hamas will intensify the border riots Israel must deal with. 

With this declaration, the ceasefire died before the ink had dried.

But something is different. Two things have changed in the war between Israel and Gaza.

 First, Hamas understands that, at this  point, it controls what happens between Gaza and Israel. This is good for Hamas--and bad for Israel. Then, second, Israelis sense that Hamas has such control.

That doesn't sit well with Israelis. They've become increasingly unhappy to see Hamas and Islamic Jihad attack us at will while our Netanyahu appears frozen. 

Israelis want Hamas terrorists stopped. They want Israel to stop them. They want Netanyahu to act. They want Netanyahu to make Gaza pay such a painful price for this aggression, both Hamas and Islamic Jihad will beg Nertanyahu to stop.  

Everyone here knows what this means: begin the process of flattening Gaza. 

But if this is exactly what a growing number of Israelis want, it is exactly what Israel's leadership won't even talk about. 

Netanyahu doesn't act. We don't know why. But his prevarication is dangerous. it could turn him into a modern Hamlet: he knows what must be done. But he hesitates. 

From the original Hamlet, we know what happens when a major player in a serious drama is indecisive. As with Hamlet, the longer one hesitates, the worse the end will be. 

This is not to say Netanyahu is a bad leader. He isn't. But he does at this moment seem afraid to act. 

That's a problem because fear doesn't win on the battlefield. Fear never wins. Hamas knows this--and its confidence seems to surge.

This is why this morning's news wasn't good.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Israel's settlement and sovereignty--and Judaism

(Last update: July 15, 2018)

Warning. This essay makes reference to Judaism. It also references the writings of  Rav Joseph B. Soloveitchik. Such references may offend. Reader discretion advised.

The nations of the world don't like to see Jewish settlements in parts of Israel which these nations call, 'the West Bank'. These nations say Jewish settlements in this 'West Bank' are illegitimate because this 'West Bank' belongs to 'Palestinians'. 

The nations of the world reject the idea of Jewish sovereignty over this 'West Bank'. They say such explicit national Jewish control of this 'West Bank' is illegal. Legally, the nations say, this isn't Israel's land. 

The nations of the world reject the idea that there could anything Jewish or Israeli on this 'West Bank'. The nations accuse Israel of "occupying" this piece of land. They say this 'occupation' is illegal because this land belongs to someone else--'Palestinians'. 

The world is very clear about this 'West  Bank' (its real name is Judea-Samaria). The world demands that Jewish Israel must surrender this land so the self-identified 'Palestinians' can create a new Arab-Muslim state there called, 'Palestine'.

The world claims peace can only be possible when Jews have been removed from Judea-Samaria. Peace will be possible, they cry, when 'Palestinians' replace Jews on this land.

The nations have a perennial rallying cry: if you want peace, get rid of the Jews. 

This talk of Israel's illegitimate settlements, illegal sovereignty and illegal 'occupation' isn't just a political matter. According to one of the greatest teachers in the Orthodox Jewish world of the 20th century, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik (1903-1993; referred to as 'the Rav'), it's also a religious matter. 

Such criticism of settlement and sovereignty in Israel, he suggests (see Chumash Mesoras HaRav , sefer Bamidbar, compiled and edited by Dr Arnold Lustiger, the Neuwirth edition, OU Press, New York City, 2017, pp. 264-5), speaks to the central ideas of Judaism itself--and represents a pointed assault against Judaism's basic beliefs.

The occasion of these remarks is the appearance of Rav Soloveitchik's commentary on this Shabbat's (July 14, 2018) Torah reading, Mattot/Massei. We might do well to listen to his words.

Let's begin our look at Rav Soloveitchik's comments with a quote from the Torah. This Shabbat, in sefer Bamidbar, (33:53), we read the following words, spoken by HaShem to Moshe, whom HaShem instructs in the following manner: "Speak to the children of Israel and say to them: when you cross the Jordan [river] into the land [where Israel is to be]... "You shall possess the land and settle in it, for I have given you the land to occupy it" (33:51-53) [emphasis mine]. 

This one Posuk (verse) (33:53), like many others in the Torah, spells out the religious importance of Israel to Judaism. For example, G-d Himself tells the Jews this land is theirs ( B'reisheet, 13: 14-17). He tells the Jewish nation it is the Chosen people (Devarim, 14:2). He identifies the Land of Israel as the Chosen Land for this Chosen people (Soloveitchik, ibid, p. 256). HaShem now instructs His Chosen people to possess, to occupy and to settle this Land.

We know that this match-up of the  Chosen people with this Chosen land is at the core of Judaism because one look at the 613 commandments Jews are required to observe reveals that the overwhelming number of these 613 commandments can only be done inside the borders of the Land of Israel.

Judaism was never designed to be observed, celebrated and observed wherever Jews planted their family roots. Judaism's basic design was specifically created for the Jewish people to live its Jewish life in the Land of Israel only. 

Unfortunately for Jews, these call to possess, settle and occupy have become the very same concepts which nations absolutely reject. Of course, this isn't a new idea--nations rejecting what is at the very core of Judaism. They've been rejecting Judaism for more than 2,500 years.  They've been killing Jews over their Judaism for more than 2,500 years. 

There's nothing new about this rejection of 'possess-occupy-settle-dwell' on the Land of Israel. It's just the most modern iteration of an ongoing rejection of Judaism itself.

This quadruple connection in Judaism between the Jewish people and the Land of Israel is not unique to Rabbi Soloveitchik. The connection is made explicitly in the Jewish Talmud--the Oral portion of our Written Torah, where the words of our Written Torah are explained. In the Tractate, Kiddushin (37a), we learn that the Written Torah tells us to 'dwell' in the land of Israel. The Oral Torah--the Talmud--then explains what this word means: in order to 'dwell', the Talmud says,  the Jewish nation must first 'possess/occupy it, and then 'settle' it (here).

With regard to the words, 'possess' and 'settle', Rav Soloveitchik says the following: these two words contain "the imperatives: 'settle' means colonization of the land, while 'possess' means governing and controlling the land. The  mitzvah [commandment] of settling the land is not limited to colonization. It requires conquering and governing as well--that is, maintaining political power and sovereignty" (p 265). He argues that governing and controlling the Land are part of Judaism itself because 'governing' and 'controlling'  cannot be separated from 'settling'. He suggests a rather simple proof for this: "none of the contenders for sovereignty of the Land today would allow such colonization of the Land of Israel by the Jews" (ibid). 

Only through Jewish sovereignty can 'settlement' be accomplished. One look at how aggressively the world claims so much of Israeli settlement on Israeli land is illegal and illegitimate tells you how accurate this connection is between sovereignty and settlement. 

The Rav's bottom line is clear: if Jews cannot exercise political power over the Land of Israel today--through sovereignty-- then Jews could not fulfill the command to settle there (ibid). 

The  nations of the world and the enemies of the Jewish people take these central connections between Land and Jews within Judaism and turn them into a weapon to attack both Judaism and Israel: Israel is an 'occupier'. It is a 'colonizer'. Its settlements are illegitimate. Its sovereignty over Judea-Samaria is illegal. 

All of these words, so common in our Torah, are, for the nations, dirty, filthy words. The nations use these words, in essence, to curse Israel as a rogue state. 

How's that for respecting another's religion?

The world respects Islam. When Islamists claim that their god will help them destroy Israel, no one in the world cries, 'foul'. When Islamic clerics call to exterminate Jews, no one shouts, 'that's illegal'.

There's something else from this week's Torah reading you should note: this week's reading is where HaShem describes the borders of Israel. In short, those borders extend 'from the River to the Sea' (Bamidbar, 34:1-12)--the very words which the replacement-minded and Supremacist Islamic 'Palestinians' say about their 'Palestine'. 

For 'Palestinians', a new state for themselves doesn't mean a 'Palestine' side-by-side with Israel. It means the disappearance of the Jewish Israel. You see that in the maps 'Palestinians' print showing their 'Palestine'. The new Arab state pictured on these maps has the exact same profile as Israel. It is Israel--after it's been conquered and renamed.

No one calls that 'illegal'. They respect Islam too much to say that.

Conquering Israel isn't 'peace'. It's 'replacement'. it's called 'being conquered by a Supremacist' enemy who says his god is greater than yours--and his conquest of your land will prove that.

No one argues with that. Apparently, the world respects Islam too much to object. 

As in days of old, today's nations--and our Islamic 'Palestinian' enemy--reject the words of the Jewish G-d. They reject the Jewish Biblical borders. They reject the words of the Jewish Talmud. They reject the centrality of the Land of Israel to Judaism.

They reject Judaism, period. They reject Jews. They reject a Jewish Israel. The 'peace' they want is a peace without anything Israeli or Jewish.

You can't get any more anti-Jewish than that.

The goal of our enemies to to destroy us--our people, our religion, our customs, our language and our land. This is why, in the Arab-Israel conflict, they cry out in anguish only when Jews say, 'this land is ours'. 

Let them cry. We do not trust them. We put our trust only in HaShem. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's not Israel that's brutal and racist

Today, I'm angry. Read the following. Then I'll tell you more  (I'll cite author, title and source below):

“Salam Aleikum” began the letter that hundreds of Syrian refugees found attached to tents they received last week via the Israel Defense Forces’ Operation Good Neighbor.

The letter was hastily written in English by Gal Lusky, who has been supplying humanitarian aid to Syrian victims of the civil war since 2011 through her secretive nonprofit, Israeli Flying Aid....

[Lusky wrote,] “Although you are considered to be our sworn enemies and although by operating in the field our volunteers were risking their lives, as the descendants of Jews that survived the Holocaust, we, the volunteers of Israeli Flying Aid, proud Jewish citizens of the State of Israel, sanctify life and will not stand idly by as women and children are continuously slaughtered”...
Within 24 hours, she started receiving emails in response — including children’s drawings that brought tears to her eyes...

Israeli Flying Aid secured most of the 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby formula, three pallets of medical supplies, and 30 tons of clothes and shoes sent overnight by the IDF last week to tens of thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing Bashar Assad’s latest offensive against rebel holdouts in the Daraa region of southwest Syria.
“We worked delicately in the beginning and didn’t want to embarrass those we are helping,” Lusky says, but recently she explained to opposition political leaders in southern Syria that precious time is wasted removing identifying labels from medication and other desperately needed supplies coming from Israel.

“They said, ‘Gal, we’re risking ourselves anyway and we’ll take what we can to help our people.’”

And so she decided to go public with the effort that has been going on for years in cooperation with the IDF – not including Israeli Flying Aid’s other covert activities around the world since 2005.

...Lusky’s passion to help has been matched by other individual Israelis, especially in the Golan Heights where residents constantly hear shooting, explosions and Iranian missiles flying over their heads as the conflict rages over the Syrian border.
The Golan Regional Council, encompassing 32 Israeli towns and villages, has made several appeals over the past few years for residents to collect items that the IDF deemed most needed by Syrian refugees – everything from blankets to sunshades.
[A message went out on July 1 [from the Golan Regional Council    . It] ...garnered the largest response to date: ...[According to Dalia Amos, spokeswoman for the Golan Regional Council], “This time there was a huge response from all over the country [Israel] , not only our communities [up north, near the Syrian border]. I think what really excited everyone was that we asked for families to make bags for Syrian children containing small toys, coloring pages and sweets. We emailed all the children in the Golan a blessing in Arabic that they can print out or copy over and put in their packages”... 
The council is getting calls from as far away as Gaza border communities – where Israelis have their own worries daily – wishing to bring care packages to the Golan. “We have factories and stores calling us too,” says Amos. “One toy store here is donating wood toys with Arabic lettering on them.”
Amos emphasizes that Golan residents have been collecting supplies, clothes and toys all year round to transfer to Syrian refugees through the IDF. ...
Thus far, the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor has coordinated the transfer of 1,524 tons of food, 947,520 liters of fuel, 7,933 diaper packages, 54 tons of baby food, 24,900 boxes of medicine and medical equipment, 775 medical equipment units, 250 tons of clothing, 13,920 hygienic products, and more than 300 tents to Syrians since June 2016.
Israeli Flying Aid has sent millions of dollars’ worth of medical supplies to 14 hospitals and clinics in Syria. Equipment is donated by Baylor University Medical Center in Texas, while medication is purchased with contributions from American Jewish organizations and Israelis.
“The IDF brings everything in on our behalf. They take all the risk and do amazing work. In the last two and a half years that the fence is open they are spending millions on the manpower and logistics to make this possible, putting their soldiers at tremendous risk even to bring wounded Syrians into Israel,” says Lusky.

An Israeli soldier cradling a child at the Israeli field hospital near the Syrian border. Photo courtesy of IDF Spokesman’s Office
The IDF-sponsored 20-bed maternity hospital inside Syria also is supplied with Baylor medical equipment and baby formula donated to Israeli Flying Aid by Israeli companies.
“Many of the moms are too stressed to breastfeed, and they cannot afford formula,” Lusky explains. “We work with many Israeli manufacturers and supermarkets that open their hearts and give donations of everything from formula to shoes.”
Lusky first allowed her organization’s name in the news in 2013 when it delivered 70 tons of winter clothing and bedding for Syrian civil war refugees collected by Israeli youth groups in 14 cities.
This week, Israeli Flying Aid has arranged for another 3,000 tents to be shipped from China to help shelter hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians, and aims to provide 20,000 tents altogether.
Lusky says supplies sent by the UN reach only Assad’s regime, and she hopes direct American aid can be provided, through Israel, to desperate children and women of the opposition.
“The regime is pushing them toward our border fence. In the last week, five girls were killed by scorpion bites. They need anti-venom and asthma medications. Everything is so hectic and even simple infections can cause death when there are no antibiotics,” Lusky says"
(from, Abigail Klein Leichman, "Israeli residents go public...", israel21c, July 3, 2018).

 To me, this is a great article. It shows the 'stuff' Israel is made of: how the IDF, along with Israeli civilians, join together to serve as true superheroes for thousands of Syrian refugees--Muslims, not Jews--who suffer from a raging Muslim-on-Muslim civil war. But this news report angers me.

Ask yourself a question: what has the Muslim Palestinian Authority done to help these same Syrian Muslims?

The answer is: nothing.

Remember, many Muslims in this region--if not elsewhere--are taught from birth to hate Jews. Now, some of these brainwashed people receive tons of humanitarian supplies from Palestinian Muslims? No, they don't.  

Do the Syrians crowding into Southern Syria near Israel's border receive life-saving medicines and food from Lebanon or Iran? No, they don't. 

The Syrians suffering at Syria's border with Israel receive all this from the one nation many have been taught to hate, Israel. 

How's that for irony?

A nation has no reason to help those who hate its very existence. But Israel isn't just any country. It's the world's only Jewish state. It doesn't behave like everybody else. 

It helps neighbors in need. 

What happens to Israel as it helps to save these lives? Well,  while Israel provides this humanitarian aid, it continues to be called brutal, racist, Apartheid and Nazi-like.

How's that for saying, thank you?

Is this humanitarian effort the behavior of an Apartheid state? No. An Apartheid state, one established specifically to oppress Muslims, would never help Muslims in another country who are in dire need. 

Instead, this humanitarian effort is the behavior of a state that values human life, no matter what one's religion--Israel.

Does this behavior prove that Israel really is a Nazi-state? No. It proves that Israel is a nation that cares for humanity in way never demonstrated by Nazis.

Does this behavior prove Israelis are racist? No. It proves that Israelis will not let someone starve to death just because he's different.

The truth is, Israel is no brutal, Nazi regime. It isn't racist. 

But the Palestinian Authority is racist. While the IDF risked its own soldiers' lives to help Syrian Muslim women and infants, the Palestinian Authority busied itself showing the cartoon below. This cartoon didn't illustrate how an Israeli soldier was helping to save the life of an infant Arab child. It showed an IDF soldier taking away a baby's milk bottle and substituting a can of poison for the baby to drink (palwatch): 

That's racism at its ugliest.

One month ago, while Israeli soldiers risked their lives to help innocent Muslim children at Israel's northern borders, the PA was busy accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting innocent Palestinians (PA Foreign Ministry...).

That's a blood-libel.

 Six weeks ago, while Israeli soldiers spent hours moving tons of medical material to help Muslims suffering in make-shift refugee camps--indirectly helping Muslim innocents stay alive with just-in-time medical deliveries--the PA was busy accusing Israel of indirectly killing Palestinian prisoners through 'deliberate medical neglect' (medical neglect).

That's another blood-libel.

Some seven weeks ago, while Israeli soldiers were delivering humanitarian aid few in the Arab world bothered to deliver, the PA's official newspaper was busy comparing Israel's Defense Minister to 'Nazis' (the Nazi Israel Defense Minister).

Earlier this year, while Israelis were delivering tons of food, clothing and medicines to Syrian Muslims at Israel's northern borders, the UN was busy condemning Israel for human rights violations right inside those borders ("Human rights council passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions").

I'm angry because Israelis risk their lives to help Muslims in dire need and Israel is smeared as a terrorist, hateful, rogue state that cares nothing for humanitarian needs. Meanwhile, the Muslims in the Palestinian Authority show how much they care about humanitarian needs by ignoring the suffering of their own Syrian brothers and sisters. 

I'm angry because, apparently, in the Middle East, the only nation that cares about Muslim suffering is the Jewish Israel.

I'm angry because Israel is, arguably, the one nation hated  most by the UN--but  is the only nation in the UN that cares enough about the humanity of Syrians attacked by Syrian leader Assad to aid them. 

The world doesn't give a damn about this Muslim misery. It leaves these innocents to starve to death.

The world doesn't give a tinker's damn for humanitarianism at the grass roots level, where it counts the most. All it can think of is how many times it can condemn the only country that actually helps these Muslims--the Jewish Israel.

Our Tanach tells us that Israel is Destined to stand alone, not to be counted among the nations. Damn right Israel isn't going to be counted among these nations. Why should it want to be? These nations let poor innocent civilians starve to death.

It's not Israel that's racist. It's not Israel that's brutal. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Lying about the US and Israel? Just keep it simple

Telling a lie is simple. For a child, it's as simple as, 'I didn't do it'--or, 'it wasn't me'. 

Telling a lie isn't just simple. It's also quick --and easy. 

What works for a child works for an adult. It works for a journalist--and a diplomat. 

For every age and circumstance, a lie requires no research, no analysis, no sense of understanding and, best of all, no real effort. It also takes almost no time at all. 

It just requires words: you stole my land. You occupy my land. We are the indigenous people, not you. America is  fascist. Donald Trump creates a tidal wave of poverty, etc.

These statements are lies. But they--or some version thereof--have all hit the internet. They're simple to understand. They're easy to digest--and memorable.

The truth, on the other hand, is often not quick, not simple, not easy. The truth is worse than complicated. In a world where brevity is everything, the truth is too time-consuming. No one wants stand still long enough to listen to it. 

Why should anyone stand still for the truth when they can consume a lie without breaking stride?

A  couple of years ago, someone posted a video on youtube to describe the Arab-Israel conflict in something like 5 minutes (or, was it 9 minutes?). Either way, that video was loaded with lies against Israel--so loaded with anti-Israel lies that someone decided to make his own youtube video to answer them.

He ended up with three videos, not one. None of the videos was 9 minutes long. Each video was, if I remember correctly, 40-45 minutes long. 

These three videos illustrate why a lie is so much more effective than the truth. In a world that's been raised on TV and the internet, with their 'tell me what you've got to say in 10 seconds or forget it' mentality, the lie sells better than truth. Who's got the patience to watch 135 minutes of video when 5-9 minutes covers the same topic?

Many decades ago, before TV or the internet, someone once said, 'a lie goes around the world before the truth's got its pants on'. Today, when information moves almost at the speed of light--and our attention spans aren't much slower--that saying should change. Now, that saying should be, 'a lie travels around the world before the truth's gotten out of bed'.

Recently, the UN issued a Report decrying the existence of an unacceptable degree of what it called, "extreme poverty", in the United States. That was a lie. But it made headlines because it was quick, simple and easy to understand.

Telling the truth about that statement, however, took more effort than most of us are capable of.  

To understand truth's problem in this instance, consider these questions about the UN Report: 

-How many of us understand how 'poverty' is measured by the US? 

-How many understand how' 'poverty' is measured by the UN? 

-How many understand the difference between 'poverty' and 'extreme poverty'? 

-How many understand how this UN Report, which so demonized the US, used the terms, 'poverty' and 'extreme poverty' to make its false accusations?

-Among individuals who know the answers to these questions, how many will take the time to answer them for us?

Then, finally, once those answers are prepared for us,            how many of us will actually take the time to read those answers?

Will you?

This UN lie took no more than 10 words to make its point: Stephen Loiaconi, "UN report details 'extreme poverty' in US, slams Trump policies", wjla, June 6, 2018. This lie needed  no more than 5-6 seconds to read. 

The truth took longer--much longer--to read. The truth wasn't detailed in 10 words. It needed almost 2,000 words (Francis Menton, "The UN fraudulently addresses 'extreme poverty' in United States", gatestoneinstitute, July 10, 2016).

How many readers will see the 10 word headline that lies, ingest it, and then ignore the 2,000 word rebuttal?   

Telling a lie is simple. It's easy. It requires no effort from anyone.

The truth requires a lot of effort. It requires time you may feel you don't have. 

Lies about the US work better than the truth about the US. Lies about Israel work the same way: speed and ease always trump (no pun intended) the truth.

People around the world who hate Israel and the US understand this reality. They also know exactly how to spread the kind of lies that will almost inevitably take more time to refute than most people have patience for. 

The method for creating such lies is easy: just keep it simple, stupid.