Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The 2015 UN Report on Gaza: it's a 'balagan'

I have a problem. While reading over the 2015 UN Report on the 2014 Gaza-Israel war, I got frustrated. It's badly conceived. It's badly executed. It's what Israelis call, a 'balagan'--a mess. 

I ended up doing something I’ve never done: I found myself writing three different essays at the same time, going back-and-forth between them as I found more ‘evidence’ in this and that part of the Report.

That’s called multi-tasking. That normally doesn’t work for me and it certainly didn't work for me here.

In the end, I finished the day with none of the three essays completed.  I found myself with my own 'balagan'—my own mess.

I hope to sort through that mess tomorrow. But my schedule tomorrow takes me away from my work for part of the day; I don’t know if things will turn out any better tomorrow.

So I’ll share this with you: based on what I’ve seen so far, I’d say that the Commission that wrote this Report doesn’t understand how the laws of war (called, International Humanitarian Law, or IHL) work in the real world and, as a result, builds a damaging-sounding but flawed case against Israel. The Commission also  doesn’t understand history and, as a result of that, misuses history to make an anti-Israel assertion upon which to build that flawed anti-Israel case.

On top of all that, the Commission makes a recommendation that could, in theory, create havoc for Israeli officials and diplomats. It’s an uncalled-for recommendation. It doesn’t promote peace in the Middle East; instead, it floats the idea of all-out legal war—against the Jewish state.

I’ll talk about these accusations in those essays I’m trying to finish. In the end, I hope to suggest that, as a result of pure incompetence, this Commission has produced a document that will not delegitimize Israel. But the incompetence will have an unintended consequence: it will so soil the reputation of the United Nations, it will begin the process of delegitimizing the United Nations itself.

That’s how unprofessional this Report is.

Stay tuned.





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