Thursday, June 11, 2015

Warning: attacking Israel will be bad for your health

Israel is the home of the Jews. It’s a very small nation.

Jews represent a very, very small per cent of the human population. They seem such an easy target.

Many nations and Empires have tried to eliminate the Jewish people. They’ve all failed.

Here’s a score card. It comes from, of all places, the front of a t-shirt. You can buy it in Jerusalem, Israel.
It's strange, don't you think? In Israel, you can find wisdom in the most mundane of places.
 Perhaps you’ve seen this t-shirt. You may even be able to buy it outside Israel. It’s worth the cost.

I’ve altered the score card just a bit:


In every generation, nations and empires have tried to destroy the Jews.

How’s that worked out?


Ancient Egypt:                  status—gone

Philistines:                        status—gone

Assyrian Empire:             status—gone

Babylonian Empire:        status—gone

Persian Empire:              status—gone

Greek Empire:                status—gone

Roman Empire:             status—gone

Byzantine Empire:        status—gone

Nazi Germany:              status—gone


My comment: today, the West and the United Nations join in battle with Jihadi Islam to attempt once again to destroy the Jews. Their focus now is Israel.

It’s a juicy target: six million Jews, all in one spot.

But if Israel is indeed among the smallest of nations, trying to destroy it has turned out to be extraordinarily dangerous. Everyone who has tried to destroy Jews and/Israel has not only failed, he’s been destroyed himself.

The Jews may be a tiny nation. But they have a Friend in the Highest of places.

Forgetting that could be very dangerous to a nation’s health.

The US, the EU, the Arab world and the UN bet their future health when they attack, demonize, libel, isolate, condemn and criminalize Israel. Their exertions could kill them.

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