Friday, June 29, 2018

Palestinian creativity, Iranian genius

Palestinians who wage war to destroy the world's only Jewish state will not give up their dream. They will work until they  win--or die.

They understand their enemy. Israel is very stubborn. It won't go away.

Over the decades since Israel's rebirth, Palestinians and their friends have slowly and painfully created a plan. The plan is, they won't attack Israel outright--at least, not yet. Instead, they will create a terror menu to destroy Israel with "a thousand cuts'. Here's a brief portion of that menu: 

-fire rockets at Israel's civilians.

-use their own (Palestinian) citizens as human sacrifices, so that when Israel retaliates because of Palestinian rocket attacks, Palestinian civilian deaths will enrage powerful anti-Israel forces around the world.

-go to the UN after it sacrifices its own citizens in this manner. There, it will use its influence to get Israel labeled as a brutal killer of 'innocents'.

-incite Palestinian children to attack individual Israelis. 

-pay a Palestinian--or his surviving family--for killing Israeli Jews (the infamous 'pay-to-slay' program)

-employ a vicious propaganda program to demonize the 'demon Zionist'. 

-create an entire series of extraordinary murderous tactics against Israel's Jews, including knife attacks, car rammings, suicide bombs, stone attacks, fire kites, arson, and--perhaps most creative of all--flaming condoms (here). 

-burn thousands of acres of Israel's farmland and nature preserves.

-go to the International Criminal Court (ICC) to charge Israeli soldiers and politicians as war criminals.

-create a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) program to convince the world to stop doing business with Israel.

The creative energies used to develop this extraordinary 'terror menu' is powerful enough to figure out how to construct a new sewage treatment plant or a new jobs program. But construction, treated sewage and jobs don't interest these Palestinians. What interests them is killing Jews.

That's where their creative energies get directed.

This creativity, however, pales beside the genius of Iran. Iran is interested in  more sophisticated ideas. Apparently, Iran is smarter than Palestinian leaders.  

Iran wants the US to help destroy the Jews of Israel.

How can Iran do that? Didn't you catch this Iranian genius at work last week? It was very impressive: Iran demanded that the US must force Israel to denuclearize (here).

Of course, the rabidly anti-Israel Iran regime would love to see Israel denuclearized. Iran wants nuclear weapons for itself, ostensibly to use against Israel. It calls almost monthly to destroy Israel (at least, it certainly seems that Iran calls monthly to destroy Israel). Now, it demands the US to strip Israel of its ability to defend itself--so that the soon-to-nuclearize Iran will be able to attack Israel with no fear of retaliation. 

Don't you just love the chutzpa of it? It's pure genius--far more sophisticated than the Palestinian-generated ideas we've seen.

Iran wants the US to defang an Israel that has never threatened to destroy anyone so that Iran can destroy Israel with its own soon-to-be-acquired nuclear weapon. 

Certainly, an Israel without its nuclear fangs would be the perfect target for Iran. Under such a circumstance, I have no doubt Iran would attack Israel the instant it acquired nuclear capability. 

Palestinians and Iranians amaze the world. They will expend every drop of creativity and genius they have to kill the Jews of Israel.

The war against the Jews--the 'Zionist entity'--has no end. 
The drive to create ever-new ways to attack the Jewish state has no limit.

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