Monday, July 2, 2018

Israel, UK, US, France: will your country be free in 10 years?

What political label would you use to describe the idea of a 'free country'? Would you say such a country is a 'democracy'? Or, in a world where everyone is supposed to be equal, would you call it 'socialist'? Or, would you call it something else? 

These are important questions. There's political change in the air. Have you been watching the news lately? You might want to understand what a 'free country' is supposed to look like before it's too late.

In free countries everywhere, there are extremists who seek to redefine how we live. They camouflage their goal to take away our freedom by asking those who fear for their financial well-being and personal safety, 'what will make you feel more secure, less government control and more personal freedom, or more government control and less personal freedom?

This is no academic question. The political pressures we face are pernicious.They aim to devour our freedoms. They threaten us.

For example, in the US, Leftists want US law to protect a union's right to force non-union members in a unionized workplace to pay union dues even though those workers don't want to join the union. American Leftists call this an important 'freedom' issue---for the unions, not individual workers (here). 

One of the defining ideas of a 'free country' is a focus on individualism (here). This concept posits that each citizen has the right to do as s/he pleases, subject to public safety, public welfare and public health issues. For a 'free country', the less interference a government uses regarding our choices, the better. Attempting to alter US law so that a citizen loses his ability to do as he pleases when he works in a unionized environment is not an example of protecting individualism and it's corollary, freedom of choice. It's an example of suppression of individualism. It's an attempt to take away freedom of choice.

The Left in America rejects individualism. It works instead to  to control what we do, think and say. That will not lead to a 'free country'. It will leads to some form of totalitarianism. 

US Leftists demand free speech. But even as they make that demand, they exclude out-of-favor speakers from having their freedom to speak freely. The US Left claims these disruptions are necessary--to protect free speech and 'inclusion' (here). 

This behavior will not lead to greater freedom of speech. It can lead to the opposite--totalitarian control over our speech.

In Israel, Leftists fight hard to defend a rabidly anti-Israel  Arab MK so she can ascend the Temple Mount (holy to Jews and Muslims alike) to incite against Israel and Jews. At the same time, these Leftists would love to forbid Jews from ascending to that same spot to pray. The Left claims it must do this to protect Israel 's 'democracy'.

It doesn't. It weakens Israel's  democracy by elevating hate and suppressing the freedom of religion.

In countless ways, Israel's Left appears to care far more about the rights of Arabs who teach their children to hate than it cares about Jewish victims of that hate (here). 

By using riots (in America) to makes its point about equality, the Left does not promote equal rights. It encourages anarchy and civil war. 

 For Leftists, universal equal rights are, too often, neither universal nor equal. Depending upon where you live, whites aren't equal, 'straights' aren't equal, Jews aren't equal, Catholics and /or Protestants aren't equal. 

 Too often, in Europe,Israel and other currently free countries, the Left seeks to protect those who commit acts of terror. Too often, the Left neglects public safety and justice for those harmed by terror attacks. Too often, the Left wants justice only for attackers.

Yes, the Left speaks of equality and inclusiveness. But in Europe, Israel and elsewhere, the Left consistently identifies one group as, apparently, more equal than others--those who kill because they hate. The Left does this in the name of human rights. But the only people whose rights get protected are those who would deny you your rights.

The Left works hard, indeed. Through their efforts, public safety diminishes, crime rises and personal freedom declines. By promising financial security and a 'better' life, the Left would erase the legal status of our individualism. It would take away our rights to defend ourselves. It weaponizes freedom as a tool for suppression.

This is not 'protecting democracy'. This does nothing to foster a free country. 

What the Left does has nothing to do with how a free country works. What the Left does has everything to do with empowering those who seek to kill. The Left pushes us away from freedom towards the evils of enslavement. 

Wake up. If you live in the US, UK, France, Israel and other Western countries where the Left slowly usurps freedom, you'd be wise to understand what a 'free country' is supposed to look like. Otherwise, when you vote, you may end up voting for oppression.

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