Sunday, June 10, 2018

What is Hamas?

During the two-month long (and counting) violently anti-Israel Gaza fence riots which began March 30, 2018, the UN's Middle East Peace Envoy, Nickolay Mladenov, referred to the fence rioters as 'peaceful' (here). This was an odd reference, associating Hamas with the idea of something 'peaceful'. Such an association, especially as it applies to anything 'Israel', is entirely out of character for Hamas.

You see, Hamas and 'peace' don't go together. They're opposites. They're mutually exclusive. 'Hamas' and 'peace' having nothing in common.

Hamas is not a peace organization. It does nothing 'peaceful' towards Israel--nothing. It's a terrorist entity. Just ask the US, the EU and others (here).

If Hamas is called a terrorist entity because of how it acts out against Israel, why would a UN Peace envoy (above) believe a Hamas-sponsored 'gathering ' at the border with Israel would be peaceful? Doesn't he know that 'terrorist' and 'peaceful' don't go together?

'Terrorist' and 'peaceful', like 'Hamas' and 'peace', are mutually exclusive. They have nothing in common.

On what grounds can a UN Peace Envoy think otherwise? 

Hamas is called 'terrorist' for a reason. It rejects the right of its neighbor Israel even to exist. It cynically and brutally uses whatever means it can to kill Jews and destroy Israel. It is relentless. It doesn't matter what means it uses--suicide bombers; knife attackers; car ramming attackers; using its own people as human shields while it fires rockets from withing its own, civilian, neighborhoods; aiming its rockets and mortars almost exclusively at Israeli civilians; firing those rocket and mortars from mosques, hospitals and UN buildings (exposing those buildings--and the civilians inside them-- to return fire); inciting its young people to commit some form of 'suicide-by-cop' in exchange for pensions for the surviving family; digging attack tunnels under its own homes (converting those homes from a 'protected' civilian status to legitimate military targets); using hospitals as combat command centers; and, perhaps not finally, flying fire-kites into Israel to "Burn the Jews". It's all aimed at the same goal: to achieve a violent destruction of the Jewish state (here, under 'doctrine'). Hamas' murderous creativity seems to have no limit. 

Hamas is intoxicated with violence. It targets Israeli children. It celebrates 'martyrs' who die trying to kill Jews. It teaches its own children to kill Jews (here and here and here and here and here and here). 

When it comes to Israel, Hamas rejects all UN-established rules of war. It rejects virtually all norms established by the UN needed to establish 'peace' with a neighbor.

Hamas behaves with what can only be described as a mad obsession. It's sick--an addict. 

Like any addict, Hamas can think about--and spend enormous amounts of money on--only one thing.  But Hamas' addiction isn't to drugs. It's to the madness of ethnic murder--destroying the 'Zionist entity' and--one way or another--to remove all Jews forever from the Middle East.

Read the Hamas Charter. It's all there. It's all clearly spelled out. 

For Hamas, when it comes to Israel, there is no peace.

For Hamas, when there is peace, there can be no Israel.

For Hamas, there will only be peace when there is no Israel.

It can't get any simpler than that. Even a UN Peace Envoy should be able to understand that.

What is Hamas? It's a modern-day invader-wannabee whose potential savagery against Jews in Israel could--if you believe Hamas rhetoric--put ISIS to shame. 

Hamas has no interest in peace. Its thoughts, dreams and speeches focus only on violence. 

Nothing Hamas does vis-a-vis Israel is 'peaceful'. Everything it does regarding Israel is violent.

What is Hamas? It's the rogue barbarian. While the modern world obsesses over peace, it obsesses over war.

Where will that lead?

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