Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What kind of future do you want?

(Last update: June 27, 2018)

The Middle East is an incubator for creative ideas. These ideas aren't just applicable in the Middle East. They have the power to impact everyone in the world. 

These new-born ideas come primarily from just two places in the Middle East: Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA).

You may already know that Israel is the 'start-up' nation, where technologies straight out of science fiction become reality. But did you know about the creativity of the PA?   

Here are a couple of short lists for you to consider. Perhaps they can illustrate how both Israel and the PA create ideas that can change your life.

First, a short list from Israel: 

-Abigail Klein Leichman, "Israeli team says new test takes uncertainty out of prostate cancer  screening", timesofisrael, February 27, 2018: a new prostate cancer screening process, called Celldirect Technology, is being developed by the Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot, Israel. Development is in the early stages, but results so far are very encouraging (ibid);

-Abigail Klein Leichman, "Novel process removes mercury from factory emissions", israel21c, February 25,  2018: a unique made-in-Israel process can remove  up to 95 percent of mercury emissions from coal-fired factories and power plants (ibid). The process can be installed into new plants or as a retro-fit. It produces no waste byproducts (MercuRemoval, homepage); 

-Abigail Klein Leichman, "Israelis build first dairy farm in  Papua New Guinea", israel21c, February 20, 2018: until 2017, when an Israeli company completed building the very first dairy farm in Papua New Guinea, residents of this South Pacific nation had to import all its milk. Because Israeli dairy farms are the most productive in the world (ibid), Israel has been given the opportunity to set up one of its signature high-productive farms in Papua New Guinea. Israel has done the same thing for China, England, India, Mexico, Namibia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Romania, South Africa and Vietnam (ibid); 

-Danny Lewis, "The contentious history of the cherry tomato", smithsonianmag,  June 20, 2016: people may disagree over who brought the first cherry tomato to market. But Israel was, apparently, the very first to figure out how to breed a cherry tomato that could be packed, shipped and sold before they spoiled (ibid);

-Matt Buchanan, "Object of interest: the flash drive", newyorker, June 14, 2013...The first US patent for the invention of the USB flash drive was filed by an Israeli company. 

If, in addition, you want to see more lists of Israeli inventions that have had world-wide impacts, go to Abigail Klein Leichman , "Israel's top 45 greatest inventions of all time", israel21c, September 26, 2011; and, Abigail Klein Leichman, "The top 12 most amazing Israeli medical advances", israel21c, October 15, 2013.

Israel has sent out into the world literally dozens of innovations and inventions which have made all of our lives easier, better, safer and healthier. Israel is a true incubator for extraordinary innovations.

If you also want to look for similar lists from the Palestinian Authority, good luck. There aren't any.

 But there is a list of innovations and inventions which have come from the Palestinian Authority. Here's a partial lists of the Palestinian innovations: 

-the car intifada

-the knife intifada

-the child intifada

-the stone intifada 

-Border fence riots

-firebomb kites

-Days of Rage

-flaming condoms (here)

Here's the point of these two lists: if you stand with Israel, and help Israel to survive, you're destined to see in your future a lot of high-tech wizardry, innovation and medical advancements. You'll see an Israel that benefits mankind. These benefits may even save your life.

But if you fight for the Palestinian Authority--for what some call, 'Palestinian justice'--you're destined to see a lot of new ways to kill people, some of which might come to your own city. You will see, in other words, a Palestinian productivity that does nothing to benefit mankind. One of its innovations may even, one day, kill you or someone in your family.

Which side will you choose?

To answer this question, you must first answer another question: what kind of future do you want for yourself--a world of innovation and advancement, or a world of Rage, firebombs, border riots and flaming condoms?

It's your future. It's your choice.

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