Monday, June 4, 2018

Why did NATO chief say NATO wouldn't defend Israel in a war against Iran?

Without any warning--and without reference to anything Israel has said or done--NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg was quoted last week saying that NATO would not defend Israel in a war between Israel and Iran (Benjamin Weinthal, Anna Ahronheim, "NATO Chief: Alliance won't defend Israel in war with Iran", jerusalempost, June 2, 2018). 

Of course, the NATO Chief is technically correct. Because Israel is not formally a part of NATO, NATO is not obligated by treaty to defend Israel should it be attacked--as NATO would be obligated should, for example, Poland be attacked. 

Still, the announcement seemed odd. What practical purpose does it serve? 

The announcement certainly doesn't tell Israel something new. Israel knows it's not formally part of NATO. Israel knows NATO has no obligation to defend the Jewish state. So why state the obvious in way that might sound to some as suspiciously anti-semitic?

You'll see in a moment why his statement might indeed sound anti-semitic.

The NATO chief's statement was odd because Israel has never asked any ally to defend it. This is an important fact because Israel has seen at least eight wars in the 70 years of its modern reincarnation. This means that, arguably, Israel has seen more war than any Western government has seen in the same time period. During each of those eight wars, Israel never once requested someone else to send troops to defend it. Why would anyone today think Israel would suddenly ask for that kind of protection?

For Israel, the question of seeking someone to help defend Israel isn't on the table. Israel knows its next potential wars--against Gaza and/or Iran-- are Israel's to fight. So, what signal does this 'we won't help you' send?

We don't know the answer to that question. But we do know this: such a statement does have a ring to it. It sounds like what one hears from anti-Israel Jew-haters.

Among anti-Israel/anti-Jew advocates, there's a simple concept: 'the Jew/Israel never lifts a finger to fight for himself because he knows he doesn't have to fight. He always connives and manipulates gentiles to fight for him'. 

This concept is false. In all of modern Israel's history, it has never once gotten anyone to 'fight for it'.

Still, the lie has legs. It spreads. The words used to tell this lie change each time it hits the internet. But the different words used just give the lie a new angle, perhaps at times, renewed strength.

For example, sometimes the Jew is, simply, 'the Jew'. But then, sometimes he's a 'Zionazi'. Sometimes, he's the 'Satanic Jew'. Sometimes, he's the 'parasite Jew'. Sometimes, he's worse--he's the 'DECEITFUL THIEVING CUNNING PARASITE INBREEDING JEW' (always in capital letters, with no punctuation) who never fights for himself, etc. 

Whatever the punctuation, spelling or word-choice, the concept of the 'evil' Jew always getting someone else to fight for him is ever-present. It's part of the Jew-hate tradition, especially these days, when Israel gets singled out so often for demonization. 

You can tell from reader comments to on-line articles that this concept is one of the mantras of the anti-semite. Is this why the NATO chief says, out-of-the-blue, that NATO won't help Israel in a war with Iran--because he agrees with the Jew-hate lie that claims the Jew always scams someone to fight for him; and he wants the world (or NATO or Israel) to know that? 

This is no idle (or evil) thought about the NATO chief. NATO is based in the European Union. This 'Union' is not pro-Israel. Quite the contrary, it is very, very anti-Israel. 

Both the EU itself, along with individual European countries, foundations and private (European) organizations send massive dollar amounts to Israel--to attack and to undermine Israel's legitimacy. The EU is part of an anti-Israel European cabal that has fed more than 500 million NIS into Israel between 2010-2016 ("Half a billion shekels to liftits organizations", arutzshevenewsbriefs, June 4, 2018, 0915am). NATO is intertwined into the EU. Its officials breathe the same air as the EU.

Approximately 125 million NIS comes into Israel each year from the EU to support 39 Israeli anti-Israel NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) (ibid). That's a lot of money entering Israel to paint the world's only Jewish state as an evil monster.

There are a lot of anti-Semites in Europe, all right. There are also a lot of Israel-haters. 

Is the NATO chief signalling to us that he's one of them? 

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