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Racism--and Europe’s five-step plan for suicide

When we look back at Europe's modern history, we can see that the 9-10 million Jews of pre-World War Two Europe have for the most part been replaced by at least 25-26 million Muslims (Pew Research). This population replacement may help explain why Europe today looks like it's destroying itself. 

This European suicide appears to have developed across 5 steps. Here are those steps:

STEP ONE: Mein Kampf: this book, written by Adolph Hitler (1925/1927), describes the Nazi goal of creating a new, Jew-free, ‘greater Germany’ (here).  In speeches and in writings, Hitler was clear: destroying the Jew would make Germany healthy again (here).

Mein Kampf was the basis for Nazi ideology (here). It was the basis for the ugliest and most sophisticated form of racism the world has ever seen.

But destroying Jews had a down-side. The ideology to which it was attached destroyed Europe.

Hitler failed. He did not create a grander Germany. He did, however, kill more Jews than anyone else in history.

At the end of World War Two (1945), there were only 4 million Jews (or less) remaining in Europe. That's when Europe began Step Two. 

STEP TWO: More anti-semitism. Unlike Mein Kampf, which served as a kind of blueprint for the Nazi's anti-Jew beliefs, post-war Europe had no deliberate anti-Jew blueprint regarding Jews. Instead, Europe's post-war anti-semitism was driven by a latent, residual anti-Jew racism that had survived the war (herehere).

This step developed slowly. It remained nearly invisible. It included both polite and not-so-polite anti-Semitism. 

It worked. By 2010, the number of Jews remaining in Europe had dropped by a greater percentage than during the Hitler years. By 2010, less than 1.4 million Jews remained in Europe (here).

(There are certainly other factors that have influenced the decline of Europe's Jewish population. However, anti-semitism played a very important role in that process, even as many in Europe deny that. Indeed, for modern Europe, when it comes to Jews, denial is everywhere).

STEP THREE: Immigrants. At the same time post-war anti-Semitism pressured Jews in Europe, Europe welcomed immigrants. Over time, this influx brought with it an increasing sense of distrust/conflict between newly arriving Muslims and resident Europeans. This distrust/conflict led to Muslim complaints of unequal treatment. 

Concerned about this conflict, Europe created a plan. Europe would erase the reason for such an inter-group conflict. Since this conflict often derives from a majority group feeling of, 'I'm better than you' (referring to the minority group), Europe aimed to forestall such feelings by making everyone equal (for a description of how this idea is supposed to work, see Tuvia Brodie, "European  multiculturalism: beautiful fantasy, ugly reality". tuviabrodieblog, June 15, 2018, plus here, herehere).
This plan was called, ‘multiculturalism’.

It failed (here, here, herehere). There are many reasons for this failure. But one issue stood out: immigrant Muslims weren’t interested in becoming equals with infidels (here).

STEP FOUR: the ‘good life’. This fourth step towards Europe’s suicide also began after WW2. It, too, wasn’t planned. It simply evolved out of Europe’s delight in the increasing wealth it experienced after the war’s devastation.

Europeans after WW2 enjoyed this new wealth. But they decided they weren’t wealthy enough to afford both the benefits of wealth and children. 

They had to choose—the good life or children. They chose the good life.

Birth rates dropped. By 2012, the EU was clearly on its way to being unable to renew its population through childbirth (here). In some European places, almost three people died for every baby born (ibid).

A dropping birth-rate today means a smaller workforce tomorrow. A smaller future workforce threatens the good life: in theory, if you want your country to build a 'good life' for the future, your country needs an increasing national productivity--and to get that productivity, your country needs an increasing population that is capable of feeding the national workforce.

A dropping birth-rate short-circuits that goal.

STEP FIVE: The ‘open door’. Europe's elites understood that not having enough babies born today will hurt tomorrow's good life. So they designed another plan--which has also backfired. 

The plan was simple. If enough babies weren’t being born in Europe, Europe would import them. Simple enough, right?


The basic idea was to bring in young people who would have the babies needed to do the future’s work. This is one reason Germany was so happy to welcome Muslim immigrants in 2015 (here). It’s why the EU Parliament still wants open borders.

But while this idea seemed to work at first, the most recent migrant flood into Europe brings with it a dark side no one anticipated. The Muslim refugees who have recently entered Europe seem uninterested in integrating into Western society (here). They do not join the workforce; the employment rate among the new Muslim migrants is only 17% (Gary Chazzan, "Most refugees to be jobless for years, German Minister warns", financialtimes, June 22, 2017). These new immigrants appear uninterested in integrating into Europe's Western culture--and primarily interested in maintaining their own Islamic, non-Western culture (here).

For many Europeans, this Muslim-preferred culture is anti-West, anti-Christian, anti-woman, anti-Jew (ibid). It seems to reject all that Western Europe holds dear (ibid).

As a result of these five steps, Europe now stands at the threshold of destruction through a population substitution (here, here, here). This isn't a Muslim-Jewish substitution. That substitution is well on its way to being completed. This is a different, more destructive substitution. It’s the replacement of the West‘s liberal culture with an anti-West Islamic culture (here, here).

Here’s a statement that’s a paraphrase of what is most likely a racist, fake news story. I’ve edited the original so as to delete what’s objectionable (here). It could summarize Europe’s fate:

 “In Auschwitz, Europe burned a culture. Europe destroyed ‘chosen people’--truly chosen because what they produced changed the world for the better. The contributions of this people are felt in all areas of life: science, art, medicine and above all, as the conscience of the world [sic].

These are the people we burned. And now, because we wanted to prove to ourselves that we were cured of the disease of racism (that killed the chosen), we have opened our gates to millions of people who reject everything we stand for. These millions seem intent upon destroying everything the chosen people taught us”.

In 1933, European racism enabled the killing of Jews who, arguably, may have done more to help Europe thrive than any other group. Today, there's an additional, newer racism in Europe. This new racism could sweep away Europe itself (here).

This new racism is double-edged. On the one hand, an already anti-Jew racist Europe appears to behave as if it also entertains an anti-Muslim racist notion that Muslims are too stupid and/or incompetent to help themselves. They can be saved only by coming to Europe--to save Europe's workforce shortages.

But this kind of 'soft' racism brings to Europe millions who are themselves often more racist than Europeans. This new racism has little regard for Western beliefs. It prefers Sharia law, not freedoms, rights or equality. For some, it prefers to conquer Europe (here), not become a large minority in Europe.

Racism: It’s why Europe once tried to kill all its Jews. It’s why Europe now commits suicide.

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