Thursday, May 10, 2018

The difference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority

Today, those who live in a Westernized nation live an extraordinary life. America is responsible for that life. 

However much you may dislike America, it is still the one place that has taught us all how a market economy, combined with political freedoms, can create more wealth for more individuals than any other political-economic system. 

Israel has learned this lesson. It has learned that capitalism and freedom are the foundations for becoming extraordinary. 
Today, Israel is extraordinary. It has built a successful nation-state on private enterprise, political freedoms, innovation and the power of 'sweat equity'.   
The Arab neighbors of Israel who call themselves 'Palestinians' have also had opportunities to become extraordinary. Remember, Israel and its Arab neighbors are historical twins. Both  began their political, social and economic lives in 1948, when the United Nations created the original 'two state' solution.   

But Israel and its Arab-'Palestinian' neighbors have taken very different paths to their respective futures. Since 1948, Israel has chosen to develop freedom and a culture of innovation.The Arab neighbors of Israel have chosen totalitarianism, political coercion against its own people and a culture of Jew-hate. 

You can see where each path has led. Israel has freedom, opportunity and wealth. The Palestinian Authority has hate and poverty.  

Israel has created a society of wealth and freedom--even for Arabs, who have more freedoms in Israel (and wealth-from-work) than in any Arab country. By contrast, Israel's Arab-'Palestinian' neighbors have created for themselves a society of oppression.

Israel is one of the wealthiest 35 countries in the world. It ranks as the 11th happiest country in the world--ahead of America.

The Palestinian Authority teeters on failure. It offers no future to its citizens. It blames Israel for all its ills. It won't use the foreign financial aid it gets in order to build its economic engine. It uses almost 50% of that aid to provide a lifetime monthly income, not to support business enterprise or science innovations, but to support those who murder Jews in a massive scheme dubbed, 'pay-to-slay'. 

Palestinian leaders then takes another chunk of its foreign aid to line their own pockets. As a result, Palestinian see little of that foreign aid. Their leaders do little to build a future for their own citizens. But these despotic leaders do live like potentates. 

Israel knows how to succeed. It focuses on enterprise, innovation and hard work. 

The Palestinian Authority, however, doesn't focus how to succeed. It focuses on victimhood. It focuses on hate. 

That's not a recipe for success. It's a blueprint for murder, 'Days of Rage' and tyranny.

That's the difference between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. It's a difference that highlights how one people succeeds and why another fails.

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