Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Anti-Israel wolves ignore UN condemnation of Hamas rocket attacks

Can a wolf change its habits?  For that matter, can the anti-Israel/pro-Arab mainstream media around the world print an anti-Arab/pro-Israel news story?

The short answer to both questions might be, no.

Take a look at a story that broke this morning in Israel: Gaza terrorists launched multiple rocket barrages into Israel beginning early today, Tuesday, May 29, 2018. Almost immediately, the UN condemned that attack.

This specific UN condemnation had to be newsworthy. It wasn't a dog bites man story. Such a story is too commonplace to get printed as news. This UN story was a man bites dog story. It was newsworthy.

The UN typically condemns Israel whenever fighting breaks out between Israel and Hamas. Now, suddenly, the UN was blaming Hamas. 

Didn't matter. The world's anti-Israel mainstream media has a narrative to peddle: Arab is innocent victim--always blameless. Israel is brutal oppressor--always to be blamed. Only stories that pass this narrative requirement get printed. 

This UN condemnation of Hamas didn't pass the test. Israel didn't get blamed. 

No doubt, that's why it didn't appear in most mainstream media headlines. 

Indeed, even as the story appeared here in Israel, Hamas still got a 'kid-gloves' treatment. The rockets didn't come from Hamas, we read. The rockets didn't even come from terrorists. They came from the softer, less aggressive reference, 'Palestinian militants'  (timesofisrael).

Who in the mainstream media outside Israel reported this UN condemnation? By suppertime in Israel, there weren't many news outlets that mentioned it.

In England, the BBC reported that the UN had condemned this attack (here). But the BBC story made a reader wait until the 18th paragraph to find out the UN had made this condemnation--if a reader read that deeply into the story. 

The Daily Mail (UK) reported the UN condemnation (here). But the reader had to get to the 13th paragraph to get that information--if he read that far.

The Telegraph (uk) only went so far. It didn't say anything about any UN condemnation. It reported only that the barrage from Gaza was 'widely condemned' (here)--in the seventh paragraph. 

In Israel, the reader learned in the very first paragraph about the UN condemnation (timesofisrael). The reader then got more details about what the UN said in the fourth paragraph.

That seems to have been it for news about the morning's UN condemnation. No paper in USA--by noon, May 29, 2018--found it important enough to publish anything about it (I couldn't get behind some newspaper paywalls). 

The anti-Israel news industry has set its anti-Israel animus into stone. It's not budging. 

The Jewish Israel will always be wrong. It's a nation that will always be cursed.

That could be a problem. But it won't be a problem for the Jewish Israel.

In nature, wolves can and do change their habits. It's called adaptation. It's how a wolf can survive.

The anti-Israel wolves we see every day in the news world are no different from their real-world counterparts. If they don't change, they won't survive. 

If they don't begin to speak of the existential threat Israel faces, they will begin to lose their audience. If they continue to reject the religious nature of this conflict, they will disappear.

It's a big question: can the anti-Israel wolves change? 

Don't bet on it.

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