Monday, May 28, 2018

More peaceful protesters killed by IDF; plus update

There have been few international headlines since last week condemning Israel for killing more innocent and peaceful Gazans. That's a curious thing because the killing hasn't ended.

Why is that? More important, why hasn't the world's press continued to cry more of their crocodile tears over the newly killed Gazans?

The world's liberal press cried so loudly over supposedly cruel Israeli behavior for almost seven weeks. Now, they've stopped?

Listen, if you think Israel is done killing 'innocent, peaceful' Gazan protesters, you're wrong. Israel hasn't finished.

The killing hasn't stopped. It's ongoing. Do you know why?

The killings haven't stopped because the attacks haven't stopped. Those Gazans are still coming 'peacefully' to the border fence--only now we all know they're not carrying 'we want peace' signs. They're carrying knives, cutters, incendiary devices and guns (see below). 

They haven't stopped trying to get into Israel. They still want to kill Jews. They haven't given up.

Yesterday, according to at least one source, Israeli soldiers killed three more of those 'innocent, peaceful' Gazans. 

Where are all the humanitarians who spent the better part of last two months demonizing Israel? Where is their outcry?

Perhaps there's no outcry because those so-called humanitarians know that those three Gazans killed yesterday weren't so peaceful after all (here). It appears they had just planted an IED (improvised explosive device) at the Gaza fence (ibid). 

Why, suddenly, do humanitarians fall silent? Why, suddenly, do they see these incidents as different from what they saw over the last 6-7 weeks at the fence? Why stop calling these attackers 'innocent' and 'peaceful'? 

Has it suddenly gotten a little too embarrassing to call these Gazans 'peaceful' and 'innocent' only to have a Gazan official identify them as Hamas operatives (here)?

Do these humanitarians now fall silent because they realize the truth can hurt their reputations if they lie? 

Don't get your hopes up. Israel's war against liars, hypocrites and the morally bankrupt isn't over. It's just begun to heat up.

UPDATE: As I prepare to post this piece, a news report  appears: a rocket alert  has just sounded in the south, near Gaza, and "heavy machine gun fire from Gaza" has hit vehicles and at least one house in an Israeli community near the border with Gaza ("Bullets hit building and vehicles in Sderot", arutzshevanewsbriefMay 28, 2018, 8:26 pm, Israel time).

Will the hypocrites, liars and morally bankrupt who demonize Israel crank up their headlines to urge 'both sides to show restraint' and to 'warn Israel not to  start a new war'? Stay tuned. 

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