Friday, May 11, 2018

Gaza fence riots: what's the truth

Today is May 11, 2018. It's Friday.

If this is Israel--yes, it is--then Friday is riot day. It's the day of the week (since Friday, March 30, 2018) when thousands of Gazans get bused to the the border fence that separates Gaza from Israel. There, paid assistants from Hamas coordinate riot activities. These activities include burning tires, sending up kites with firebombs trailing behind to be carried by the wind into Israel, throwing stones at IDF soldiers with long slingshots, hurling  molotov cocktails at IDF soldiers and trying to rush the fence to cut it, hack at it with large  butcher knives and, if lucky, to burst through and rush towards a nearby Israeli kibbutz.

 Hamas leaders claim the riots are 'peaceful'. But then, they add that the riots do tend to spin out of control, so who knows where that could lead? (here).

Below is a brief video from honestreporting. Honest Reporting is a website that reports on anti-Israel bias and inaccuracies in new coverage of the Arab-Israel conflict.This video is called, "IDF's defense at the Gaza border: what's the truth". The speaker in the video is Daniel Pomeranz, website Senior Editor. The video is dated May 10, 2018:

How many Arabs will Hamas bus to the Gaza fence this weekend? How many will burst through the fence? 

The weekend has just begun--and remember, because Tuesday, May 15th is 'Nakba Day', a 'Day of Rage' for anti-Israel Arabs, this particular weekend will last at least five days.

How many Arabs will riot at the fence? Stay tuned.

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