Friday, May 4, 2018

Is the 2018 Gaza fence protest 'peaceful'?

For the last five weeks, the terror organization Hamas has declared Friday afternoon after prayers to  be a day of protest. Each Friday, Hamas buses thousands of Gazans, including women and children, to a mass protest at the Gaza-Israel fence. 

These protests began Friday, March 30, 2018. They are scheduled to climax on Tuesday, May 15, 2018--the Palestinian 'Nakba' Day, the day of 'Catastrophe' that marks the  moment Arabs launched and lost their 1948 war to overrun the newly-born Israel and toss all the Jews into the sea.

Pro-Hamas Westerners have called these protests 'peaceful demonstrations' and a 'peaceful assembly' (here). But that's not the full truth. It isn't even a half-truth.

Even as the New York Times has called these protests 'peaceful', it has also found itself forced to acknowledge the protests also have a more 'deadly' aspect (here).

Let's take a closer, more personal look at these protests. Are these demonstrations really peaceful--or do they represent something more sinister?

Here's a video. It was made by Peter Rehov. It's aptly called Behind the smoke screen. It was published on youtube May 2, 2018.

(Update: I posted this video when I wrote this essay, on May 4, 2018. Two days later it appeared on my blog as, 'this video is unavailable'. If you see this 'unavailable' message again, please use the comment section below to alert me. Thanks)

Think about what you've read about these protests. Compare that to the video you've just seen. 

Are these protests really peaceful demonstrations for human dignity and freedom from oppression? Or, are they something else?

You decide.

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