Sunday, May 27, 2018

The cartoon view of Iran --from Israel

 Political cartoonists often capture a political reality--or a widespread political belief--with a drawing.  Sometimes, those drawings are worth reprinting.

Here are two such worthwhile examples--at least, worthwhile for some of us. Both cartoons below are from Arutz Sheva. Both focus on Iran, an enemy of Israel almost close enough to touch.  Both suggest a political truth---at least for Israel.

Both appear to be by a cartoonist calling himself Dirough (my transliteration of the Hebrew word, דירוג.

The first cartoon is from this week, May 27, 2018.  It suggests what US President Donald Trump has really done to Iran by cancelling US participation in the 2015 Obama-brokered Nuclear Deal. 

Needless to say--given all of Iran's threats to annihilate Israel--many of my neighbors here in Israel agree with the sentiment of this cartoon. They hope the sentiment here
will soon become reality.

This cartoon needs no explanation. It speaks for itself:

The second cartoon for today from Israel is also from Arutz Sheva. If my calculations are correct, it comes from early-mid April, 2018, about a month before Trump announced the US exit from the Nuclear Deal--at a time when speculation was growing over what would happen to Iran's nuclear--and missile--ambitions if Trump did indeed cancel the Deal (here).

Therefore, this cartoon is also about Iran. It's about what some in Israel felt was happening in Iran while many around the world claimed the Deal was fully working to keep Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This cartoon also does not need an introduction--or explanation. It, too, speaks for itself:

That's one look at today's news from Israel. Have a great week!

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