Monday, May 14, 2018

Historic day for Israel: US embassy comes to Jerusalem

On the Jewish calendar, the month of Iyyar has become a month of history for Israel. It's the month when the eternal heart and soul of the Jewish homeland--Jerusalem--has returned to its proper place as the 'crown jewel' of Israel.  

On the 28th day of Iyyar in the secular year, 1967,  Jerusalem returned to Jewish hands. In that year's existential war of survive-or-die, Israel's army liberated Jerusalem from Jordanian occupation. For the first time in millenia, Jerusalem became a unified Jewish city. 

But as much as Jews in Israel have wanted Jerusalem to be their capital city, the world has had a different idea: Jerusalem cannot be the capital of Israel. 

Traditionally, every nation chooses where foreign  embassies are to be located. Virtually all nations choose their own capital cities. 

Except Israel. The world has rejected Israel's connection to Jerusalem. It has rejected Israel's right to choose its capital city or to choose where foreign embassies are to go. 

That's all changed. Today, on the 29th day of Iyyar in the secular year 2018, the world's most powerful nation rejects that unwarranted prejudice. Today, on the 29th day of the Jewish month of Iyyar, the United States of America officially moves its foreign embassy to Jerusalem. It declares--by word and deed--that the United States embassy will be in Israel's capital city--Jerusalem.

It is a day that will be remembered in Jewish history. 

Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital--and moving embassies there--is no immoral or hostile act. It is a recognition of historic truth. It is a recognition of reality. It is a recognition that brings the world's moral compass back to 'true north'.

Mazal Tov, Israel. Mazal Tov, Jerusalem.

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