Monday, April 3, 2017

Israel is 3,000+ years old. It's also New

Israel isn't just the world's only Jewish state. It isn't just 3,000+ years old. It's also something else: it's New. It's a place where new technology really does talk to you.

Take Tel Aviv, for example. Tel Aviv is Israel's second largest city. It is, arguably, Israel's most European city.

Actually, given the not-so-nice direction Europe seems to be going these days, Tel Aviv might become the city Europeans visit most to find an authentic European atmosphere. 

Well,  maybe.

Tel Aviv is more than a European-like city. It's a New place, too.

Here's why.

Like many cities around the world, Tel Aviv has a public transportation system. For that reason, the city also has small bus stops where people can sit, wait, even get some overhead shelter--at least in theory--as they wait for a bus. 

As in other cities, Tel Aviv's bus stops often have advertising posters. But then, Tel Aviv--like a few other places--also offers a new kind of bus stop ad. It's new. It's different.

Take a look below at one Tel Aviv bus stop ad. See if you can figure out how it works. The language spoken here is Hebrew. But that shouldn't stop you from understanding what's up:

I found this video on the website, israel21c, embedded in the story, "This Watch Ad Came to Life on a Bus Shelter to Reveal It Was Selling Something Better". It was written by Gabriel Beltrone (March 22, 2017). The subtitle reveals the secret of this new bus stop ad: "Live billboard for Samsung's Gear S3". 

This is a new technology: outdoor ads that talk to you, surprise you, even interact with you. 

It's from Israel, the place that's 3,000+ years old--and very New. 

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