Friday, April 21, 2017

Friday cartoon

Today is Friday. It's time for a cartoon.

Earlier this week, a man in Fresno, California set out to kill as many white people as he could ("Suspect in custody after three people shot dead, Fresno police say", cbsnews, April 18, 2017). The suspect, Kori Ali Muhammad (sic) has admitted to the shootings (ibid).

But as news outlets spread the word of this incident on their websites, one stood out--the Associated Press (AP). It didn't report, as other had, that, just before shooting, Mr Muhammad had shouted, 'allahu akbar'. 

Yes, the Fresno police chief had told reporters that Mr  Muhammad had used the exact words, 'allhu akbar (Caleb Parke, " 'allahu akbar' vs 'god is great': the AP cover-up on recent Fresno attack and why words matter", bcnnews, April 19, 2017). But the AP had reported him as saying, 'god is Great!'--an inaccurate English translation of allahu akbar (ibid).

Some point out that there's a significant difference between god-is-great vs allahu-akbar, especially when it's used in front of a Catholic Charities facility moments before the one using those words starts killing people (ibid).

allahu akbar doesn't simply mean, 'god is great', it means allah is greater (ibid). It's an assertion of religious supremacy used in many circumstances, but almost always shouted before one, essentially, kills for Islam. Reporting that a killer like this said, 'god is great' does not capture the Supremacist intent of the words.

Besides, no one in the world would claim, 'god is great' is a traditional war cry. Most everyone who reads, however, knows that allahu akbar is a war cry, typically used in a 'war' moment when one's intent is to murder. The AP not only did a disservice to its followers. It completely misrepresented the nature of the shooting. It misled the reader. It turned a news moment into a fake news moment.

Our cartoon today shows how Leftist progressives choose to read the words, 'allahu akbar':

Related image
from: ronbosoldier.blogspot, no date

I suggest that the picture speaks for itself. When one shouts 'allahu akbar', one is not looking for excuses. We shouldn't give him any.

When Mr Muhammad used these words (above), he was professing also a murderous intent. No one should ever make excuses for murder, especially murder in the name of a religion--and most especially murder in the name of what we are told is 'the religion of peace'. 

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