Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday cartoon

Today is part of the 7-day Pesach (Passover) holiday--in Israel. In exile, today is part of the 8-day Pesach holiday.

Today is also Friday cartoon day.  Since both Pesach and cartoons are commonly considered to be 'fun times', I thought I'd post some fun cartoons about Pesach. Please note: it would be helpful if you know the Biblical Exodus story.



"Moses as a Lifeguard":

"Passover for Dummies":


"Aren't you Moses?" 

George W.  Bush, in an airport lobby, noticed a man in 
a long flowing white robe with a long flowing white 
beard and flowing white hair. The man had a staff in one 
hand and some stone tablets under the other arm.

George W.  approached the man and inquired, 
"Aren't you Moses?"

The man ignored George W.  and stared at the ceiling.

George W.  positioned himself more directly in the man's 
view and asked again, "Aren't you Moses?"

The man continued to peruse the ceiling.

George W.  tugged at the man's sleeve and asked once 
again, "Aren't you Moses?"

The man finally responded in an irritated voice, 
"Yes I am".

George W.  asked him why he was so uppity and the man 
replied, "The last time I spoke to a Bush I had to 
spend forty years in the desert".

- Author Unknown

(These images and musings come to you courtesy of Jacob Richman, director of the Maale Adumim Chat Room, a public service site for residents of Maale Adumim, Israel. Please note the artist/originator name associated with each image, where available).

Enjoy the rest of your Pesach holiday.

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