Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday cartoon: April 28, 2017

It's Friday again. It's time for another cartoon from Israel. 

Today's cartoon comes from 'overseas'. It's inspired by France. But it's got an 'Israel connection', which you'll discover below. 

This week in France, the French people went to the polls--to elect a new President. The way the French work this process, if no one candidate reaches a certain threshold of votes, there's a run-off. 

This year, there'll be a run-off. It will take place May 7, 2017. Two candidates will face off: Emmanuel Macron, considered to be a Centrist, and Marine Le Pen, considered to be Far-Right.

Some say Le Pen will not be good for the Jews of France. Perhaps one reason for such an assertion are statements Le Pen has made about Jewish practices. For example, just after finishing second on the April 23, 2017 vote, she announced that, if she became President, she'd ban the Jewish ritual slaughter of animals (for food consumption) (Le Pen says she's ban shechitiah", arutzsheva, April 25, 2017). Her reasoning was simple: to preserve the principle of equality (ibid).

Ah, the French. They do so believe in 'equality'. Apparently, they'll do anything for 'equality'.

Le Pen has already explained that she wants to "facilitate a ban on Muslim clothes" (ibid).  In order to do that, she argues, she must be fair. She must treat all 'equally'. 

Do you see where this is going? If Le Pen wants to ban the burqa, she's got to ban the Jewish kippa (small head covering worn by religious Jewish men).

That's called 'equality'.

Now,  it appears she wants to expand that sense of 'equality' by banning Jewish ritual slaughter. She also wants to ban French citizens from holding Israeli passports.  

She has called upon French Jews to make these 'sacrifices' in order to "curb radical Islam" (ibid). She doesn't explain how radical Islam can be 'curbed' by such Jewish 'sacrifices'. 

Is this how France is going to solve its 'Muslim problem'? (Henry Samuel, "France has 'problem with Islam' and there is 'too much unwanted immigration', says Hollande in  explosive book", telegraph, October 12, 2016; and, "The Islamisation of France in 2016: 'France has an Islam problem '", breitbart, January 18, 2017).

Le Pen has a chance to be President of France. If she is anything, she is Politically Correct. She sees only moral equivalence between the Jewish and Muslim presence in France. 

-Do Jews and Muslims in France behave the same way? No. 

-Do they make an equal contribution to France's welfare? No. 

-Do both groups equally seek to integrate into France's Western culture? No. 

Doesn't matter. To Le Pen, they're equal. She's French. She  believes in the foundation of Political Correctness: 'equality'. She will lead France, in other words, carrying the sword of Political Correctness held firmly and proudly.

How's that going to work out, you ask? Try this:

French Suicide
From: Steven Hayward, "The week in pictures", powerline, April 22, 2017

This is modern France. It will destroy itself on the sword of Political Correctness. Perhaps that will be France's ultimate contribution to the world.

You ask, where's the 'Israel connection' here? That's simple: Israel is where French Jews are going to end up should Le Pen win--and enforce her 'equality'.

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