Sunday, April 2, 2017

How do you spot the bully in the Middle East?

(Last update: April 4, 2017)

Here's a simple question: how do you spot the bully (that is, the bad guy) in the Middle East?

This question occurs because essayist Dan Calic has just reminded us how absurd—and ridiculous—Arab claims against Israel have become (“Israel Has Made Enough Sacrifices”, americanthinker, March 30, 2017). Arab claims against the Jewish state label Israel as an oppressive, brutal bully. Such claims make Arabs look like a weak minority frightened by a fearsome majority.  

Bur in the Middle East, Arabs are not the minority. They are not weak. They are not the underdog.

Consider the numbers. First, those supposedly powerful, oppressive bullies (the Israelis) make up only  2% of the Middle East population (ibid). Arabs, on the other hand, make up 98% of the population in the Middle East (ibid).

In terms of who owns how much land in the Middle East, the difference between Jew and Arab is even more stark. Arabs control more than 99% of Middle East landmass. By contrast, Israel takes up less than 1% of that landmass. 

Israel is pushing Arabs around? On the Middle East map, Israel is practically invisible. How can something almost invisible push around a hulking mass?

Look at who’s the big guy in this neighborhood. The Arabs are the big guy. They're not some supposedly 800-pound gorilla in the room. They're the 1,600-pound Islamic steamroller in the room. 

This is what the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is all about--bringing together all Islamic states to promote the welfare all Islamic states, including 'Palestine'.    [quote from OIC]

The Jews, meanwhile, are outnumbered. They are the very, very, very little guy in the room.

Arabs own more than 99% of the local landmass--and 98% of the region's population; nevertheless, the Jews are too 'big' for them. 

What's going on here with this Arab-Israel conflict? What's going on is, Arabs want it all. They want 100%. They want to be 100% of the region's population. They want 100% of the region's landmass. From that point of view, one Jew is one Jew too many.

Arabs don't care if Jews take up less that 1% of the land here. What part of 100% don't those damn Jews not understand?

Arabs want it all. They will not stop until they get it all. 

The Jews must have nothing. They don't deserve even the < 1% they've got now. They must own 0%.

In the Middle East, Arabs are so powerful they dominate the landscape. They block the sun. They will not attack Israel directly. That might make them look like a bully picking on the tiny one. So they invent a narrative: Jews dominate the 'Palestinians'. The Jews must be stopped before they exterminate the 'Palestinian' people.  

But the local minority isn't 'Palestinian'. It's Jewish. 

Do Arabs believe in a fair share for the local minority? No, they do not. They believe the minority (the Jew) must receive no share.

That's not the behavior of a weakling. It isn't the behavior of an underdog. It's the behavior of a bully set on a course of complete supremacy.

How do you spot the bully in the Middle East? Look for those who want Jews to have 0%. 

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