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Why the world helps ‘Palestinians’ slime Israel

This is the last of three essays on the sliming of Israel. The other two essays are immediately below.

The first essay argued that the sliming of Israel is serious business. The second essay explored why ‘Palestinians’ want to slime Israel. This essay explores why the world helps ‘Palestinians’ do that.

In 1947-8, the UN authorized the creation of modern Israel. As a consequence of that authorization, armies from five Arab countries attacked the new-born Jewish state.

Israel became a hero. It didn't just survive being attacked by those Arab armies. It beat those armies.

That 1948 Israel seemed the re-incarnation of the Biblical David. That new Israel-David had accomplished the impossible. It had beaten the Arab Goliath.

Today, Israel is no longer admired. It’s no longer a hero. Instead, it’s arguably the most reviled country in the world (James Kirchick, “The Jew of Nations: The Global Demonization of Israel”, worldaffairsjournal, November/December, 2014). 

How did Israel go from plucky hero to ‘most reviled’?

There are many answers this question. Here’s one answer: the United Nations has destroyed Israel’s reputation.

The UN has supported anti-Israelism since modern Israel’s inception. In 1948, when Israel was attacked by Arab armies, the UN had the perfect opportunity to validate the words of its Charter, which promised “to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace” (Article 1).  The 1948 Arab-Israel war gave the UN an opportunity to show the world it meant business as a force for peace. But when Israel was attacked, the UN took no action. 

That failure to act sent a message: the UN would not protect Jews from annihilation, even after the then-recent horrors of the Holocaust.

That early anti-Israel passivity helped to initiate the anti-Israel ground-work necessary for the 1975 ‘Zionism is racism’ vote. By 1997, anti-Israelism had given way to demonization. For example, in 1997, a ‘Palestinian’ representative at the UN demonized Israel with an outrageous lie (Jenifer Rubin, “The Obama administration enables anti-Semitism at the United Nations”, washingtonpost, February 16, 2016): s/he accused the Israeli Government of injecting 300 ‘Palestinian’ children with the HIV virus (ibid). This lie was a modern Blood Libel (ibid). It incited to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist.

The UN did nothing about it (ibid). It still does nothing about such slander.  

By 2006, the UN formed its United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). This body is the greatest stage for demonizing Israel the world has ever seen. It has condemned Israel more than all other nations combined.

Think about the UN in these terms: without the UN, nations which harbour anti-Semitism would limit their hate, for the most part, to their own media—their own sovereign environment. But through the UN, these Jew-hating nations now have an international stage. They use that stage to its fullest advantage—against Israel.

The UN provides Jew-hate the spotlight it needs to grow more virulent. It acts much like a petri dish serves to grow life-threatening bacteria.

The UN is supposed to be the world’s Moral compass. It’s supposed to be the Sinai of Secular Morality. But it isn’t. It doesn’t use its Moral ‘bully pulpit’ to protect the Middle East’s only democracy (Israel). It uses its bully pulpit to bully that democracy.

No nation which suffers such bullying can remain a hero for long. Israel’s status as ‘most admired’ has been transformed by the UN into ‘most reviled’.

If someone stood up to cry, ‘foul’, the demonization of Israel would probably wither for lack of oxygen. But no one stands up for Israel. 

Christian Churches don’t. They join the slander. Islamic clerics don’t. They lead the slander. The UN doesn’t. It organizes the slander. ‘Palestinians’ don’t. They demand the slander.

Israel is alone in the world--and demonized--for good reason. Both Christianity and Islam each teach that Judaism will be replaced by their own, ‘better’ religion.  They compete to be that replacement.

The establishment of the state of Israel is a religious problem. It contradicts that replacement belief. Israel’s existence potentially invalidates a foundational element of those religions. The destruction of Israel reaffirms that foundation.

Therefore, the destruction of Israel serves the world’s largest Religions. There are more than 3 billion Christians and Muslims on this planet. There are less than 15 million Jews. The Jewish population is no bigger than a speck of dust.

When billions of people have been raised by their religions to believe that the disappearance of the Jewish Israel is a key to their salvation, where does that leave Israel? It leaves Israel with a target on its back. 
Because of that reality, the UN should protect the world’s Jewish minority. It doesn’t. Instead, it supports the ‘Palestinian Cause’. It nutures all who would destroy Israel.  

‘Palestinians’, meanwhile, have united the UN’s Members. They’ve done this through the lowest of common denominators—Jew-hate.

‘Palestinian’ propaganda has sold Jew-hate as the gateway to world peace (Tuvia Brodie, “Why ‘Palestinians’ slime Israel”, tuviavbrodieblog, September 19, 2016). They’ve gotten billions of people to cheer their war against Israel. They’ve made it honourable—even desirable--to hate the Jewish Israel.

The ‘Palestinian’ plan is simple. It gives to a world hungry for ‘peace’ the easiest recipe for peace: for world peace, destroy Israel (ibid). For religious reasons, this recipe resonates with billions of people.

For these reasons, the UN should protect Israel. It doesn’t. It helps the ‘Palestinians’ to slime Israel because the world already believes Israel is Hell on earth.

Image result for images of Israel is Hell
                                                     From: raokness.blogspot

The UN sings of peace. It longs for peace. It supports the ‘Palestinian’ path to peace.

This is the reason the world helps ‘Palestinians’ slime Israel: for peace. It’s the reason the UN helps the ‘Palestinians’.

Image result for images of Bomb Israel for peace
                                                       From: evilzionistisrael.wordpress

Judging from the UN’s decades-long behaviour towards Israel, the UN appears to promote the destruction of Israel (“Report: UN-backed groups promote ‘destruction of Israel’, terrorism”, worldtribune, September 2, 2016). This is no surprise. The UN operates in a world that marinates in Jew-hate. The UN nurtures that hate. That hate, and the spotlight the UN gives it, has destroyed Israel’s reputation.

Apparently, the UN believes its treatment of Israel will lead to peace. It won’t.

To find out where it will lead, study your Tanach. It’s all there. All you have to do is look for it.


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