Monday, September 5, 2016

Take a break. Think about this

If you're in America today, September 5, 2016, you're enjoying Labor Day. Good for you.

But do yourself a favor. Take a break from your picnic and shopping to look at something here.

 If you're not in America, that could be good, too--especially if you're in Israel. But you should take your own break today.

Think for a moment about the bigger things in life: your health, your safety--and your spiritual awareness.

Here's a video for you. It's about how you can have an impact. 
It's a short video--2:30.

It's from  It's called "Small act. Big Impact". If you've seen it, that's okay. It's worth a second look:

A mitzva is commonly called, a good deed. A better translation is: a deed done to fulfill a religious obligation or to complete a religious duty.

Examples of a mitzva would be charity, prayer, Torah study, working to do a better job obeying the commandments.

As you've just seen, each mitzva we perform creates spiritual reverberations. Every spiritually-linked deed we perform creates ripples that spread out into the universe. Every mitzva impacts the world in ways we simply cannot imagine. 

Think about that. Think about this video. 

Then, go do something good--for you, your family, your people. Imagine how that could impact the world.