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The sliming of Israel

(Last updated: September 19, 2016)

When you ‘slime’ someone, you insult that person. But you aren’t just hurling an insult. Sliming means you insult with a purpose: to make your victim disgusting to others.

When you ‘slime’, you seek to cover your victim with a noxious, foul ‘filth’ of some kind. For example, in this year’s upcoming US Presidential election, if someone wanted to the ‘slime’ one of the candidates, one might use surrogates to call that candidate insane, delusional, boorish, stupid, a liar, etc. The goal is to portray that candidate as so obviously unqualified that s/he becomes disgusting to the voters. 

One possible origin for this word is the Latin, ‘linere’. This word suggests an attempt to ‘smear’. Some say the Latin also suggests, ‘to erase’ (“Word Origin and History for slime”,, no date).

The anti-Israel industry slimes Israel. It smears Israel with foul, offensive slanders. It tries to turn Israel into something disgusting. It aims to convince you to accept an eventual ‘erasure’ of Israel from the family of nations.

Why would anyone want to erase Israel from the family of nations? The answer lies in the word, 'sliming'. 

You see, the word, ‘sliming’ is related to ‘vilify’. When you vilify someone, you spread nasty stories about them, whether true or not ( The word ‘vilify’ derives from ‘vile’, which is related to ‘villain’. To be a villain, you must do bad things (Merriam-Webster). 

A villain is criminal. A villain is outside the law. Ultimately, a villain becomes evil. 

This is exactly how the slime-Israel industry portrays Israel. Look at these headlines:

(1) Israel is apartheid:

-Saree Makdisi, “Does the term 'apartheid' fit Israel? Of course it does”. latimes,  May 17, 2014;

-“Noam Chomsky: Israeli Apartheid ‘Much Worse’ Than South Africa”, mintpressnews, August 25, 2015;

-“Obama’s ex-pastor: Israel is apartheid state, Jesus was a Palestinian”, timesofisrael, October 12, 2015;

-“Black Lives Matter Endorses BDS: Israel Is Apartheid State”, haaretz, August 4, 2016.

(2) Israel harvests living organs from Palestinians:

-Robert Spencer, “Swedish blood libel: Jews stealing organs from Palestinian children and selling them”, jihadwatch, August 18, 2009;

-Alison Weir, “Israeli Organ Harvesting “, radioislam, August28-30, 2009;

-Joachim Hagoplan, “Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader, with complicit help from US and Turkey”, sott. net, May 14, 2016;

-Richard Millett, “At London College, Speakers Spread ‘Rumors’ That Israel Harvests Organs of Palestinians”, algemeiner, February 25, 2016;

-“German University's course claims Israel harvests Palestinian organs”,, July 25, 2016.

(3) Israel is evil:

-Gideon Levy, “Stop Living in Denial, Israel Is an Evil State”, haaretz, July 31, 2016;

-Amos Schocken, Israel ‘Definitely’ an Evil Country”, washingtonfreeebeacon, July 29, 2016;

-Reuven Ben-Shalom, “Good Palestinians, evil Israelis”, jerusalempost, January 22, 2016;

-Daniel Greenfield, “Obama’s source for Israel says country run by evil ‘elders of Zion’”,  frontpagemag, February 1, 2016);

-“UN: The most evil country in the world today is Israel”, investmentwatchblog, March 29, 2016;

--Stephen Lendman, “Israel: A Force of Pure Evil”, thepeoplesvoice, April 9, 2015;

-“Gaza refuses to surrender to Israel’s Evil G-d”,, July 24, 2014.

These are only some of the headlines that slime Israel. There’s more: 

-Israel commits genocide (“Europeans: Israel committing genocide against Palestinians”, middleeastmonitor, January 26, 2016).

-Israel is the world's unique ‘occupier’ (“At the UN, only Israel is considered an occupier”, anneinpt.wordpress, September 15, 2016).

Israel is a brutal occupier (Antony Loewenstein, “Five decades later, Israel’s brutal occupation is stronger than ever”,, September 15, 2016).

Israel is a ruthless killer (Mo Rajabally, Kelona, “Occupier, ruthless killer is Israel, not Hamas”, pressreader, July 31, 2014).  

Israel commits war crimes (“Israel’s war crimes against Palestinians”,, 2014).

Israel is a rogue nation (Karl Schwarz, “Israel is a war nation of criminals”,, October 23, 2009).

These slandering headlines are the tip of an ugly man-made iceberg designed to sink Israel. Because of how the world has reacted to this constant, non-stop slander, it’s now become entirely reasonable to believe that, someday quite soon, the United Nations may attempt to delegitimize Israel in some official way. The UN could soon say, “Come, let us cut Israel off from its nationhood, so Israel’s name will not be remembered any more” (Psalms 83: 5).

Given how the UN joins the sliming of Israel these days, it's no longer outrageous to suggest  that the UN might consider ejecting Israel from the UN. It's no longer absurd to think that the UN might one day entertain the idea of replacing Israel with 'Palestine'. 

The hate-Israel industry understands the effect of this slandering. It's become energized by its successes against Israel. That's why you see so many anti-Israel slime attacks: success breeds more-of-the-same. 

Why do so many slime Israel? They do it for the 'Palestinians'.

Why do they slime Israel for the 'Palestinians'? We’ll start to look at that question tomorrow by answering first a different question.

Stay tuned. 

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