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Why 'Palestinians' slime Israel

Yesterday, you read about how Israel gets 'slimed' ("The sliming of Israel", September 18, 2016, below). You read about the definition of 'sliming' Israel: to smear Israel with such foul defamation that Israel becomes repulsive to you (I've updated yesterday's essay).

Yesterday, you read about the purpose of sliming Israel: to prepare you to accept the removal of Israel from the family of nations. Or, that purpose may be to prepare you to cheer for the 'unnationing' of Israel. 

Yesterday, you read about why Israel is so viciously slimed: to help the Palestinians. But there are two issues you didn't read about yesterday: (1) why would Palestinians want to slime; and (2) why would the world be so eager to help?

Today, you'll get a chance to consider why Palestinians want to slime Israel. In a couple of days, you'll get the opportunity to consider why the world would be so eager to help them do that.

Briefly stated, the 'Palestinians' want to slime Israel because that behavior is perfectly consistent with the 'Palestinian' goal for Israel: to demonize, then isolate, then destroy the Jewish state. We know this is their goal because they tell us it's their goal.

Read the Hamas Charter. It's Hamas' founding document. It informs on every Israel-related decision Hamas makes. 

The Hamas Charter is very clear: it's goal is to destroy the Jewish State. The only solution to what the Hamas Charter terms, 'the Palestinian problem' is Jihad--holy Islamic war against Israel. That's not a plan for peace. It's a plan for a war of extermination.

Don't forget the PLO Charter. The PLO/Fatah goal is no different from Hamas' goal: to remove the 'Zionist entity' from the Middle East. The 'Zionist entity' is the Jewish entity--Israel. The PLO Charter declares there will only be peace in the Middle East when the Zionist entity is gone.

What does that tell you? It tells you Israel is unique:

Image result for Israel is the evil that will destroy world peace
from: israelvideonetwork

If your goal is to make Israel disappear, sliming Israel makes sense. Sliming Israel helps to convince the convinceable that the disappearance of Israel is a good thing.  

Sliming Israel sells the idea that Israel is evil (see Brother Nathanael, "Why Israel is a threat to world peace", realjewnews, 2012) . That's important to the goal of destroying Israel because everybody stands against evil. Everybody hates evil. Everyone wants to destroy evil.

Every nation agrees that removing evil from the world is good. Therefore, if Israel is evil, destroying it is good for mankind, right? 

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from: evilzionistisrael.wordpress

Yes, this is what slime gives to mankind--the way to world peace (Peter Wexler, "For world peace, Israel must be destroyed", wexblog.prwexler, July 6, 2015).  

Image result for Israel is the evil that will destroy world peace
from: ukmediawatch

That's the underlying message of Israel-sliming: there can never be peace so long as evil exists; Israel is the living epitome of evil; therefore, to get peace you must destroy the evil incarnate, Israel.

Fortunately for Israel, as this sliming rages, objective observers of the Arab-Israel conflict become increasingly skeptical of the slime. The heavier the slime, the greater the skepticism.

These observers know Israel isn't 'evil'. They've been to Israel too many times. They've studied Israel.

They know Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. They know Israel is the only free country in the Middle East. 

Below, I present you with a video. This video comes from the website, gatestoneinistitute. It's a brief presentation by Col Richard Kemp (ret) of the UK. He's a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan. He knows about terrorism, terror attacks and civilian casualties in wars against terror. He's studied Israel's army at war.  

This video is titled. "Israel and the Palestinians: what the media won't report". It's dated May 28, 2016. 

I offer this video to you because I believe it focuses squarely on the question, why do Palestinians want to slime Israel? 

The video is 7:57 in length. 

Take a look:

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