Sunday, September 4, 2016

Is this coincidence--or 'something else'?

In life, there are coincidences. What are coincidences?

Typically, most people see coincidences as random events. These random events may occur near each other in time or space. But they are, most say, unconnected.

For these people, coincidences are only accidental natural occurrences. They have nothing to do with G-d. Coincidences are about chance, not G-d. 

Others disagree. These people say 'coincidences' are not about chance at all. Coincidences, these people claim, are instead the hand of Divine Providence. They are all about HaShem's Hand reaching into the natural world to shape our lives, deliver a rebuke or send a warning.

Who's right? The people who see G-d's making Himself known in our daily activities/ daily natural surroundings--or the people who see these occurrences as mere incidents of chance? 

The video below is about coincidences. It's about a series of ten natural (and economic) events that have impacted both the US and the EU. In this particular presentation, the emphasis appears to be on the US. 

Are the events presented here simply accidental, disconnected happenstance? Or, are they a form of Divine intervention in the form of judgments against those who act against Israel? 

Most people never see Divinity-in-nature. They believe in 'never'. Why should people choose to believe in 'never' when they can believe in G-d? 

Do you believe in 'never'? Or, do you believe HaShem can affect our daily and national lives?

Take a look at the video below. This video is titled, "Disastrous links to the mistreatment of Israel". it's date is June 24, 2010. It comes from the website, israelvideonetwork. It seems relevant to today, given how the international community turns its back on Israel. It's 6:00 minutes.

What's your verdict? Are these natural and economic 'events' just chance occurrences that, coincidentally, juxtapose the behaviour of national leaders with the arrival of large-scale disasters? 

Or, do you see something else?

Do you believe in 'never'--or G-d?

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