Sunday, September 25, 2016

Abbas chutspa at the UN. One Jew's response

On September 22, 2016, the leader of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, spoke to the United Nations General Assembly. He spoke because, he said, he wanted peace ("Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas' speech to the UN General Assembly: full text", jewishpress, September 22, 2016).

He mentioned the word, 'peace' no fewer than ten times.

But instead of peace, he spoke of Israel's aggression (three times), Israel's atrocities (twice) and oppression (twice) (ibid). Six times, he linked the word, 'illegal' to Israel. 

Instead of talking about how peace could become a reality, he declared that Israel causes his people much pain and suffering (ibid).  Israel has behaved with disrespect and contempt (ibid). Israel has committed and continues to commit atrocities against the Palestinian people (ibid). 

These are not words of peace or reconciliation. They are words of condemnation. They are words which say, 'I've nothing good to say about peace with Israel'.

He accused Israel of committing racial discrimination against the Palestinian people on a daily basis (ibid). He accused Israel of continuing to commit 'aggressions' against Muslim and Christian holy sites. 

This is how he seeks peace? 

He announced that Israel sabotages peace (ibid). It evades peace (ibid). It plays with fire (ibid).

This is talk of peace? It's more verbal posturing than peace. It's how the schoolyard bully works himself up emotionally so as to feel justified to attack.   

For peace, Abbas demanded that Israel "must cease all of its settlement colonization activities and aggressions against our cities, villages and refugee camps. It must cease its policies of collective punishment and its demolition of Palestinian homes. It must cease its extrajudicial executions and cease the arrest of our people, and must release the thousands of our prisoners and detainees. It must cease its aggression and provocations against the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque" (Abbas UN speech, ibid). 

He presents accusations ('extrajudicial executions' 'settler terror', 'aggressions against Islamic holy sites') as fact. They are not fact. On any lie-r-meter, they'd fall somewhere between distortion and outright lie.

Nevertheless, Abbas says he seeks peace. To achieve this peace, he claimed Israel must confront the Nakba (the so-called Arab disaster which occurred in 1948 when the Arab-initiated attack on the new-born Israel failed to destroy Israel). He declared, Israel must acknowledge its responsibility for that Nakba (ibid).

What? Arabs started a genocidal war against the Jews, lost that war and now blame that loss on the Jews?

This last demand may set a new standard for the definition of 'chutzpa' (commonly defined as 'outrageous gall'): Abbas wants the leader of the Jewish state to acknowledge responsibility for the Arab failure to destroy the Jewish state.

How peaceful and reconciling is that? 

This speech wasn't about peace. It was about defaming Israel. It was about demanding a Jewish apology for Arab Jew-hate. It was about completely ignoring Arab culpability for the lack of peace. 

How would you respond to such 'chutspa'? Would you know where to begin a response?

I don't know how you'd choose to respond. But I have found one possible Jewish response. It's quite simple. Page down:

The Arabs living in Israel during the Holocaust were Hitler's greatest supporters. And they still are today…

                             from: israelvideonetwork, retrieved September 25, 2016

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