Sunday, September 11, 2016

When Israel Judaizes, it’s a crime

What’s the difference between Judaization and Saudization?

Judaization is the act of making something Jewish. Saudization is the act of making something Saudi.

What’s the difference?

‘Judaization’, is the process of making Israel more Jewish. Saudization refers to the process of making jobs in Saudi Arabia more ‘Saudi’ (“All health jobs to be Saudized”, arabnews, August 9, 2016).

One of these processes is honorable. The other is criminal. Guess which is which.

In Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development wants to Saudize jobs across multiple industries in the Kingdom (ibid). That means that all jobs in selected industries will, at some moment in 2017, go only to Saudis. Presumably, non-Saudis in those industries will be fired.

So far, the Ministry has Saudized sales positions in the mobile phone/phone accessories industry. As of March, 2016, non-Saudis can no longer work in these areas (ibid).

The Ministry of Labor and Social Development will also Saudize pharmaceuticals (creating 15,000 jobs for Saudis) and car sales (9,000 jobs). It will Saudize the health sector (no job numbers released). It will Saudize telecommunications (no job numbers released). Then it will look at two other sectors--gold and vegetables.

No one objects to Saudization. No one comments on it. It’s perfectly okay.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, no Ministry in the State of Israel has made a policy announcement about Judaizing Israel. There have been no official statements about ‘the program to Judaize’. There have been no public declarations about the ‘coming changes for non-Jews’.

In fact, the idea that any part of Israel is being Judaized doesn’t come from Jews at all. It comes from Arab leaders.

The Saudis see Saudization as a benefit for Saudis. But Arab leaders don’t see ‘Judaization’ as a benefit for Jews. They see ‘Judaizing’ as a threat. The following headlines make this point:

-Gil Ronen, “Sunni Leader Warns Jews over 'Judaizing' Jerusalem”, israelnationalnews, November 11, 2011;

--Sharona Schwartz, “Palestinian Leader Abbas Accuses Israel of ‘Judaizing’ Jerusalem on Day Israel Announces 2,500-Year-Old Jewish Artifact Found in…Jerusalem”, theblaze, May 7, 2016;

-“Fatah official: Palestinians carrying out terror wave because holy sites are being ‘desecrated’ and the land is being ‘Judaized’”, palestinianmediawatch, under Judaization of Jerusalem, February 9, 2016;

-PA Minister of Religious Affairs demands Arab nations defend the Al-Aqsa Mosque from ‘invasions’ and ‘decisions of the Jewish rabbis’ to Judaize the Al-Aqsa Mosque [the Temple Mount] and defile it with Talmudic (sic) ceremonies”, Official PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, May 6, 2016, as reported at palestinianmediawatch, under Judaization of Jerusalem;

-“Abbas’ representative in Moscow: Israel has policy of Judaization of Jerusalem and desecration of the sanctity of the Al-Aqsa Mosque which will lead to religious war”, palestinianmediawatch, ibid, December 2, 2015;
-Cristina Silva, “Saudi Arabia To Israel: Don't 'Judaize' Jerusalem”, internationalbusinesstimes, June 2, 2015.

This last is best. Saudis do whatever they wish within their Kingdom, even if it means discriminating against non-Saudis. However, Saudis don’t grant Israeli Jews that same luxury.

Jews in certain parts of Israel can’t build apartments for their families. They can’t build schools. They can’t build anything because that would be Judaizing.

Heaven forbid Jews should build a synagogue.

Have you ever wondered why there are so few bathrooms in Jerusalem?

Here’s the answer: bathrooms Judaize Jerusalem. They Judaize Israel (Jane Adas, “Halper on Judaization, De-Arabization in Israel/Palestine”, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, June/July 2016, pp. 67-68).

Is the Judaization of Israel a crime? You bet it is. When the topic is the Temple Mount, it’s a crime against humanity (“Judaization of Quds amounts to crime against humanity: Analyst”, irandaily, October 19, 2014).

But it also becomes a crime against ‘international law’ when it ‘creeps’ into the West Bank and East Jerusalem (Stephen Gowans, “The Jewish Colonization of Palestine”, globalresearch, July 4, 2016).

Imagine the horror of it: Jews Judaize Jerusalem!

Jews have been Judaizing all over Israel since before 1900. This isn’t a secret. It’s public knowledge. It was written in the Torah more than 3,000 years ago as the Redemptive purpose of Israel: to ingather the Jewish nation.

Most demographic researchers appear to agree that there were 60,000-80,000 Jews in ‘Palestine’ in 1900. Today, that original ‘Palestine’ (not to be confused with the Arab-Muslim ‘Palestine’ dreamed up by the Palestinian Authority) is now the state of Israel. Israel today has more than 6.3 million Jews.

That’s Judaization. It’s what Zionism is all about—the return of Jews to their ancestral Jewish homeland. It’s why modern Israel exists.

Arabs leaders don’t want Israel to exist. They don’t want Judaization.  They want Jews out of the Middle East, not returning to it.

Arabs have already expelled almost 1,000,000 Jews from the Middle East. They’d love to expel the rest—from Israel.

To Arab leaders, Judaizing is a crime. They want to stamp it out.

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