Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Too often, the world sees Israel as a demon. Here's a different view of israel

If you read the news, you know how most of the world characterizes Israel. In any given week, some essay or article calls Israel 'occupier', 'brutal' or 'baby killer'. Some accuse Israel of killing innocent Palestinians.

 Still others say that Israel is the cause that sparks Jihad terror. Without Israel, they suggest, the West wouldn't suffer Jihad attacks. Anti-Israel readers who comment on internet essays like to make this statement.  

Of course, don't forget 'Israel is Apartheid'. That's a real favorite. 

You get the picture. Most of these accusations can easily be characterized as 'anti-Semitism' because they demonize a 'collective group' (Jewish Israel). If you don't believe that, go look it up on the US State Department site, "Defining Anti-Semitism", Fact Sheet, Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism, June 8, 2010. 

These phrases above are not free speech. They're anti-Semitism. They may even be classified as 'hate-speech'.  

BDS (the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement) is anti-Semitism, not political discourse. BDS meets that definition because, when you go to a BDS conference, you hear top BDS officials (and many in the audience) call for Israel's destruction, as in, "Israel must be eradicated!" (RK Hudson, "Lies and more lies", jerusalempost, June 3, 2016). That call is anti-Semitism because it denies Israel the right to exist (US State Department, ibid). BDS is also anti-Semitic because it singles out Israel alone among the nations for boycott because of alleged human rights violations (US State Department, ibid).

Applying a 'boycott' standard only to Israel means, by definition, that Israel has been 'singled out'. That 'singling out' fits the definition of 'using a double standard'. 

Using a double standards to demonize and criminalize Israel is anti-Semitism (US State Department, ibid).

Of course, it doesn't matter that most of these accusations--if not all--are lies. What's important is that you see them. That's important because a lie told a thousand times picks up a thousand believers. The more lies, the more new believers.

Yes, you're smarter than that. But you're also human. Constant anti-Israel messages can affect you. A drumbeat of hate can change you.

Today, you may not believe the lies. But 1000 days from now? 

1,000 days is a long time. During 1,000 days, you could be bombarded with 10,000 anti-Israel headlines. 

At some point, all of those 'hits' registering on your brain can take a toll.One day, you might suddenly wonder: could all of these accusations be lies? Aren't some of them true?

Soon, before you know it, the lies can change you. You, too, can become a believer. For some of you, it's only a matter of time.

Here's a suggestion: take a break from the drumbeat of anti-Israel demonization. Take a 'tonic': look at Israel through a different point of view. 

Here's a short video. it's a 'different' look at Israel. The video is less than 2 minutes. It's from the website, vibeisrael. It appears on that website, under the heading 'vibe biz'. 

I suggest to you that this video, while brief, is close to the truth about Israel. It's certainly closer to truth than the daily anti-Israel accusations and vilifications the media throws at you.

How do we know this video might be closer than vilification to the truth about Israel? We know it because Israel's mindset makes Israelis among the happiest nations in the world.  Israelis (11th in the world) are even happier than Americans (13th)("World Happiness Report 2016 update").

Why is 'happiness' important to this discussion? Because happiness is connected to freedom. Free countries tend to have happier people. 

Look at the "World Happiness report 2016 update" (ibid). The happiest 13 countries in the world are all free countries. That includes Israel.

Israel is the only free country in the Middle East ("Freedom in the world 2016", freedomhouse). That freedom creates a vibrancy not found in a despotic country. That vibrancy, I suggest, serves as a foundation for a collective 'happiness'.

That freedom also means that in Israel no wanton Jewish baby killers wander the streets looking to kill a 'Palestinian' baby, as the Jew-hate industry wants you to believe. Israel would certainly not be considered 'free' if Jews roamed around wantonly killing 'Palestinian' babies. 

That freedom also means there is no Apartheid in Israel. A nation wouldn't be listed as 'free' if it was Apartheid. 

Look at the Palestinian Authority. You'll find there little freedom, much oppression--and a very low 'Happiness' rank (number 108 of 157).

If Israel were as brutal as its enemies say it is, Israel would look and act like the 'Palestinian Authority'. It doesn't. 

If Israel were as brutal and oppressive as its enemies claim, Israel wouldn't be a free country. It is a free country. 

Israel doesn't look like the Palestinian Authority or Gaza. It looks more like the Israel you've just seen in the video above.

In the propaganda war for your heart, choose life. Choose freedom. Choose Israel. 

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