Friday, June 3, 2016

An essay has just evaporated. Can you help me?

(Last updated: June 3, 2016)

I just finished a new essay for you. Once I had finished it, I put my cursor on 'publish' and clicked. 

Normally, what happens next is that the screen takes me to my list of all posts on my blog, with the newest at the top. When I see that newest essay listed (the one I had just moments before 'published'), I know that it will appear on the public face of the blog--the part of the blog you read. 

Except this time. This time, I clicked on 'publish'--and the next thing I knew, the essay I had written had disappeared!

It was totally gone. It wasn't published. It wasn't in my list of posts. It wasn't on the main, public blog. 

It didn't even remain as a draft.

I have no clue where it went. I am speechless.

I'm speechless because it was my only draft. If it's gone from the blog site, it is really, truly gone.

Normally, I write my draft in Word, then transfer it over. Occasionally, I do the draft directly onto the blog site. That's what I did this time.

Well, I certainly won't do that ever again.

Does anyone know if that essay can be retrieved? Can you explain to me how I can retrieve it?

Can anyone explain what happened?

I do have problems with my internet service. Such troubles are part of my Israeli experience. Sometimes, my screen freezes. Sometimes nothing freezes, but when I attempt to go to a new page, I get a message that I am disconnected from the server.

Given where in Israel I live, I suspect that some of these issues could be related to security. Interrupting internet service, for example,  would be one way to slow down terrorist internet access. 

I am no terrorist. But those who would kill me don't live far away. They live in a large Arab village that's perhaps 4 kilometres from me. Interrupting the  village's internet service will interrupt mine as well...But then, I have no idea if this explains my internet disruptions.

It doesn't matter. I have a problem right now. In five+ years of writing some 950 essays on more than one blog, this is the first time this particular problem has happened. 

I would appreciate any help you can give regarding retrieving that essay. I know that once I turn off my computer for Shabbat (today is Friday), I could lose all opportunity to retrieve it. Nevertheless, I'd appreciate any feedback you might give.

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