Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Jihad, Ramadan, France and Israel

Jihad dominates the news. Islamic jihad slowly dismantles the Arab nations formed by the West through the Picot-Sykes agreement finalized a hundred years ago (Zalman Shoval, “A flood of Gallic gall in Paris”, Israel HaYom, June 6, 2016). Jihadists threaten to disrupt euro 2016, soccer’s giant international tournament hosted this year by France, June 10-14, 2016 (Michel Moutot, “French jitters swell over jihadists turning soccer tourney into target”, timesofisrael, June 7, 2016). Jihadists repeatedly call for murder against infidels to celebrate Ramadan, June 5-July 5, 2016 (Robert Spencer, “Islamic State threatens jihad murders in US, Europe this month”, jihadwatch, June 4, 2016).

Apparently, France wants to do something about this jihad. It wants to stop Islamic terror: it will fight jihad by forcing Israel into a ‘shotgun peace’ with Jew-hating Muslims (“Chance of two-state solution fading, France says in reviving Israeli - Palestinian peace push”, reuters international, June 3, 2016).

Aren’t the French wonderful? Don’t be fooled. This new French peace push is not French altruism. It’s French desperation.

The French have good reason to feel desperate. Last year, Muslim jihadists in France murdered more people in France than were killed by terrorism in the country during the entire 20th century (George Igler, “The French Appetite for Appeasement”, gatestone institute, June 4, 2016). The French are at a complete loss. They can’t stop the attacks. They fear jihadists will collapse their euro 2016 soccer-fest (ibid).

On top of jihad, France has a Muslim crime epidemic (Onan Coca, “Muslim Refugees Attack White Pedestrians in France – Until One Victim Goes for His Gun!”, eaglerising, January, 2016). France cowers in fear (ibid).

The French claim they’ve enacted new initiatives to curb Muslim crime (ibid). But then the French also allow these anti-crime initiatives to get pushed aside by other efforts aimed at placating the Muslim communities which spawn the criminal activity (ibid).

In France, the left hand (political correctness and appeasement) cancels what the right hand (the police) tries to do. The result is what you’d expect: migrant Muslim gangs continue to terrorize French towns, stampede French motorways, or conduct mass armed brawls in Paris with little fear of intervention from either security services or the law (ibid).

Then there’s France’s unemployment rate. It’s hit a record high this year (P. David Hornik, “France, plagued by terror, looks to solve Israel’s problems”, frontpagemag, June 5, 2016). That unemployment acts like an accelerant tossed onto a fire.

The resulting strikes, riots and unrest threaten to wipe France off the world’s tourist destinations list (Cecilia Rodriguez, “Paris Tourism Plummeting As France's Travel Chaos And Protests Extend, Threatening The Euro Cup”, forbes, May 31, 2016). The French reel from it all.

They continue to appease Muslim leaders. They pack armed soldiers into Paris (Hornik, ibid). They implement a state of national emergency. They hire more police, including Muslims who, surprise, surprise, refuse to guard Jewish property (Daniel Greenfield, “Muslim police in France refuse to protect synagogues”, frontpagemag, March 19, 2016).

Jewish property in France has become a ‘problem’ because it’s no longer safe. Anti-Semitic attacks against Jewish people and Jewish places have reached an incendiary level (Marie Brenner, “The troubling question in the French Jewish community: is it time to leave?”, hive, August 2015). Despite all the soldiers, crowds riot through the heart of Paris crying, ‘death to the Jews! Death to the Jews!’ (ibid).

Today’s France is unrecognizable. It’s a France being slowly torn apart by a plague of terror, Muslim crime and unrest (Hornik, above, ibid).

This is the France that now turns to Israel ‘in peace’. This France, being slowly strangled by hate-filled Muslim migrants, tells Israel ‘we’ll help you’.

Don’t believe it. France doesn’t help Israel. France proved that some seven weeks ago when it voted at the UN to deny all Jewish connection to Judaism’s historic Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel (Lea Speyer, “French Jewish Leaders Decry Country’s Support of UNESCO Resolution Denying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount”, thealgemeiner, April 28, 2016). Their ‘peace’ push sounds more like a desperate France trying to show its Muslim residents that France can be as anti-Israel as the Muslim.

France fears its Muslims. It worries about Ramadan (Neha Singh, “Euro 2016 football championship potential target of terror attacks in France, warns US”, internationalbusinesstimes, June 1, 2016). It is very afraid.

Forget the French. They’ve got one foot soaking in a multicultural cesspool, and a second foot about to step on a religious land mine. The French effort to control Muslim and jihad crime looks like a Keystone Kops movie, not a professional strategy. 

France shouldn’t be leading a ‘peace’ charge against Israel. Instead, it should be banging on Israel’s door begging Israel for help to control its out-of-control Muslim population.

Israel doesn’t need France. France needs Israel.

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