Thursday, June 2, 2016

June: the time for graduation ceremonies

(Last updated: June 2, 2016)

June is the month for graduation. Long ago, 'graduation' was a ceremony meant only for Junior high, high school and college/university students.

But today, graduation' has branched out. Graduation has expanded. 

Today, graduation is for everyone. It's no longer just for the 'older children'.

We live in a world of 'equality'. That equality now includes 'the young ones'. 

Today's equality means there's a graduation ceremony for elementary school. There's a ceremony for kindergarten. Depending upon school and location, this equality could also mean a graduation ceremony for your nursery-age child. 

Have you ever gone to a kindergarten graduation ceremony? If you have, you'll probably remember three things:(1) it was too long; (2) it's a little amateurish; and (3), of course, the children (especially your own) were really cute.


I've found a videoed kindergarten graduation ceremony for you. It's not exactly amateurish. It's elaborate. In fact, you might even think this particular ceremony was too elaborate for children so young.

But not for the children you're about to see. These children perform like, well, real troopers. Because of the elaborateness of the ceremony, I'd say these children had practiced for this moment the entire year. That should tell you something about what they learned in school all year.

This video is an excerpt from a longer graduation program. But, short as this is, I think you'll get the point.

It's less than 3 minutes. Take a look below:  

It's been said that our children are our future. If that's true, you can imagine what the future is for these children.

The French, the EU, the US and the UN all now prepare yet again to pressure Israel to 'give 'Palestinians' a future of peace''. I think these children prepare for a different kind of future.

What do you think?

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