Thursday, June 23, 2016

Islamic terror, American compassion--and aliyah

Today, I offer you a picture and a headline. Together, these two items tell you all you need to know about how America plans to protect you from Islamic terror.

This picture and this one headline also do something else. They whisper to you about aliyah. They whisper, it's time to pack your bags. 

Do you hear the whisper?

The picture alone is worth 1,000 words. Actually, in a world threatened by an Islamic terror that knows only horror and brutality, this picture may be worth more than 1,000 words.The headline, meanwhile, seems to be the picture's intellectual sister.

The picture is from the newspaper, Israel HaYom. I found it on the blog, statelymcdanielmanor. The headline appeared on several sites, including, mediaite, on June 22, 2016. down for your look at how the world's greatest leader fights to keep you safe from Islamic terror:

The picture is about President Barack Obama. It's about how America's President addresses the problem of Islamic terror: he just can't see it.

Feel safe?

The headline below is about Obama's chief law enforcement officer, the Attorney General of the United States, Ms. Loretta Lynch. Her job is, among other duties, to keep Americans safe. She helps lead the fight against terrorism in the United States. 

But she takes her orders from the President. She operates according to his point of view. 

Can you see where this is going? If the President doesn't see Islam and terror connected, what kind of orders would he give to his Attorney General?

Page down to find out. The story that accompanied this headline was written by Josh Feldman: 

Loretta Lynch: 'Our Most Effective Response to Terror' Is Compassion and Love

That's right: the Attorney General of the United States, America's chief law enforcement officer, is going to fight Islamic terror like a Christian preacher, not a cop.  

I bet that makes you feel safe. 

You're surprised at her comment? Why should you be surprised? If your boss sees no link between Islam and terror, what are you going to do? 

You're going to tow the company line. This is exactly what Ms Lynch did (Jim Treacher, "Loretta Lynch: we may never know why that Islamic terrorist killed all those people", dailycaller, June 21, 2016). 

America has a problem. An Islamic terror that rejects all things Western, including such concepts as compassion and love for one's enemy, has come to America. Since the 2001 9/11 attack, Islamic terrorists have killed more than 3,100 in the US. More than 2,900 died on 9/11. The remainder, some 134, died since then. 

63 of that 134 died in the last seven months. 14 died in California in December, 2015. 49 died in Florida in June, 2016. 

How many more will die in the next seven months?

This is a problem for which America has a solution. That solution is compassion and love (see also, Steve Dennis, "Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick says we need to Love terrorists during his September 11th memorial speech", americaswatchtower, September 12, 2007). That solution begins with the President's refusal to say that Islamic terror threatens America. 

They say that understanding the problem you've got means you've got half the solution. What have you got when you refuse to say what your problem is? 

A bigger problem. But Islamic terror isn't just a 'problem'. it's a problem that kills. You ignore it at your peril.

America, your leaders will protect you from killers--with love. That's the core plan. Your leaders will be compassionate. Through that compassion, they will abandon you to terror.

Here's some advice: if you value your life, never stay where terror will be opposed by compassion and love. If you want to be safe, you must understand that, whenever the ruthless battle the compassionate, the ruthless win. 

Don't wait for compassion and love. It's the wrong way to fight terror. It's wrong because, as a famous saying says, when you are compassionate to the cruel, you end up being cruel to the compassionate. You will create the opposite of what you intend. The compassionate will be slaughtered, not saved.

If you are an American Jew, get out. Make aliyah. Do it now. Don't wait for love to conquer all.  

In the US, anti-Semitism rises and falls. But the number of violent assaults against Jews surges ("ADL audit: Anti-Semitic assaults rise dramatically across the country [USA] in 2015". adl. org, June 22, 2016). On-line Jew-hate has exploded (ibid). 

Where do you think all of that hate and violence will lead? It will certainly not lead to love and compassion for Jews.

America will fail to protect its Jews. It is more concerned about compassion for Muslims than for its Jewish population.

Think about the terror. Think about your American leaders. Think about how they plan to protect you. 

You should worry.

Come to Israel. This is your home. Come now. Come before it's too late.

Yes, Israel is not DisneyWorld. That's true. But Israel is the world's leader in fighting Islamic terror. Israel is the start-up nation. Israel is the home of the Jewish people.

Come home--now.

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