Sunday, June 19, 2016

Can you picture the bully of the Middle East?

(An earlier version of this essay appeared as, "Israel is the bully in the Middle East", published at Arutz Sheva [but not here] on January 7, 2016. This is an updated version)

Everyone hates Israel ("Israel: Most hated countries", no date). Israel is a top-ten most hated country for lots of reasons. for one thing, "they killed Jesus" (This is a statement that makes anti-Zionism really just another form of anti-Semitism) (ibid). Then,  they (the Jews of Israel) are hypocrites. They (Jews of Israel) say they're the "holy land". But the place is full of racists (ibid).

Those Jews of Israel are liars, bigots and thieves (ibid). They stole the land of the 'Palestinians' and now lie about it, saying the land is theirs.

You get the picture. Hating Israel shows up on virtually every internet news outlet, in one form or another. It's big business. It's big partly because the world's media keeps it big.

The world media feeds this hate. It makes money from this hate. It gives haters what they want to hear, what they want to read.

The bottom line for Israel is simple: those Jews are not victims. They are , collectively, a bully that dominates, controls and abuses you.

Is that true? Is Israel the bully in the Middle East?

Fortunately, this question is not rocket science. In fact, this question is so easy to answer, we can answer it with a picture. 

This picture shows you a truth. It's a truth that'll help you put the 'Israel-the-bully problem' into a concrete, visual perspective.

These days, you certainly need some perspective about Israel because of what the world says about Israel. Here's a sampling of what the world says:

-Israel bullies the Middle East (Ahmet Tasgetiren, "The Bully of the Middle East", middleeasteye, November 30, 2001).

-Israel is a bully ("Israel is a bully on the verge of global isolation", rtquestionmore, February 8, 2012)

-Israel bullies 'Palestinian' women ("Amnesty accuses Israel of judicial bullying", aljazeera, July 10, 2013).

-Israel is the regional superpower (Fareed Zakaria, "Israel has become the Mideast superpower," thestar, November 22, 2012).

-Israel dominates the Middle East (Fareed Zakaria, " Fareed Zakaria: Israel dominates the Middle East, washingtonpost, November 21, 2012).

-Israel has such greed for power, it even tries to push around the US (Lenny Defranco, "Israel or the United States: who's the f**king superpower here?", breitbart, March 4, 2015).

-Israel acts like it rules the world (Linda Heard, "Does Israel rule the world", gulfnews, June 1, 2010).)

So far as world media is concerned, everyone ‘knows’ Israel is the bully of the Middle East. Everyone 'knows' that Israel is so big and domineering it thinks it owns the world.

Well, if you believe that, take a look here: 

When people say Israel is the source of all middle east problems                     
(courtesy of "When people say Israel is the source of all middle east problems", 9gag, no date)

In this picture, Israel appears in red. It's so tiny, you can barely see it (it's near the middle of the map, below Turkey).

This is what a map of the full Arab Middle East looks like. Israel is truly the tiniest of nations. 

The Arab nations, on the other hand, are in green. They dominate the map's landscape. They dominate the Middle East.

As you can see, Israel doesn't dominate anything. It's almost invisible.

By tradition, bullies are big. Often, they're very big.  They use their size to push around the little ones in the schoolyard. They abuse the most vulnerable.

Even when bullies are relatively small, they pick on the vulnerable one. In the Middle East, Israel is the vulnerable one. Israel is vulnerable because the UN makes it so. 

If you attended elementary school, you should know what a bully looks like. He's not the littlest guy in the schoolyard.

In the Middle East, Israel is the littlest guy. It's surrounded by bullies. 

Look at the map. Tell me who's got the 'bully potential' here--the big guys in green, or the tiny, almost invisible guy in red?

This map teaches a lesson. The Middle East is not a civil place. It's an ugly place. 

It's ruthless. It's filled with hate for the 'little one'.

It's a brutal place where the Arab majority bullies and terrorizes the minority--and then tells the world that they're the victim.

This picture tells you all you need to know about the truth of the Middle East.

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