Wednesday, July 11, 2018

It's not Israel that's brutal and racist

Today, I'm angry. Read the following. Then I'll tell you more  (I'll cite author, title and source below):

“Salam Aleikum” began the letter that hundreds of Syrian refugees found attached to tents they received last week via the Israel Defense Forces’ Operation Good Neighbor.

The letter was hastily written in English by Gal Lusky, who has been supplying humanitarian aid to Syrian victims of the civil war since 2011 through her secretive nonprofit, Israeli Flying Aid....

[Lusky wrote,] “Although you are considered to be our sworn enemies and although by operating in the field our volunteers were risking their lives, as the descendants of Jews that survived the Holocaust, we, the volunteers of Israeli Flying Aid, proud Jewish citizens of the State of Israel, sanctify life and will not stand idly by as women and children are continuously slaughtered”...
Within 24 hours, she started receiving emails in response — including children’s drawings that brought tears to her eyes...

Israeli Flying Aid secured most of the 300 tents, 13 tons of food, 15 tons of baby formula, three pallets of medical supplies, and 30 tons of clothes and shoes sent overnight by the IDF last week to tens of thousands of Syrian civilians fleeing Bashar Assad’s latest offensive against rebel holdouts in the Daraa region of southwest Syria.
“We worked delicately in the beginning and didn’t want to embarrass those we are helping,” Lusky says, but recently she explained to opposition political leaders in southern Syria that precious time is wasted removing identifying labels from medication and other desperately needed supplies coming from Israel.

“They said, ‘Gal, we’re risking ourselves anyway and we’ll take what we can to help our people.’”

And so she decided to go public with the effort that has been going on for years in cooperation with the IDF – not including Israeli Flying Aid’s other covert activities around the world since 2005.

...Lusky’s passion to help has been matched by other individual Israelis, especially in the Golan Heights where residents constantly hear shooting, explosions and Iranian missiles flying over their heads as the conflict rages over the Syrian border.
The Golan Regional Council, encompassing 32 Israeli towns and villages, has made several appeals over the past few years for residents to collect items that the IDF deemed most needed by Syrian refugees – everything from blankets to sunshades.
[A message went out on July 1 [from the Golan Regional Council    . It] ...garnered the largest response to date: ...[According to Dalia Amos, spokeswoman for the Golan Regional Council], “This time there was a huge response from all over the country [Israel] , not only our communities [up north, near the Syrian border]. I think what really excited everyone was that we asked for families to make bags for Syrian children containing small toys, coloring pages and sweets. We emailed all the children in the Golan a blessing in Arabic that they can print out or copy over and put in their packages”... 
The council is getting calls from as far away as Gaza border communities – where Israelis have their own worries daily – wishing to bring care packages to the Golan. “We have factories and stores calling us too,” says Amos. “One toy store here is donating wood toys with Arabic lettering on them.”
Amos emphasizes that Golan residents have been collecting supplies, clothes and toys all year round to transfer to Syrian refugees through the IDF. ...
Thus far, the IDF’s Operation Good Neighbor has coordinated the transfer of 1,524 tons of food, 947,520 liters of fuel, 7,933 diaper packages, 54 tons of baby food, 24,900 boxes of medicine and medical equipment, 775 medical equipment units, 250 tons of clothing, 13,920 hygienic products, and more than 300 tents to Syrians since June 2016.
Israeli Flying Aid has sent millions of dollars’ worth of medical supplies to 14 hospitals and clinics in Syria. Equipment is donated by Baylor University Medical Center in Texas, while medication is purchased with contributions from American Jewish organizations and Israelis.
“The IDF brings everything in on our behalf. They take all the risk and do amazing work. In the last two and a half years that the fence is open they are spending millions on the manpower and logistics to make this possible, putting their soldiers at tremendous risk even to bring wounded Syrians into Israel,” says Lusky.

An Israeli soldier cradling a child at the Israeli field hospital near the Syrian border. Photo courtesy of IDF Spokesman’s Office
The IDF-sponsored 20-bed maternity hospital inside Syria also is supplied with Baylor medical equipment and baby formula donated to Israeli Flying Aid by Israeli companies.
“Many of the moms are too stressed to breastfeed, and they cannot afford formula,” Lusky explains. “We work with many Israeli manufacturers and supermarkets that open their hearts and give donations of everything from formula to shoes.”
Lusky first allowed her organization’s name in the news in 2013 when it delivered 70 tons of winter clothing and bedding for Syrian civil war refugees collected by Israeli youth groups in 14 cities.
This week, Israeli Flying Aid has arranged for another 3,000 tents to be shipped from China to help shelter hundreds of thousands of displaced Syrians, and aims to provide 20,000 tents altogether.
Lusky says supplies sent by the UN reach only Assad’s regime, and she hopes direct American aid can be provided, through Israel, to desperate children and women of the opposition.
“The regime is pushing them toward our border fence. In the last week, five girls were killed by scorpion bites. They need anti-venom and asthma medications. Everything is so hectic and even simple infections can cause death when there are no antibiotics,” Lusky says"
(from, Abigail Klein Leichman, "Israeli residents go public...", israel21c, July 3, 2018).

 To me, this is a great article. It shows the 'stuff' Israel is made of: how the IDF, along with Israeli civilians, join together to serve as true superheroes for thousands of Syrian refugees--Muslims, not Jews--who suffer from a raging Muslim-on-Muslim civil war. But this news report angers me.

Ask yourself a question: what has the Muslim Palestinian Authority done to help these same Syrian Muslims?

The answer is: nothing.

Remember, many Muslims in this region--if not elsewhere--are taught from birth to hate Jews. Now, some of these brainwashed people receive tons of humanitarian supplies from Palestinian Muslims? No, they don't.  

Do the Syrians crowding into Southern Syria near Israel's border receive life-saving medicines and food from Lebanon or Iran? No, they don't. 

The Syrians suffering at Syria's border with Israel receive all this from the one nation many have been taught to hate, Israel. 

How's that for irony?

A nation has no reason to help those who hate its very existence. But Israel isn't just any country. It's the world's only Jewish state. It doesn't behave like everybody else. 

It helps neighbors in need. 

What happens to Israel as it helps to save these lives? Well,  while Israel provides this humanitarian aid, it continues to be called brutal, racist, Apartheid and Nazi-like.

How's that for saying, thank you?

Is this humanitarian effort the behavior of an Apartheid state? No. An Apartheid state, one established specifically to oppress Muslims, would never help Muslims in another country who are in dire need. 

Instead, this humanitarian effort is the behavior of a state that values human life, no matter what one's religion--Israel.

Does this behavior prove that Israel really is a Nazi-state? No. It proves that Israel is a nation that cares for humanity in way never demonstrated by Nazis.

Does this behavior prove Israelis are racist? No. It proves that Israelis will not let someone starve to death just because he's different.

The truth is, Israel is no brutal, Nazi regime. It isn't racist. 

But the Palestinian Authority is racist. While the IDF risked its own soldiers' lives to help Syrian Muslim women and infants, the Palestinian Authority busied itself showing the cartoon below. This cartoon didn't illustrate how an Israeli soldier was helping to save the life of an infant Arab child. It showed an IDF soldier taking away a baby's milk bottle and substituting a can of poison for the baby to drink (palwatch): 

That's racism at its ugliest.

One month ago, while Israeli soldiers risked their lives to help innocent Muslim children at Israel's northern borders, the PA was busy accusing Israeli soldiers of shooting innocent Palestinians (PA Foreign Ministry...).

That's a blood-libel.

 Six weeks ago, while Israeli soldiers spent hours moving tons of medical material to help Muslims suffering in make-shift refugee camps--indirectly helping Muslim innocents stay alive with just-in-time medical deliveries--the PA was busy accusing Israel of indirectly killing Palestinian prisoners through 'deliberate medical neglect' (medical neglect).

That's another blood-libel.

Some seven weeks ago, while Israeli soldiers were delivering humanitarian aid few in the Arab world bothered to deliver, the PA's official newspaper was busy comparing Israel's Defense Minister to 'Nazis' (the Nazi Israel Defense Minister).

Earlier this year, while Israelis were delivering tons of food, clothing and medicines to Syrian Muslims at Israel's northern borders, the UN was busy condemning Israel for human rights violations right inside those borders ("Human rights council passes 5 anti-Israel resolutions").

I'm angry because Israelis risk their lives to help Muslims in dire need and Israel is smeared as a terrorist, hateful, rogue state that cares nothing for humanitarian needs. Meanwhile, the Muslims in the Palestinian Authority show how much they care about humanitarian needs by ignoring the suffering of their own Syrian brothers and sisters. 

I'm angry because, apparently, in the Middle East, the only nation that cares about Muslim suffering is the Jewish Israel.

I'm angry because Israel is, arguably, the one nation hated  most by the UN--but  is the only nation in the UN that cares enough about the humanity of Syrians attacked by Syrian leader Assad to aid them. 

The world doesn't give a damn about this Muslim misery. It leaves these innocents to starve to death.

The world doesn't give a tinker's damn for humanitarianism at the grass roots level, where it counts the most. All it can think of is how many times it can condemn the only country that actually helps these Muslims--the Jewish Israel.

Our Tanach tells us that Israel is Destined to stand alone, not to be counted among the nations. Damn right Israel isn't going to be counted among these nations. Why should it want to be? These nations let poor innocent civilians starve to death.

It's not Israel that's racist. It's not Israel that's brutal. 

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