Friday, August 26, 2016

People have good reason to lie about Israel

In 2015, Israeli columnist Dror Eydar quoted a friend who had written about Israelis. The friend had said that Israelis complain about Israel the way they complain about flying (“Israel is nothing short of a miracle”, israelhayom, May 1, 2015).

When Israelis fly, the friend wrote, they soar through the clouds, impossibly. They partake in the miracle of human flight while sitting in a chair in the sky like a Greek god.

Nevertheless, Israelis ignore that miracle. After flying, all they can talk about is how their seat didn’t recline far enough (ibid).

That, the friend concluded, is exactly our attitude towards Israel. We live in a place of miracles. "Israel is nothing short of a miracle, like a plane that slices through the sky" (ibid). But all we do is complain.

Israelis aren’t the only people who complain about Israel. At least half the world—if not more—complains about Israel.

Haven’t you noticed? Israel hates peace. Israel steals land. Israel kills babies. Israel harvests Arab organs. Israel kills innocent ‘Palestinians’ on Israel’s streets. Israel commits genocide. Israel is Apartheid.

The list goes on. But if Israel were truly as bloodthirsty as these complainers say, Israel would never get listed as a ‘Free’ country by an organization called, Freedom House, which evaluates the state of freedom each year in 195 countries and 15 territories (Freedom in the World 2016, Freedom House, page 2, 2016).

Israel isn’t just a free country (ibid). It’s the freest country in the Middle East (ibid). In fact, it grades out as the only free country in the Middle East (Kuwait and Lebanon are graded as ‘Partly Free’; every other Arab nation is ‘Not Free’).

Think about that.

No country anywhere in the world that kills innocents in the street, commits genocide, is Apartheid, etc, is going to be graded as ‘Free’. Israel is ‘Free’. No Arab nation is. But of course, that doesn’t stop people from complaining only about Israel.

Well, they don’t complain. They accuse. They condemn Israel as a murderous regime.  

It’s a lie. Israel doesn’t murder people. It helps people.

Israel is a petri-dish for miracles: high-tech miracles, water miracles, agriculture miracles, medical miracles—innovations that improve our lives. Non-free Arab countries don’t create miracles.

Here’s how brutal Israel is towards ‘Palestinians’: whenever Palestinians’ needs medical help, they go to Israeli hospitals. Even ‘Palestinian’ leaders bring family members to Israel for medical care (Micah Halpern, “Even Palestinian Leaders Want Jewish Doctors,”, observer, May 6, 2016). If, as accused, Israel harvested ‘Palestinian’ organs, do you really believe top ‘Palestinian’ leaders would send their wives, daughters, brothers, etc to Israeli hospitals?

I don’t think so.

The world lies about Israel. Israel is not, as some suggest, one of the world’s most brutal, oppressive countries. But Arab Syria is. It’s the most brutal country in the world (Freedom House, ibid). Arab Saudi Arabia is the 10th most brutal, unfree nation is the world (ibid).

Arabs know Israel is a free country (Deborah Danan, “Palestinian Columnist: Arab Countries Must Learn From Israel, Adopt Free Election System”, breitbart, February 9, 2016). Arabs also know that the Arab Middle East is definitely not free (ibid).

Israel has become one of the world’s greatest entrepreneurial hothouses on the face of the planet. It has created dozens of high-tech miracles while facing sometimes daily terror attack from people who would die to destroy it (Mark Lerner, “5 reasons why Israeli startups are so successful”, techinasia, November 15, 2015).

Israel has the number one start-up ecosystem in the world (“Fact: Israel Has Top Per-Capita Ratio of Startups in the World!”, unitedwithisrael, September 10, 2015). That ecosystem works every day to create technical innovations and to fight killer diseases. No one else in the world has been able to accomplish so much with so small a population. No one.

Yet, the world continues to lie about Israel. It believes as Truth the lies that come from the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, the Palestinian Authority and the Students for Justice in Palestine.

The lies are vicious. The lies are unrelenting.

They’re also important. Israel has to be demonized because it’s the only nation that stands tall against terror. The US doesn’t. The EU doesn’t. The UN doesn’t. Only Israel does.

How can terror conquer the world when Israel bloodies its nose—and teaches others how to do it, too?

This is why the purveyors of terror demonize Israel. It’s why they crank out so many lies. They have to convince you to attack Israel for them.

How else will they defeat Israel? How else can they defang the only country that knows how to fight terror successfully (“'The Only Country ISIS Fears Is Israel'”, haaretz, December 28, 2015).

Will those who lie about Israel succeed against Israel? You better pray they don’t.

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  1. Tuvia,you writes: " Israel hates peace. Israel steals land. Israel kills babies. Israel harvests Arab organs. Israel kills innocent ‘Palestinians’ on Israel’s streets. Israel commits genocide. Israel is Apartheid."
    That explains very well why the palestinian propaganda functions so good. They attack and we defend ourselves:
    "Israel hates peace" We write10 pages to demonstrate that it's not true. Meanwhile:
    "Israel steals land" Well we demonstrate with a book that it's not true. Meanwhile:
    "Israel kill babies" We react, explain, prove... Meanwhile:
    "israel commits genocide" We demonstrate that it's false with statistics...Meanwhile:
    And so on, and so on...As long we are on the defensive we will loose the battleof minds and hearts.
    As a psychotherapist I wrote a project:"Principles for an offensive counter-propaganda" If you would like to read it send me your Mail-Adress
    Mine is :