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Israel's wall and the 'Palestinian Cause'

In 2002, the state of Israel made a decision to build a barrier around Israel. This barrier was to stretch 450+ miles. One consequence of building this wall was that it separated Jews from 'Palestinians'.

Why did Israel decide to do that?

Those who would destroy Israel claim Israel built this barrier in order to seal off 'Palestinian' land from its rightful owners (Homepage, stopthewall). These accusers say this barrier is an act of aggression. It is, they say, a Zionist tactic to cut off 'Palestinians' from 'Palestine' (ibid, "About"). 

Others say the 'wall' is just another horror perpetrated by an Apartheid Israel. They said this Wall, as it's called, serves only one purpose: to separate, isolate and abuse the people of 'Palestine' ("Equal rights for Palestinians; Apartheid and Occupation", seamac, no date).

Today, some 14 years later, supporters of the 'Palestinian Cause' (to conquer Israel, destroy the 'Zionist entity' and replace the Jewish Israel with an Arab-Muslim 'Palestine') claim that the Wall is not now and never was about security; instead, it's about "controlling movements within the 'Occupied Territories' and making the creation of a viable 'Palestinian' state impossible" (ibid). 

Many say the Wall is a crime ("The Segregation and Annexation Wall: A Crime against Humanity",, no date) . They say it's a manifestation of Israeli brutality (Alex Kane, "How Pope Francis exposed the brutality of Israel's Apartheid Wall, alternet, May 26, 2014). They say it's ugly.

Here's what they who would destroy want you to see of this wall:  

from: Roger LeMoyne

courtesy of:

courtesy of: middleeastmonitor

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Even the Catholic Pope has lent his hand to illustrate the 'pain' Israel causes because of this 'Wall':

courtesy of councilforthenationalinterest. org

Israel is brutal, right?

Wrong: Israel didn't build this wall because it was a new way to steal 'Palestinian'  land. Israel didn't build this wall to oppress 'Palestinians'. Israel had an entirely different reason for building this wall--murder.

Those who would destroy Israel refuse to tell you how murder created the wall. They just want you to look at the wall and see only Israeli brutality.

Israel built this wall because 'innocent Palestinians' were murdering Jews. Between September 2000-early February 2005, 'Palestinians' murdered more than 920 Jews in more than 350 terror attacks. If you're counting, that's more than one terror attack a week for more than four years. 

This was the 'Second Intifada'. It was a time when Israel became a mini-killing field. More than 120 suicide bombers came into Israel from 'Palestinian' areas. They came to kill--and they did kill.

They blew up buses. They blew up restaurants. They blew up stores in shopping centers. They blew up cafes. 

In 2002, the year Israel began to build the wall, Israel experienced 47 suicide bombings--almost one per week. In 2002, 'Palestinians' attacked Jews more than 130 times (including the 47 bombings)--app 11 times a month.

To understand what the murder of 920 Jews in Israel means, think about the population of the US. If the same percent of Americans had been killed in America as Jews in Israel were killed (2002-2005), app 50,000 Americans would have been murdered. 


What would the United States have done if, between 2000-2005, Mexican suicide bombers crossed into the US from Mexico and blew up or otherwise attacked and murdered app 50,000 Americans?

Would America have done nothing? I don't know how the US would have responded. But I can tell you how Israel responded: it built a damn barrier to keep out the killers. 

That barrier, partial as it was at that time, had an immediate impact. In 2002, the year the building of the barrier began, 457 Jews were murdered by 'innocent Palestinians'. By 2009, less than 10 were murdered. 

The barrier was a passive way to defend against murderers. It didn't end terrorist attacks. But it cut those attacks by more than 90 percent.

Today, the wall is only 62-66% complete. It is not finished. It contains gaps. 

Today, 'innocent Palestinians' have once again been attacking Jews--at times, almost weekly. Once again, Israel looks to a barrier for self-defense.  

2015-16 has seen a dramatic rise in the number of 'Palestinian' attacks against Jews (app 115 in 19 months--an average of more than 6 per month [Wm Robert Johnston, "Summary of Terrorist attacks in Israel", johnstonsarchive. net, January 8, 2016]). Many of the attackers came from specific 'Palestinian' areas. Therefore, Israel now considers extending its barrier to include those areas ("West Bank security fence: background and overview", jewishvirtuallibrary, February 2016).

The aim of the 'Palestinian Cause' is to demoralize, delegitimize and destroy Israel. Those who support that 'Cause' are outraged that Israel should extend this barrier. 

They cry, 'Apartheid'. They cry, 'oppression'.

Jews say, 'Thank G-d'. 'Maybe now we'll be safer'.

In the end, those who support the 'Palestinian Cause' want you to remember the wall like this:
from: linkedin

                                                                  and this:


But then, those of us in Israel who believe Israel is the ancestral Jewish homeland, prefer to think of the wall--and the battle to tear it down--in different terms. We think of the wall this way: 

from: michaelpramirez. com

Only, for us, the word, 'POLICE'  is 'ISRAELI GOVERNMENT'--and the word, 'CRIME' is 'TERRORISM'.

The supporters of the 'Palestinian Cause' want us to 'tear down this wall'. They want that because they want terrorism to wash over Israel like a dam-burst tsunami.

They can't wait for the wall to come down.

Dear reader, this Wall is not Apartheid. It is not oppression. it is not brutality.

It's self-defense.

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